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IEEE Region 3, Council 9, Section 65           April  1997
1. April Meeting
	Spouses Night
2. Reservations
3.VMS Activities
	Executive Committee Meeting
	March Meeting Report
4. Chapter Chairmen
5. Computer/Control/IES Chapter Meeting
6. For Your Info

***********************************************( 1 )
Spouses'    Night

April Meeting

Applications of Interactive Multimedia in Health 
Care and Education

R. Richard Avent

Senior Staff Scientist American Research Corporation of 

Recent advances in computer technology have led to an increase 
in the number and sophistication of interactive multimedia 
systems used in health care and education. This talk will present 
an overview of multimedia applications in these areas with special 
emphasis on the prevention and management of diseases and 
mental disorders. A description of several health and education 
multimedia products developed by American Research 
Corporation of Virginia will be presented.

About the speaker:
R. Richard Avent received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering 
from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 
1987. He worked as a computer graphics engineer at Hewlett-
Packard in 1988 and received an MS in Electrical Engineering 
from Virginia Tech in 1990. Mr. Avent has spent the past seven 
years developing interactive multimedia products at American 
Research Corporation of Virginia, Radford, Virginia. He is 
currently pursuing an MBA at Virginia Tech.

Spouses' Night
Please note, the April meeting has been picked as the annual 
VMS Spouses' Night.  Make your reservation for two.

***********************************************( 2 )
Reservations for the April Meeting

Date:	Thursday, April 17 1997 
Time:	7:00 P.M. 
Place:	Farmhouse Restaurant, Christiansburg

I-81 Exit 118, right (West) on Roanoke St. 0.9 miles to light.
Right on 460 By-Pass (to Va Tech) , 2.9 miles, left lane, make U-
turn on No. Franklin (460 South) 0.3 miles (2nd Light) right on 
Cambria, 0.4 miles. Corner of Cambria & Ridinger.
From Blacksburg: South on 460 (No. Franklin), 1 mile past New 
River Mall, (Peppers Ferry rd) to Cambria.
Cost:  	Members & Guests	$15.00
	Students			$  7.00

Please make reservations by Monday, April 14, 5:00 P.M.

Roanoke:	David Livingston	857-6261
Blacksburg:	Anbo Wang		231-4355
Lexington:	Dick Skutt		464-7236
Radford and 
Christiansburg: 	Usha Varshney	731-0655

***********************************************( 3 )
VMS Activities

Executive Committee Meeting
There will be a meeting of the VMS Execitive Committee, one 
hour before the regular meeting social hour, at the Farmhouse.

March Meeting Report
The March 1997 meeting of VMS comprised a field trip to 
Cybermotion Inc. of Salem, Virginia. Twelve members from the 
VMS attended. The field trip was coordinated by David L. 
Livingston, VMS Vice-Chairman for 1996-97, and was hosted by 
Mr. John Holland, President of Cybermotion Inc., who was 
assisted by several of his associates.

Following an introduction by David Livingston, Mr. Holland gave 
the background of Cybermotion Inc. by showing several 
videotapes and responding to questions from VMS members. It 
was learned that Cybermotion was formed about 13 years ago with 
support from a number of private investors in the Roanoke-Salem 
area. The company received a second major infusion of capital in 
1989-90 from a public stock offering, Cybermotion has also 
received considerable revenue from Federal contracts and from the 
sale of commercial products. The company currently occupies 
9000 square feet of office and manufacturing space, and will soon 
move to a new facility some three times as large. Cybermotion 
presently has twenty-one employees and anticipates substantial 
growth in the near future.

Cybermotion has carved a market niche in the area of mobile 
robotic systems, particularly those used in security and inventory 
control. For example, Cybermotion's SR2 autonomous mobile 
security robot system has revolutionized security, fire detection, 
environmental monitoring and building management. The SR2 
features a ruggedized self-guided vehicle, autocharger, docking 
station, an array of survey instrumentation and real-time multi-
tasking DISPATCHER software that allows the system to be 
controlled from a standard PC over a secure digital spread-
spectrum link.

Participants in the field trip were treated to a demonstration of the 
newer CYBERGUARD SR3 as it effortlessly traversed the 
corridors of the manufacturing area and responded to commands 
issued by Cybermotion engineers using a computer-controlled 
radio link. During the laboratory visit and robot demonstration, 
Mr. Holland explained how Cybermotion designs the systems, 
subcontracts the metal structural components, acquires robotic 
drive systems, sensors and communications sub-systems, and 
assembles the entire robot system in its Salem facility. This 
practice permits the company to concentrate on that which it 
knows best: control of advanced autonomous vehicles for security 
and other applications.

Although Mr. Holland praised the capability of the SR2 and SR3 
systems, he emphasized that the real experts are the men and 
women who use the systems on a daily basis to monitor and 
maintain security of their manufacturing and storage facilities.

Appreciation was shown to Cybermotion by Vice-Chairman David 
L. Livingston, who presented a certificate to Mr. Holland on 
behalf of Virginia Mountain Section.

More information can be obtained from Cybermotion at (540) 
562-7626 or on their Web Page at http://www.cybermotion.com.

...Usha Varshney 

***********************************************( 4  )
Chapter Chairmen

Places have been reserved in the Home Page for any and all 
kinds of information about your Chapter: History, function, 
requirements, activities, schedules, flash announcements, 
meetings, speakers ... . Please send your material to the editor or 
submit it with the auto-mail feature.
***********************************************( 5 )
Computer/Control/IES Chapter Meeting

Tuesday - April 8, 1997 - 5:30 to 7:00 PM
Cafeteria A, GE Industrial Systems,  Salem, VA
Hugh VanLandingham

Intro to Fuzzy Logic Control: Application to Crane Systems

The use of fuzzy logic for designing controllers is presented.  This 
method is suitable for controlling systems (plants) which are poorly 
modeled.  A typical design starts with an "expert's" insight on 
system operation, incorporates this information into fuzzy rules, then 
"optimizes" these rules using actual plant data.

Following the introduction, a fuzzy feedback control method for 
a load hoisting/ lowering/ transferring crane system will be 
presented.  When a crane load is hoisted or lowered while it is 
being transferred with maximum acceleration, large angle 
pendulation can occur.  The usual "small angle" assumption for 
linearization is no longer valid, and the given system becomes a 
nonlinear, time-varying system.

Hugh VanLandingham has been a member of the Virginia Tech 
faculty of Electrical Engineering since 1966. His main interest is 
control systems and signal processing, particularly, applications of 
"intelligent controls" and soft computing techniques.  He has 
published three text books and over 50 technical papers.

All IEEE members and Guests are welcome. There is no charge.  
The room is open at 5:00.  Come early and meet the speaker.  Coffee 
will be served.

Reservations ARE appreciated! Please call Dave Geer, 540-387-
7359 by 5 PM on the Monday before the meeting.

... Dave Geer

***********************************************( 6 )
VMS Officers                      
Chairman:  	Anbo Wang	
		awang@vt.edu	231-4355
Vice Chairman:  	David Livingston
		d.livingston@ieee.org	857-6261
Sec./Treasurer:  	Usha Varshney 
		varshney@usit.net	731-0655

VMS Executive Committee:
	Russell Churchill
		arcova@swva.net	731-0655
	Ira Jacobs
		ijacobs@vt.edu	231-5620
	Daniel W. Jackson
		d.jackson@ieee.org 	774-0484
	Scott Midkiff
		midkiff@vt.edu	231-5190

Virginia Council
	Representative:	vacant

VMS Chapter Chairs
Industry Applications Chapter
Chairman: 	 Walter Hill
		hill-wa@salem.ge.com	387-8619
Microwave Theory & Techniques/Electron Devices
Chairman: 	Hausila Singh
		hsingh@gtc.itt.com	563-8639
Industrial Electronics/Computer/Control Systems Chapter
Chairman:  	David Geer
		geer-dh@salem.ge.com	387-7359
Power Engineering Chapter
Chairman:  	Subhas Sarkar
		vtc@roanoke.infi.net	345-9892 x-152
Newsletter Editor:  John Fennick
		j.fennick@ieee.org  	552-0052

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