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IEEE Region 3, Council 9, Section 6           April, 1998


1. April Meeting
2. Reservations for the April Meeting
3. VMS Activities
	March Meeting Report 
4 . WHAT IS A Y P ?
	"Preparing for the New Millennium"
6 . Computer/Control/IES Chapter
	Free magazines 
7. Excerpts from the IEEE Leadership Wire
	     EAB Seeks Engineers For Workshop
	 8. Alexander Recognized For 'Vision 21'
	 9. WIE  Partners  With  PBS Series
10. Remaining VMS Meeting Schedule for the 1997-1998 Year
12.  IEEE  Virginia  Mountain  Section

**************************************************( 1 )
April Meeting
Lasers in Medicine

Dr. Ronald W. 

Food and Drug 

Lasers, combined with other optical 
techniques, have made some important 
advances in medicine. Currently lasers 
in cosmetic applications are an 
expanding field in areas such as skin 
resurfacing for wrinkle removal, hair 
removal and leg vein reduction as well 
as dentistry and myopic correction. 
Lasers in photodynamic therapy are 
advancing and controversial laser 
techniques such as low power laser 
therapy (biostimulation) may offer some 
value. Lasers coupled with optical 
techniques offer new diagnostic devices 
such as optical coherence tomography 
and infrared optical fibers and 
waveguides allow chemical analysis of 
skin or tissue surfaces. Other topics 
include laser generation of hard x-rays 
can allow lower x-ray dose and higher 
resolution and higher detection of 
obscure targets. Low power lasers can 
assist the hatching of an embryo. Future 
work will involve lasers in the 
biostimulation of diabetic wounds and 
the delivery of excimer radiation for 
transmyocardial revascularization. 
These topics, as well as the author's 
experience in transitioning to the 
medical field will be presented.

About the Speaker
Ronald W. Waynant has been a member 
of OSA since 1964 and served as 
President of the National Capitol 
Chapter in 1975-76. Educated at Johns 
Hopkins and Catholic University, Dr. 
Waynant worked at Westinghouse from 
1962 - 1969; the Naval Research 
Laboratory from 1969 to 1986 and since 
1986 has been at the Food and Drug 
Administration. His current interests are 
in tunable lasers, infrared and short 
wavelength waveguides and fibers, and 
optical diagnostics of diabetes 
complications such as cataracts, 
retinopathy and slow healing skin ulcers.

**************************************************( 2  )
Reservations for the April 

Date:	Thursday, March 16, 1998
Social: 		6:30 PM
Dinner: 		7:00 PM
Talk:		8:00 - 9:00 PM
Place:	Donaldson Brown Hotel
	VA Tech
Cost:	Member or Guest	$12.00
	Student	$4.00

Please make reservations by 
Monday, April 12,  5:00 P.M.
David Livingston	(540) 857-6261
Ira Jacobs	(540) 231-5620
Ed Wheeler 	(540) 464-7548
Radford and 
Usha Varshney		(540) 731-0655

**************************************************( 3  )
VMS Activities

March Meeting
As expected, Dr. Richard Claus' 
description of work within the Fiber and 
Electro-optics Research Center 
(FEORC) at Virginia Tech was 
entertaining as well as informative.

Avoiding technical jargon, he spoke of 
little particles and tiny muscles to 
explain how mixtures of magnetic 
materials, properly coated and treated 
will "self-assemble" into useful 
structures, far too small to be realized 
through other techniques.

His little particles, are truly little, 
having dimensions on the order of a few 
nanometers and, they are extremely 
consistent in their physical dimensions. 
Useful devices are constructed by 
alternate layering of different materials, 
magnetic and non-magnetic. Dr. Claus' 
little muscles are the effects of the 
capability of aligning or synchronizing 
the moments associated with the very 
small magnetic domains associated with 
the tiny particles. The macroscopic 
properties of synthesized devices can be 
manipulated by careful control of 
materials in, and thicknesses of, these 

**************************************************( 4  )


No, these are not the answers to a 
Jeopardy questions. A YP (Young 
Professional) is an engineer with 0-10 
years of experience regardless of 
chronological age. A G.O.L.D. member 
is a Graduate Of the Last Decade with 
no regard to age. The YP program was 
established in 1995 to increase 
participation in the annual PACE 
Conference among IEEE members who 
graduated in the past ten years. The 
GOLD program is an IEEE wide 
program to bring Graduates Of the Last 
Decade into greater participation in all 
aspects of IEEE. If YOU are a 
G.O.L.D., you are automatically part of 
both of these groups. In many Sections 
the GOLD members have formed 
chapters which have their own programs 
of particular interest and concern to the 
more recent graduates. These programs 
include social functions, networking 
meetings, career presentations, etc. The 
GOLD members also participate in the 
regular activities of the Section.

We, the present leaders of the Virginia 
Mountain Section, need your help in 
planning activities and programs which 
will be of interest to you, the Young 
Professional, as well as to the more 
mature professional. We are looking for 
a YP who would be interested in 
attending the 1998 Annual Professional 
Activities Conference in Phoenix, AZ 
Sept. 4-7, 1998, Labor Day Week-end. 
This conference covers all those career 
related topics which are extremely 
important to all engineers but which 
often are overlooked until one is facing a 
lay-off or other career change. Most, if 
not all, the cost will be covered by 
PACE or the Section, or possibly your 
employer as this is a continuing 
education opportunity. If any one is 
interested, please contact Dan Jackson 

We also need some GOLD members 
who would be interested in getting some 
leadership and management experience 
at low risk. The Section needs 
volunteers for various Section and 
Chapter officer and committee positions. 
There is also the opportunity to form a 
GOLD chapter within the Section if 
enough interest is expressed by you as 
GOLD members. If you are interested in 
any of these opportunities contact Dan 
Jackson  or any 
one of the officers listed elsewhere in 
this Newsletter.

Without your input we will not know 
what kind of programs you want. 
Without YOU as active participants the 
IEEE cannot continue as the world's 
largest technical professional society 
with 320,000 of the world's best 
...Dan Jackson - PACE Chair

**************************************************( 5  )
1998 IEEE-USA 

"Preparing for the New Millennium"
Phoenix, Arizona
September 4-7, 1998

The 23rd Annual IEEE-USA 
Professional Activities Conference will 
be held at The Pointe Hilton Resort at 
Squaw Peak in Phoenix, Arizona, over 
Labor Day weekend, September 4-7, 
1998. The theme of the conference is 
"Preparing for the New Millennium."

The conference will cover a wide range 
of professional and career issues of 
interest to industry and engineering 
professionals including career planning, 
professional skills management, 
professional networking, personal 
financial management systems, 
influencing and interacting with 
customers, mentorship, applied strategic 
planning, organizational ethics and 
diversity, and influencing public policy. 
Some of the workshop and plenary 
topics will be targeted to engineers with 
ten or less years of professional 
experience. All registrants may earn 
continuing education units (CEUs) from 
the International Association for 
Continuing Education and Training 
(IACET) for conference participation. 
Your employer may be willing to cover 
some of your expenses as many topics 
covered will make you a more valuable 

There are other activities available as 
The Pointe Hilton at Squaw Peak is a 
family resort with golf, tennis, a 
waterpark, and horseback riding among 
the activities offered. There are many 
points of interest in the city of Phoenix 
and the state of Arizona. The special 
room rates have been very economical 
for a four star resort; about $ 80 per 
night for a two room suite. Bring your 
family for a special vacation while you 
learn more about career issues.
...Daniel W. Jackson, PACE Chair  

**************************************************( 6  )

IEEE Computer/Control/
Industrial Electronics Chapter 

Free Magazines!

The IEEE Control Society provides a 
limited number of free issues of its bi-monthly 
magazine, Control Systems, as an incentive 
to attract new members.

This magazine specializes in articles on 
control applications, rather than theoretical 
development, and is more accessible to practitioners 
(like myself) who have been out of school for 
more than a few years. 

The current issue contains articles on H-infinity 
control for oil well drill strings, distributed 
intelligent control for a mine refrigeration 
system, and experimental evaluation of 
non-linear adaptive controllers.  Also covered 
are a software environment for gain scheduled 
controller design, low velocity friction 
compensation, and experimental results in 
robust lateral control of highway vehicles.  

In addition to technical articles, the Magazine 
also includes coverage of Control Society 
conferences, employment opportunities, 
and, unlike the Transactions, advertisements! 
(mostly for lab equipment and software).

If you have been away from control theory 
for awhile, or just have an interest in what 
control engineers think about, here is a chance 
to get your feet wet.  

For a free copy of the current issue, contact 
Dave Geer at d.geer@ieee.org. A few copies 
of recent back issues are also available.

Dave Geer, Chapter Chair

**************************************************( 7  )
Excerpts from the IEEE 
Leadership Wire

EAB Seeks Engineers For 

Educational Activities is seeking 
volunteers to attend the IEEE workshop 
"Technological Literacy Counts," set for 
9-10 Oct. in Baltimore, Md., USA.

The goal of the workshop is to open 
communication lines between the 
engineering and the academic 
communities in order to foster 
technological literacy for K-12 students. 
The workshop planning committee is 
scheduling plenaries, panel sessions, and 
breakouts for engineers and educators. 
The committee will select 150 engineers 
and educators interested to take part in 
the activities.

Volunteers interested in attending should 
send their biographies and a statement of 
why they are interested in attending the 
workshop to Barbara Coburn, 
Educational Activities: 
e-mail "b.coburn@ieee.org"; 
telephone 732-562-5498.

**************************************************( 8  )
Alexander Recognized For 
'Vision 21'

IEEE Past President Chuck Alexander 
received the 1998 Distinguished 
Engineering Education Achievement 
Award from the Engineers' Council at 
its 43rd Anniversary Honors and 
Awards Gala Banquet in February.

The annual award is presented for 
distinguished accomplishments in the 
field of engineering education. 
Alexander was recognized for his 
international contributions in 
establishing "Vision 21" and promoting 
its important elements across the globe.

The Engineers' Council represents more 
than 30,000 engineers in the Los 
Angeles area who belong to various 
engineering societies. A crowd of 800, 
made up of engineers and their families, 
attended this year's banquet.

**************************************************( 9  )
 WIE  Partners  With  PBS Series

The IEEE Women in Engineering 
Committee is acting as an outreach 
partner for "Life by the Numbers," a 
television series about mathematics 
coming to PBS in April 1998 from 
WQED Pittsburgh.

"Life by the Numbers" shows 
mathematics in daily use by people in all 
walks of life. The series reveals the 
important role that math plays in sports, 
work, education, exploration, chance, 
technology, and life in general.

More information on this program can 
be found on the Web at 

For more information on WIE activities, 
contact the committee via e-mail at 
"women@ieee.org" or visit its Web site 
at "www.ieee.org/women/".

**************************************************( 10  )
Chapter Chairmen

Places have been reserved in the Home 
Page for any and all kinds of 
information about your Chapter: 
History, function, requirements, 
activities, schedules, flash 
announcements, meetings, speakers ... . 
Send your material to the editor or 
submit it with the auto-mail feature on 
the Web Page:
... editor

**************************************************( 11 )
Remaining VMS Meeting Schedule for the 1997-1998 Year
Date               Speaker            Topic            Place

May 21, 1998
Industrial Field 
Steel Production
Roanoke Electric 
Roanoke, VA

Executive Committee Meetings: Last one this season at this (April) meeting

**************************************************( 12  )
IEEE  Virginia  Mountain  Section

Chairman: 		David Livingston
	d.livingston@ieee.org		(540) 857-6261
Vice Chairman: 	Usha Varshney		
Sec./Treasurer: 	Ed Wheeler
	wheeler@vmi.edu 		(540) 464-7548

VMS Executive Committee
		Lynn Abbott
	e-mail: abbott@vt.edu		(540) 231-4472
		Russel Churchill
	arcova@swva.net			(540) 731-0655
		Ira Jacobs
	ijacobs@vt.edu			(540) 231-5620
		Andy Stevenson
	stevenson-ac@salem.ge.com	(540) 387-8471
Junior Past Chairman:
		Anbo Wang
	awang@vt.edu			(540) 231-4355
Virginia Council
	Representative:	vacant
VMS Chapter Chairs
Industry Applications
		Andy Stevenson
	stevenson-ac@salem.ge.com	(540 )387-8471 
Industrial Electronics/Computer/Control Systems
		David Geer
	d.geer@ieee.org			(540) 387-7359

Microwave Theory & Techniques/Electron Devices
		Hausila Singh
	hsingh@gtc.itt.com		(540) 563-8639
Power Engineering
		Subhas Sarkar
	vtc@roanoke.infi.net		(540)  345-9892  x-152

Awards :
Membership Development:
		Russell Churchill
	arcova@swva.net 		(540)-731-0655
		Anbo Wang
	awang@vt.edu 			(540) 231-4355
		Lynn Abbott
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		Wayne Scales
	wayne@starchild.ee.vt.edu 	(540)-231-5622
PACE :	Dan Jackson
	d.jackson@ieee.org 		(540)-774-0484
Program :	Usha Varshney
Publicity :	John Fennick
	j.fennick@ieee.org		(540) 552-0052
Student Activities:
		Ira Jacobs
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