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IEEE Region 3, Council 09, Section 65
 April  2000


April Meeting: 
Student Project Night			1	
VMS Activities: Meeting Report		2
E - Newsletter				3
Chair's Comments			4
C/C/IE Chapter News			5
By-Laws Ballot			    (Deleted)
Millennium Awards			6
Chapter Chairs - Attention		7
Newsletter Advertisements		8
CEU URL Correction			9
1999-2000 VMS Schedule			10
VMS Section				11 

**************************************************( 1 )

April  Meeting 
Student  Project  Night

Lejeune Hall,  VMI,  Lexington

Come to Lexington on  April 23

Four students from VMI and Va. Tech. will 
compete for $700.00 in prize money by 
presenting talks at our annual student paper 

This year, the competition was opened to 
under graduates only - a nice change I'm 
sure, from their point of view.

The eager competitors and their topics are:  

Christopher J. Lowrance:
Using Biometric Information to Encrypt 
Data for Secure Transmissions Over the 


Todd M. Fisher:
Multiuser Detection of Code Division 
Multiple Access (CDMA) Signals

To maximize the capacity of cellular 
CDMA systems it is desirable to eliminate 
interference from multiple users. 
Algorithms for doing this will be discussed.


Christopher Abbott:
A New Way to Use the Internet to 
Improve the Quality of Education for 
Young Americans


John O. Wells:
Overview of Mobile AdHoc Networks 

A MANET is a network of mobile nodes 
connected to each other over wireless links. 
Research on how packets are routed through 
such networks will be discussed.

Judges will be picked from among the 


From I-81 Northbound:
Take exit 188 (Route 60) to Lexington. 
Route 60 will merge into one lane (left lane) 
as you approach the "downtown" area. 
About 3 miles from the interstate (6th 
traffic light?), turn right onto Main Street 
(Route 11 North, one-way). Drive in the left 
lane which will force you to make a U-turn 
onto Jefferson Street (Route 11 South). 
After the U, drive immediately to the right 
lane and take the first right onto Letcher 
Avenue. Follow Letcher Avenue through 
the Washington and Lee University campus 
onto the VMI post. Lejeune Hall is 
diagonally opposite the parade grounds as 
you enter the post. Drive straight on Letcher 
until you pass Nichols Engineering Hall on 
your right. Turn left in front of the barracks 
(statues of Marshall and Jackson in front) 
and drive until you have to veer left. Park in 
front of Lejeune Hall and come to the 
second floor.
Millennium Awards	


Dinner:         	6:30 PM 
Presentations:		7:30 PM

Members and Guests	$15.00
Students		$7.00

Call before 5:PM, Monday, April 17:

 Dan Jackson  		(540) 774-0484
 Ira Jacobs  		(540) 231-5620
 David Livingston	(540) 464-7545
Radford and Christiansburg:
 Russell Churchill 	(540) 731-0655

**************************************************( 2 )
VMS Activities

Meeting Report
Ira Jacobs
Broadband and Wireline Access DSL vs. 
Cable Modems

	The sixth meeting of the 1999-
2000 season was held March 16, 2000 at 
the Clarion Hotel in Roanoke. Thirty-five 
participants enjoyed dinner together 
followed by Ira Jacobs review of action in 
the Telco and CATV competition for 
broadband wireless services. The key factor 
is the ability to provide high-speed always-
on internet access. Future services - voice, 
data, video - are anticipated to be provided 
through internet connections to the home 
using either present twisted pair copper, 
coaxial cable, or fiber optics.

	Although the common goal is to 
achieve broadband (greater than 1.5 
Megabit/s), a number of technologies are 
used to enhance the transmission capability 
of the conduction medium. Since the bit-
rate capability of voiceband modems has 
leveled out at about 56k, two other 
technologies for broadband wireline access 
have emerged: digital subscriber line (DSL) 
systems on telephone company twisted-wire 
pairs, and cable modems using CATV 
company coaxial cables. These systems 
differ not only because of the transmission 
capabilities of these media, but also because 
of architecture differences in the way that 
telephone and CATV networks are 
constructed. There are differences also in 
the types of services that can be offered, and 
the nature (and consequently the cost) of the 
equipment necessary in the home and in the 
service provider offices.

	These trade-offs are currently 
going on driven by economic business 
issues as well as technical considerations. 
Included in the influences are deregulation, 
mergers between cable and Telco 
companies, the continued viability of flat-
rate internet access pricing, wireless 
applications, and service to rural areas. The 
trends seem to favor the CATV companies 
to eventually become the main providers of 
home access. Technically, a full-service 
passive filter optic access network is 
projected to provide optical downlink to 16 
or 32 homes using a splitter combined with 
inexpensive transmitters for uplink.

	Current interest in this topic was 
evidenced by a very active question and 
answer period. Vice-Chair Dave Kingma 
thanked Ira for his effort in presenting this 
timely subject. Chair Dan Jackson also 
announced VMS section members who are 
recipients of the IEEE Third Millennium 
Medals. These members include: Dan 
Jackson, Russell Churchill, John Fennick, 
Ira Jacobs, David Livingston, and David 
Geer. The next meeting is the Student 
Project Night, April 20th, at VMI.

...Howard J. Moses

**************************************************( 3 )
Responses to our request to accept the 
electronic version of the Newsletter in lieu 
of hard copy are still coming in. We 
strongly encourage more of you to sign up.

As noted previously, the Newsletter is the 
largest single expense in the Section's 
budget. The total cost is about $0.50 per 
copy. That's a small number but we send 
out about 500 copies each month. We are 
trying to trim the mailing to free funds for 
other uses. 

Please send your name to the editor 
(j.fennick@ieee.org) with a short note 
requesting sign-on. We will see that you are 
placed on the distribution list.

Note, the Newsletter is also available, along 
with back issues, on our Web site. Go to:


**************************************************( 4 )

by Dan Jackson
Inserted into this issue of the Newsletter is a 
ballot for approving a completely revised set 
of Virginia Mountain Section Bylaws. This 
is the first revision of the Bylaws since 
1982, eighteen years. Many things have 
changed in the past two decades and it 
seemed time that we got into line for the 
21st century. Not the least of these changes 
was the need to bring our bylaws into 
agreement with the Institute Bylaws. The 
Section executive committee has approved 
submitting these revised Bylaws to the 
Regular voting membership of the Section 
and recommends approval. Please take the 
time to fill out and return the ballot to 
Howard Moses. If you wish to see the 
complete revised Section Bylaws please 
refer to the Web page as listed on the ballot. 
The old bylaws, also, are available on the 
Web page. Help us to modernize the 
operation of the Section by voting approval 
of the revised bylaws.

**************************************************( 5 )
Computer / Control /
Industrial Electronics Chapter

April Meeting
Tuesday, April 4

Scott Midkiff
Virginia Tech

Mobile Internet Technologies:
 A Brief Survey

Driven by the growing reliance on the 
Internet and the convenience demonstrated 
by mobile telephone services, rapid 
advances are being made in the 
development and deployment of mobile 
Internet services. This presentation briefly 
surveys important technologies - at the 
link, network, and application level - that 
enable wireless mobile Internet access. 
Specific topics discussed include mobile 
data services, the IEEE 802.11 wireless 
local area network standard, mobile ad hoc 
networks, the Mobile Internet Protocol (IP), 
and the Wireless Application Protocol 

Scott is known to VMS IEEE members as a 
former newsletter editor, and long time 
active member of the Section. He received 
his degrees from Duke and Stanford, and 
has been at Tech longer than I have been at 
GE in Salem (this time). His research 
interests include computer networks, 
including wireless networks, broadband 
network management, network applications, 
and performance evaluation. He is 
associated with the Center for Wireless 
Telecommunications (CWT) and is part of 
the Virginia Tech team funded by DARPA's 
Global Mobile Information Systems 
(GloMo) program. He teaches courses in 
computer networks, telecommunications, 
and computer engineering.

The meeting will be held at the GE main 
plant at 1501 Roanoke Boulevard in Salem. 
Come to the front door near the flagpole. 
Guests are Welcome. You do not have to be 
a member of the Chapter to attend. Social 
hour begins at 5:00. Coffee and soft drinks 
will be available. The presentation will 
begin promptly at 5:30. There is no charge.

All IEEE members and Guests are 
welcome. Reservations ARE appreciated! 
Please call Dave Geer, 540-387-7359 by 5 
PM Monday.

...Dave Geer

**************************************************( 6 )
Last year the Board of Directors of IEEE 
decided to celebrate the new millennium by 
awarding Third Millennium Medals to a 
number of IEEE volunteers who had 
contributed outstanding service to either 
their Section or Society. Because of our 
size, the Virginia Mountain Section was 
authorized to award five of these medals. 
Awardees were selected through member 

At the March meeting, the following VMS 
members were honored:

Dr. Russell J. Churchill - For outstanding 
service to the Virginia Mountain Section as 
a past Section Officer, filling all the offices 
of the Virginia Council, and for his 
outstanding leadership of SoutheastCon '97 
at Virginia Tech.

John H. Fennick - For outstanding service 
to the Virginia Mountain Section as the 
Newsletter Editor since October 1993, six 
and one half years, and for his work in 
completely revising the Section Bylaws. 
You will have a chance to vote on the new 
Bylaws shortly.

David H. Geer - For his outstanding 
contribution to the Virginia Mountain 
Section as founding chair of the joint 
Computer/Control Systems/Industrial 
Electronics Chapter in the 1970s, as 
Membership Chair during the 70s, and as 
Chair of the same joint chapter for several 
years in the 1990s after returning to 
Roanoke from eight years in Schenectady, 

Dr. Ira Jacobs - For outstanding services to 
the Virginia Mountain Section as Co-Chair 
of SoutheastCon '97 and as a long time 
member of the Section Executive 

David L. Livingston - For his outstanding 
contribution to the Virginia Mountain 
Section as Section Chair for two 
consecutive terms (the only one in our 
recollection to ever do so), for his excellent 
scheduling of rooms as the local 
arrangements chair for SoutheastCon '97, 
and for his continuing support of student 

Edward D. Wheeler - For his service as an 
active member of the Virginia Mountain 
Executive Committee and for his service as 
Secretary/Treasurer, Vice Chair and 
Program Chair.

Because Ed is now at Rose-Hulman Institute 
in Terre Haute, Ind. his medal will be 
presented by the Central Indiana Section at 
a ceremony in May.


**************************************************( 7 )
Attention Chapter Chairs

Need help with Meetings?
Meetings help to achieve the goals of 
education and professional advancement 
basic to all IEEE Technical Societies and 
provide a way to manage Chapter business. 
For some pointers on the basic components 
of holding successful meetings, go to the 
Section/Chapter Support web page at


Select the link for Resources for Officers, 
then "How to hold a Successful Chapter 


**************************************************( 8 )
Ads in Your Newsletter?

Over the past month, the issue of 
advertisements in the Newsletter has 
become an item of interest.

It began with a request from IEEE 
Continuing Education to run targeted 
educational materials ads. A quick 
canvassing of members subscribing to the e-
Newsletter effectively "shouted that down". 

A second question followed: What about 
employment opportunity ads, sponsored by 
local and-or national companies? A similar 
poll shows a split of opinion but some 
members, on either side, apparently have 
strong feelings about it.

The fact such ads might provide a small 
revenue source for the Section is, in my 
opinion, of little consequence.

A suggested alternative was to post such ads 
on the Web Site.

If you have an opinion, send comments to 
me at:	j.fennick@ieee.org

Let's hear from you.


**************************************************( 9 )

The URL for the
as announced in the January issue is 
incorrect. The directory is located at 

**************************************************( 10 )
September 16
50th Anniversary
Hotel Roanoke
October 21
Joint Meeting with Industry 
Dr. Jason Lai, Virginia Tech
Topic: "Electric Vehicles and Power Electronics"

Appalachian Electric Power, 

November 18
Partners' Night
Nancy Vorona, Industry Director for Advanced
Materials & Electronics, Virginia Center for
Innovative Technology
"The Electronics Industry in Virginia
 - Plans for the Future"

Clarion Hotel, Roanoke
January 20

Dr. Dennis G. Sweeney
Center for Wireless Telecommunications
Department of Electrical Engineering, VA Tech
"Local Multipoint Distribution Services"

Appalachia Electric Power,
February 17
Bart Cregger, Assistant Dean of Engineering, VCU
"Engineering Education for the 21st Century: 
The Model at VCU"
Appalachian Electric Power,
March 16
Joint Meeting: Industrial 
Ira Jacobs, Virginia Tech
DSL vs. Cable Modems
Telco and CATV Competition for Broadband Wireline 

Clarion Hotel, Roanoke
April 20

Student Project Night
Lejeune Hall 
VMI, Lexington
May 18
Plant Tour
Cloverdale Station

**************************************************( 11 )
IEEE  Virginia  Mountain  Section

Chairman: 	Daniel W. Jackson 
	d.jackson@ieee.org	(540) 774-0484
Vice Chairman: 	Dave Kingma
	dkingma@swva.net	(540) 552-3011 x304
Sec./Treasurer: 	Howard J. Moses 
	hjmoses@aol.com		(540) 953-5069
VMS Executive Committee
	Russell Churchill
	arcova@swva.net		(540) 731-0655
	John Fennick
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	Ira Jacobs
	ijacobs@vt.edu		(540) 231-5620
	Vacant (1)
Junior Past Chairman: 
	David Livingston
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Virginia Council Representative: 
	David Geer
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VMS Chapter Chairs
Industry Applications
	Dal Y. Ohm
	ohm@usit.net		(540 ) 552-8973
 Industrial Electronics/Computer/Control Systems
	David Geer
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Microwave Theory & Techniques/Electron Devices
	Tim Gittemeier
				(540) 563-3972

Power Engineering
	Ted Aaron
	Tea45@aol.com		(540) 381-2521


	Ira Jacobs
	ijacobs@vt.edu		(540) 231-5620 
	Russell Churchill
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	Ira Jacobs
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	David Livingston
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	Dan Jackson
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Program :
	Dave Kingma
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	John Fennick
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