Membership Development Report for April 2010:

As of March 23, 2010, there were 1288 active members of all grades in the Orlando Section. This is a significant decrease of 185 from the 1573 members tallied on February 25, 2010.  
Particularly troublesome is that the decrease exceeds the approximately 93 first-year members who were in Pre-Arrears for membership dues at the end of February.  This means that many of those removed from the tally for the Orlando Section had been multi-year members who either allowed their IEEE membership to lapse or moved to new sections.

A closer examination of the membership counts by grade for the last three reporting periods is shown below.
Active Member Counts by Grade, Orlando Section:
IEEE Current Grade                              Count, 3-23-2010         Count, 2-25-2010        Count, 2-9-2010
Affiliate                                                                  39                                    58                                      57
Associate Member                                              50                                    62                                      64
Fellow                                                                    15                                   18                                      18
Graduate Student Member                               164                                 193                                    189
Life Fellow                                                            12                                    12                                      12
Life Member                                                       118                                 120                                    120
Life Senior                                                            32                                    35                                      35
Member                                                              626                                  797                                    792
Senior Member                                                    82                                    86                                       87
Student Member                                                150                                  192                                    171
TOTALS                                                           1288                                1573                                  1545

Notable decreases occurred at most grades: Affiliate (-19), Associate Member (-12), Fellow (-3), Graduate Student Member
(-29), Life Member (-2), Life Senior (-3), Member (-171), Senior Member (-4), and Student Member (-42).

Over the 31 days, ending on March 23, 2010, 24 new IEEE members joined in the Orlando Section:  1 Associate Member, 9 Members, 9 Graduate Student Members, and 5 Student Members. See the attached list of new members in the Orlando Section.

Over the 31 days, ending on March 23, 2010, 6 active IEEE members moved into the Orlando Section:  2 Members, 3 Graduate Student Members, and 1 Student Member.  See the attached list of existing IEEE members joining the Orlando Section.

A Membership Development Conference Call was held on March 20, 2010.  The Membership Development Presentation for March 2010 is attached as a PDF file.  The next webcast is scheduled for Saturday, April 17, 2010.

The maintenance and growth of the Orlando Section is not a one- or two-person activity.  Membership development requires that each active member at any grade in the Orlando Section must engage individually in new member recruitment over the entire year. 

William Hortos,
Chair, Membership Development

AUTOTESTCON 2010 Registration Chair
IEEE Orlando Section