Membership Development Report for May 2010:

As indicated in the April 2010 monthly report, membership development is a concern for all active members, not just one or two members.   New members join a geographic section due, in large part, to the voluntary efforts of local members. 

An audit of past volunteerism in the Orlando Section indicates that 400 members in the past have made significant contributions to the Orlando Section through their voluntary activities in both formal and ad hoc positions.  Unfortunately, over 90% of these past volunteers have become passive, not involved in local society chapter or Section events.  To these past activists who have now grown passive, the Orlando Section of the new IEEE needs your experience and energy now more than ever to further the growth and quality of your local professional community.



As of April 22, 2010, there were 1318 members active members of all grades in the Orlando Section. This is a modest increase of 30 from the 1288 members tallied on March 23, 2010.  A closer examination of the membership counts by grade for the last three reporting periods is shown below.
Active Member Counts by Grade, Orlando Section:
IEEE Current Grade                              Count, 3-23-2010         Count, 3-23-2010        Count, 2-25-2010
Affiliate                                                                  43                                    39                                     58

Associate Member                                              51                                    50                                     62
Fellow                                                                    15                                   15                                     18
Graduate Student Member                               167                                 164                                   193

Life Fellow                                                            12                                    12                                     12
Life Member                                                       118                                 118                                   120
Life Senior                                                            32                                    32                                     35
Member                                                              639                                  626                                   797
Senior Member                                                    84                                    82                                     86
Student Member                                                157                                  150                                   192
TOTALS                                                           1318                               1288                                 1573

Increases occurred for the following grades: Affiliate (4), Associate Member (1), Graduate Student Member

(3), Member (13), Senior Member (2), and Student Member (7).

Over the 31 days, ending on April 22, 2010, 15 new IEEE members joined the Orlando Section:  2 Associate Members, 4 Members, 3 Graduate Student Members, and 6 Student Members. Please welcome these new IEEE members; their names appear on the attached list of new members in the Orlando Section.

Over the 31 days, ending on April 22, 2010, 4 active IEEE members moved into the Orlando Section:  2 Members and 2 Graduate Student Members. Please welcome the IEEE members who have moved to the Orlando Section.  Their names are shown on the attached list of existing IEEE members joining the Orlando Section.

A Membership Development Conference Call was held on April 17, 2010.  The Membership Development Presentation for March 2010 is attached as a PDF file.  Please note the first two topics in the presentation file.  The next webcast is scheduled for Saturday, May 15, 2010.

William Hortos,
Chair, Membership Development

AUTOTESTCON 2010 Registration Chair
IEEE Orlando Section