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IEEE Region 3, Council 09, Section 65                                
February 2000

February Meeting 
	Bart Cregger
	Assistant Dean 
	of Engineering, VCU 		1
Reservations/Directions			2
VMS Activities: 
	January Meeting Report		3
Electronic Newsletter			4
New Web Site - update			5
Chair's Comments			6 
Chapter Chairs - Attention		7
Congratulations				8 
Two new IEEE Web Sites			9
Comp/Control/Ind. Eng. Chapter		10
IEEE Management Course			11
1999-2000 VMS Schedule			12
VMS Section				13

**************************************************( 1 )
February Meeting

Engineering Education for the 21st Century: 
 		The Model at VCU

Bart Cregger

Assistant Dean of Engineering, VCU

The new School of Engineering at 
Virginia Commonwealth University in 
Richmond, Virginia is the nation's newest 
and brightest program offering 
engineering education at the bachelor's 
degree level. Programs in the disciplines of 
biomedical, chemical, electrical, and 
mechanical engineering provide traditional 
technical foundations augmented with a 
strong emphasis on communicating, 
business, ethics, and teams.

Several issues distinguishing VCU's 
engineering program from traditional 
programs will be presented and Feedback 
on results to date will be shared to 
compare the program's goals with the 
philosophies and curricula currently in 

Finally, a short history of the new 
engineering school and a profile of today's 
student body will be presented.

About the Speaker
Barton B. Cregger received the MSEE and 
BSEE degrees at the University of 
Virginia, (1982 and 1980)

He is currently responsible for the overall 
operations and undergraduate programs at 
Virginia Commonwealth University where 
he is working to shape the curriculum at 
America's newest 4-year engineering 

Included, are degree programs in
biomedical, chemical, electrical, and 
mechanical engineering. The student 
enrollment is presently at 425 with 
expansion to 1,000 expected over the next 
5 years.

Current strategic efforts include 
accreditation for the undergraduate 
programs, the establishment of a graduate 
program, development of partnerships 
with local and regional industries, 
placement of students in their first 
permanent jobs (founding class graduates 
in May 2000!), and the completion of the 
school's overall faculty with outstanding 
professors that possess strong industrial 

Mr. Cregger's previous career experiences 
all revolve around creating and developing 
high-performance teams for high-
technology product development with 
Medeco Security, Comsat Labs, Texas 
Instruments, and others. 

**************************************************( 2 )
Date:   Thursday, February 17, 2000
Social:         	6:30 PM 
Dinner:         	7:00 PM
Talk:   		8:00 PM
Cost:  Member or Guest	$15.00
Student         		$ 7.00

AEP Auditorium
Christiansburg Industrial Park.
From the east and south: I81 exit 118, 
Rt. 11 south about 0.1 to 0.2 mile. Right 
into the Christiansburg Industrial 
Park (between the Exxon station and 
Pizza Hut), left onto Prospect to the end. 
AEP: brick green-roof building.

Reserve by 5 PM 
Thursday February 10

 Dan Jackson  		(540) 774-0484
 Ira Jacobs  		(540) 231-5620
 David Livingston	(540)464-7545
Radford and Christiansburg:
 Russell Churchill 	(540) 731-0655

**************************************************( 3 )
VMS Activities

January Meeting

The fourth meeting of the 1999-2000 
season was held January 20, 2000 in the 
American Electric Power (AEP) 
Christiansburg facility.  Eighteen hardy 
folks attended on a cold and snowy 
evening to enjoy a catered dinner and a 
very informative presentation by Dr. 
Dennis G. Sweeney.  Dr. Sweeney directs 
the RF Design Laboratory of the Virginia 
Tech Center for Wireless 
Telecommunications.  His presentation 
traced the trends in providing high-speed 
data services to homes and businesses and, 
in particular, the roles of Local Multipoint 
Distribution Services (LMDS) in providing 
the last links of the communications 

The next generation of communications 
network will have to provide broadband 
capability suitable for the mix of internet, 
data, video and telephony requirements.  
Fiber optics is well suited but is typically 
found in the backbone networks rather 
than as a doorstep connection.  A wireless 
connection for the last mile is particularly 
desirable especially in less densely 
populated regions.  LMDS offers 
tremendous bandwidth capability 
equivalent to the sum of two times the AM 
band plus the UHF/VHF plus the cellular 
phone spectrum.  LMDS operates in the 
28-30 GHz band and is capable of 
wirelessly transmitting data and 
unprecedented rates.  However, LMDS has 
to be properly designed and utilized in a 
communications network because it is 
limited to line-of-site transmission, 
degrades in rain, does not penetrate trees, 
has limited 2-12 kilometer range, and 
hardware cost has to be substantially 

A testbed system was developed in May 
1999 by the Center for Wireless 
Telecommunications (CWT) using three 
links to reach five Virginia Tech 
Customers.  A demonstration project 
covering a Blacksburg Neighborhood is 
anticipated within a year.  CWT has been 
teaching and researching for 25 years in 
the areas of RF design, wireless networks 
and satellite antennas.  The LMDS 
projects are based upon the VA Tech 
spectrum licenses purchased in 1998 at 
FCC auction for southwestern Virginia 
population areas covering approximately 
1.6 million individuals.  Research in 
developing the LMDS in combination with 
other techniques is an inter-disciplinary 
effort including Arts and Science, 
Business, Engineering and Information 
Systems departments. 

Dave Kingma thanked Dr. Sweeney on 
behalf of the group for a very interesting 
glimpse into the future.  We would again 
like to express our appreciation to Ted 
Aaron and his team for their hospitality in 
arranging the use of the facility.

...Howard J. Moses

**************************************************( 4 )
Electronic Newsletter

Please Sign On

The response to our request to accept the 
electronic version of the Newsletter in lieu 
of hard copy  has been modest. Let's say 
we're off to a good start. We strongly 
encourage more of you to sign up.

As noted previously, the Newsletter is the 
largest single expense in the Section's 
budget. The total cost is about $0.50 per 
copy. That's a small number but we send 
out about 500 copies each month. It would 
be nice to trim the mailing to free funds 
for other uses. 

Please send your name to the editor 
( with a short note 
requesting sign-on. We will see that you 
are placed on the distribution list.

Note, the Newsletter is also available, 
along with back issues, on our Web site.


**************************************************( 5 )
New VMS Web Site

The VMS Web Site has moved.

As reported last month, the Section Web 
Site is now hosted at IEEE. The transition 
went smoothly although there was a one 
day outage near the end of January due to 
a server glitch.

Remember, meeting announcements for 
the Section and the Chapters are posted, 
along with past issues of the Newsletters, 
Dan Jackson's PACE reports, information 
for Officers, Special Reports, the VMS 
Calendar, and lots more.

Please have a look, make a bookmark, and 
send your comments back to me.

The new URL is:


**************************************************( 6 )

by Dan Jackson

February 20-27, 2000 is National 
Engineers Week. Although the Virginia 
Mountain Section has no specific activities 
planned to celebrate our week, I hope that 
each of you individually may find time to 
speak with one or more non-engineers 
about the contributions which engineers, 
particularly electrical, electronics, and 
computer engineers, have made to our 
present way of life. Can you think of any 
area which is not touched by contributions 
from members of our profession? Our 
lights, heat, transportation, home 
entertainment, work tools, medical 
practice, etc., have all been greatly 
changed in this past century by 
"Engineers: Turning Ideas Into Reality." 
Congratulations to all of you for your own 
technical contributions to the profession. 
Be proud of yourself and what you have 

Speaking of congratulations, seven 
members of the Section have been honored 
by the IEEE as recipients of the IEEE 
Third Millennium Medal for their 
contributions to the Section. I will not 
name them here. You will have to come to 
the February 17 Section meeting to find 
out their names and congratulate them in 

There are many members of the Section 
who are eligible for elevation to Senior 
Member grade. If you received your 
bachelor's degree, or equivalent, over 
seven years ago, contact Ira Jacobs,, our Membership 
Development Chair, or me. If the Section 
nominates you for Senior Member you will 
need only two additional references. The 
requirements are ten years in the 
profession and a bachelor's degree in an 
IEEE related field counts three years. You 
will need to have five years of significant 
performance. This does not mean being a 
candidate for the Draper Prize or a Nobel 
prize. Three references are required but if 
a Senior Member or Fellow nominates you 
for Senior Member grade, only two 
additional are required. In 2000 every new 
Senior Member will receive a plaque 
engraved with name and date of elevation 
plus a $25 coupon good toward one new 
society membership or a subscription to 
"Today's Engineer." Now is the time to go 
ahead and apply. You can apply on the 
WEB or download the application and 
reference forms. These can be reached 
through the IEEE home page at 


...Dan Jackson

**************************************************( 7 )
Attention Chapter Chairs

Need help with Meetings?
Meetings help to achieve the goals of 
education and professional advancement 
basic to all IEEE Technical Societies and 
provide a way to manage Chapter business. 
For some pointers on the basic components 
of holding successful meetings, go to the 
Section/Chapter Support web page at
Select the link for Resources for Officers, 
then "How to hold a Successful Chapter 


**************************************************( 8 )

To Tom Hochkeppel who was elevated 
to Senior Member at the Dec 11 A & A 
Panel meeting in Roanoke.

**************************************************( 9 )
IEEE Web Sites

Financial Services: New Improved

I'm pleased to report that the recently 
created Financial Services Web Page has 
been modified and is now easily accessed 
with a load time of just a few seconds.

Take a look, there is a host of possible 
advantages, whatever your situation.

The URL is:


Scoop is an informative newsletter for 
IEEE Volunteers with occasional tidbits of 
interest and use to many. It contains brief 
summaries of IEEE activities, current and 

Publication is irregular but past (most 
recent seven)  issues are available. When 
next browsing, take a look.: go to and click link for 
publications and look for SCOOP.


**************************************************( 10 )
Computer / Control /
Industrial Electronics Chapter

The current year schedule is under 

Speakers and Topics - Any Ideas?

What would you like to hear about at 
Chapter meetings?   Here is your chance to 
express your views on computers, control 
systems, or any phase of industrial 

The audience consists of engineers, 
engineering students and professors, 
usually about a dozen or two.  The talks 
are brief, one hour or less, with a half-hour 
for discussion afterwards.  If you are 
developing a presentation for a larger 
audience, here is an opportunity to try it 
out.  The format is informal. 

Please contact me with your ideas: 
Dave Geer, Chapter Chair
540 - 387 - 7359 (voice)
540 - 387 - 7631 (FAX) (email)

The March Meeting is already scheduled. 
It will be joint with the Section and 
promises to be of wide interest. Dr. Ira 
Jacobs, Professor of Electrical and 
Computer Engineering at  Va. Tech. will 
discuss a current industry hot topic:

DSL vs. Cable Modems
Telco and CATV Competition for 
Broadband Wireline Access

Details at our Web Site

...Dave Geer

**************************************************( 11 )

Following the success of the 1999 sessions, 
the IEEE and Global Resources, a global 
management training and consulting firm, 
will continue to offer MBA PowerPak(tm)  
to IEEE members at a special 10% 
discount. In addition if you sign up now -- 
for any session held this year - you will be 
charged at the 1999 price, a savings of 
$900 over the 2000 pricing which goes 
into effect as of February 21.

Participants who attend the eight-day, two-
part program are eligible to receive 6.3 
IEEE Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

For information regarding curriculum, 
training staff, scheduling, and pricing, 
visit the MBA PowerPak(tm)  Web site at

or call the MBA PowerPak(tm) Registration 
Center at 
1-877-GRTRAIN (1-877-478-7246).


**************************************************( 12 )

September 16
50th Anniversary
Hotel Roanoke

October 21
Joint Meeting with Industry 
Dr. Jason Lai, Virginia Tech
Topic: "Electric Vehicles and Power Electronics"

Appalachian Electric Power, 

November 18
Partners' Night
Nancy Vorona, Industry Director for Advanced
Materials & Electronics, Virginia Center for
Innovative Technology
"The Electronics Industry in Virginia
 - Plans for the Future"
Clarion Hotel, Roanoke

January 20
Dr. Dennis G. Sweeney
Center for Wireless Telecommunications
Department of Electrical Engineering, VA Tech
"Local Multipoint Distribution Services"
Appalachia Electric Power,

February 17
Bart Cregger, Assistant Dean of Engineering, VCU
"Engineering Education for the 21st Century: 
The Model at VCU"
Appalachian Electric Power,

March 16
Joint Meeting: Industrial 
Ira Jacobs, Virginia Tech
DSL vs. Cable Modems
Telco and CATV Competition for Broadband Wireline 
VMI, Lexington

April 20
Student Project Night
Virginia Tech

May 18
Plant Tour
Cloverdale Station

**************************************************( 13 )
IEEE  Virginia  Mountain  Section

Chairman: 	Daniel W. Jackson	(540) 774-0484
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VMS Executive Committee
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	Vacant (1)
Junior Past Chairman: 
	David Livingston	(540) 464-7545
Virginia Council Representative: 
	David Geer		(540) 387-7359

VMS Chapter Chairs
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Microwave Theory & Techniques/Electron Devices
	Tim Gittemeie 
				(540) 563-3972

Power Engineering
	Ted Aaron		(540) 381-2521


	Ira Jacobs		(540) 231-5620 
	Russell Churchill		(540) 731-0655
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	Dan Jackson 	(540) 774-0484
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