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IEEE  Region  3,  Council  9,  Section  65                 April  1996

[1] April Meeting
[2] Reservations
[3] March Meeting Report
[4] Second Annual IEEE VMS Technical Mini-Symposium
[5] Section Elections Coming
[6] Electronic Newsletter
[7] COmputer/Control Chapter News
[8] For your information

April Meeting

Dr. Charles E. Konrad

Manager, Advanced Development
Electric Vehicles

GE Drive Systems, Salem VA

"Recent Development in Electric 

Dr. Bud Konrad will discuss recent developments in 
battery technology and control systems for electric cars 
and transit buses.

Dr. Konrad has been involved in new product 
development at GE for 35 years, and holds over 50 
patents.  He last spoke to the Virginia Mountain 
Section in 1991, when he discussed the history of 
electric cars in the US.  This talk will be an update on 
how electric vehicle technology has progressed and 
GE's recent involvement.  Hybrid power trains with 
both internal combustion and electric drives will also 
be discussed.

About the Speaker
Dr. Konrad holds a BSEE from West Virginia 
University, and the MSEE and PhD. from Virginia 

for the April Meeting

	Thursday, April 18

	Time:	6:30 PM	Social
		7:00 PM	Dinner
		8:00 PM	Program
	Place:	Sheraton Inn
		2727 Ferndale Drive, Roanoke
		Exit 3-W (Hershberger Rd West) 
		off I-581, then right at 1st traffic light
	Cost:	Member or Guest	$ 12.00
		Student		$   4.50

For reservations, please contact one of the following 
representatives before 5 PM on Monday, April 15:

Roanoke:	    Hausila Singh	563-8639

Blacksburg:	    Anbo Wang,	231-4355
		    Wayne Scales	231-5622

Lexington:	    Dick Skutt		464-7236

Radford and Christiansburg:
		   Russell Churchill	731-0655

VMS Section Activities


IEEE Virginia Mountain Section, March 21, 1996

Have you ever noticed barnacles on a ship's hull and 
wondered why there is no easy method to remove 
them? Dr. Schoenbach, of Old Dominion University, 
believes he may have discovered a way.

At the March VMS meeting, Dr. Schoenbach 
described a research effort to characterize the effect of 
pulsed electic fields on living cells.  In particular, he 
has developed models of the reactions of cell 
membranes to electric fields, and has developed 
systems that can be used for water treatment, medical 
applications and, yes, pest control. Large field 
strengths cause the membrane to rupture, usually 
killing the cell. Lower field strengths can have the 
effect of causing pores to open, and this permits fluids 
to flow into and out of the cell.  Whereas the stronger 
field strengths can be used to kill small organisms, the 
intermediate levels can be used in medical treatments 
to inject certain substances into cells. The intermediate 
field strengths could in principle also be used to stun 
small creatures such as barnacles.

Dr. Schoenbach has built small-scale and medium-
scale prototypes of systems that demonstrate these 
effects.  Rather than testing these systems on 
barnacles, he has concentrated on brine shrimp, a 
small but hardy creature that abounds in both sea 
water and fresh water. Some interesting experiments 
have led to estimates of optimal pulse magnitudes and 
duty cycles.  The environmental effects of these 
systems are small, as compared with existing chemical 

...Submitted by Lynn Abbott, Virginia Tech

Next   Month
Second Annual IEEE VMS Technical Mini-
Student Paper Contest

The IEEE Virginia Mountain Section (VMS) will hold 
its second Technical Mini-Symposium and Student 
Paper Contest at the Marriott, Blacksburg, Virginia on 
Thursday, May 23 from 6-9 PM This symposium is 
meant to bring electrical engineers from Southwest 
Virginia together in an informal technical forum to 
discuss all areas of electrical engineering. Each talk is 
limited to 20 minutes including questions and answers. 
Students are highly encouraged to present research 
papers. Two significant CASH prizes will be awarded 
to the best BS, MS, and PhD student papers. Please 
submit an abstract of your paper (please be sure to 
indicate if the paper is a student paper) to:

	Dr. A. Wang
	674 Whittemore Hall

by April 15, 1996. 


Section Elections

May is election month for the VMS Section. Wayne 
Scales is the elections chairman this year. All officers, 
Chapter Chairmen, and the four Executive Committee 
positions are open. Even though it is customary for the 
officers to simply move up one slot, e.g., 
Scretary/Treasurer to Vice Chairman, and those 
nominations are automatic, other people may be 
nominated for any position, not just for the Executive 
Committee. If you wish to make a nomination contact 
Wayne at 231-5622 or wayne@starchild.ee.vt.edu.

Ballots will be mailed later this month.

Electronic Newsletter
Almost 15 percent of our members now subscribe. If 
you have not yet signed up, you are strongly 
encouraged to do so.

To Subscribe, see instructions in the For Your 
Information section on the last page.

Computer/Control/IES Chapter


IEEE Computer/Control/Industrial 
Electronics Chapter 

1996 Spring Video Series 
April 9
5:30 to 7:00 PM
GE Main Plant -- Cafeteria "A"

"Why  C++ is Not Just an Object-Oriented 
Programming Language"

Bjarne Stroustrup,   AT&T Bell Labs

Introduced by:
Tom Settle
Communications Engineer
GE Drive Systems

C++ directly supports a variety of programming 
styles.  In this it differs from languages designed to 
support a single way of writing programs using a 
particular definition of object-oriented programming.  
Stroustrup presents key programming styles directly 
supported by C++ and argues that the support of 
multiple programming paradigms is a major strength 
for C++.  The styles presented include:  C-style 
code, concrete classes, abstract classes, class 
hierarchies, and generic programming.  Recorded 
October 19, 1995.  37 minutes.

Bjarne Stroustrop is the designer and original 
implementor of C++.  He is the head of AT&T Bell 
Labs' Large Scale Programming Research Department 
and an AT&T Bell Labs Fellow.  He is the recipient 
of the 1993 Grace Murray Harper award and is an 
ACM Fellow.

Tom Settle is familiar to GE Salem employees as the 
instructor for C and C++ Language courses.  Tom 
received the BSEE degree from Rochester Institute of 
Technology.  He came to GE Salem in 1994 as a 
Control Systems Engineer in the Automation group.  
He is now a Communications Specialist in the 
Network Services group.   

Tom's interests include Artificial Intelligence, 
particularly genetic algorithms.

For Reservations Call Dave Geer
540-387-7359 by 5 PM Monday April 8.

This tape is one of three on the C++ language 
available from the IEEE VMS Computer/Control/IES 
Chapter Library.   The others are:

	"The Design of C++".  Bjarne Stroustrup --  
AT&T Bell Labs, March 1994, 76 minutes.
	"Encapsulation and Inheritance in C++".  
Mark Linton -- Silicon Graphics, March 1994, 46 
To borrow any of the Chapter library tapes contact 
Dave Geer at 540-387-7359.  e-Mail: geer-

Power  Engineering  Chapter

The Power Engineering (PE) Chapter of the VMS 
Section last year was merged with the MTT and ED 
Chapters under Hausila Singh because membership 
was small and interest waning. 

Hausila reports that there has been little interest and 
no activity within the Chapter and that PE activities do 
not realy belong with those of the MTT and ED 

Considertion is being given to the dissolution of the 
PE Chapter. If you have an interest in maintaing the 
organization, in particular, assuming the responsibility 
of Chairman and getting the Chapter active once 
more, contact Hausila at 563-8639 or at 

[ 8 ]
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IEEE Virginia Mountain Section

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