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IEEE  Region  3,  Council  9,  Section  65                 February  1996
[ 1 ] February Meeting
        Leonard A. Ferrari
[ 2 ] Reservations
[ 3 ] VMS Section Activities
        Executive Committee Meeting
[ 4 ] Computer/Control/IES Chapter
        1996 Spring Video Series
[ 5 ] Region News
[ 6 ] IEEE-USA
[ 7 ] WHAT IS?
[ 8 ] For Your Information
[ 1 ]
February Meeting

The Bradley Department of Electrical
Engineering Status and Future Plans

Leonard A. Ferrari
Professor and Head

Thursday February  15
Marriott Hotel

Several new educational and economic development programs are
being implemented in the department. The following highlights
will be discussed:

1. New undergraduate/graduate research programs
2. New continuing education programs
3. Research activities in the department
4. Research - off campus programs
5. Industry involvement in current programs
6. International Center for Advanced Studies in Electrical

Dr. Ferrari joined the Bradley Department of Electrical
Engineering as Department Head on July 1, 1995. He was
previously at the University of California, Irvine, where he was a
professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He served as
Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department for
three years, and as Director of an NSF Center for High Speed
Image Processing.

Ferraris' specialty is image processing. He joined the faculty of
the University of California in 1980, as a researcher in the
Radiological Sciences Department of the College of Medicine,
then joined the Department of Electrical and Computer
Engineering in 1985. He served as Department Chair from 1990-
1993. He has taught courses in circuit design, communications,
digital signal processing, image processing, computer algorithms
and computer graphics.

Ferrari has more than 12 years experience in industrial research
and development, and has authored more than 40 patent

Early in his career he worked as a researcher for Polaroid
Corporation.  In 1969 he moved to the Bell and Howell Research
Laboratories as director of the group responsible for corporate
research in video systems, magnetic and optical recording,
facsimile systems, airborne entertainment systems and electro-
optical products.

In 1974 he returned to school and received a Ph.D. degree from
the University of California, Irvine in 1980. He earned his MSEE
degree from Northeastern University in 1967, and his BSEE
degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in
[ 2 ]
for the February Meeting

        Thursday, February  15

        Time:   6:30 PM Social
                7:00 PM Dinner
                8:00 PM Program

        Place:  Marriott Hotel, Blacksburg
                900 Prices Fork Road

        Cost:   Member or Guest $ 12.00
                Student                 $   4.50

For reservations, please contact one of the following
representatives before 5 PM on Monday, February 12:

Roanoke:            Hausila Singh               563-8639

Blacksburg:         Anbo Wang,          231-4355
                    Wayne Scales                231-5622

Lexington:          Dick Skutt          464-7236

Radford and Christiansburg:
                   Russell Churchill    731-0655
[ 3 ]
VMS Section Activities

Executive Committee Meeting

Preceding this months general meeting, there will be a meeting
of the Executive Committee, beginning at 5:30 PM at the
Marriott Hotel. Inquire at the desk for location.

Electronic Newsletter

Almost 15 percent of our members now subscribe. If you have
not yet signed up, you are strongly encouraged to do so.

To Subscribe, see instructions in the For Your Information
section on the last page.


[ 4 ]
Computer/Control/IES Chapter

IEEE Computer/Control/Industrial
Electronics Chapter

 1996 Spring Video Series

Feb. 11

"Windows NT Privileged Architecture"
Speaker: Lou Perazzoli, Microsoft Corporation

One of the original architects details Windows NT: goals,
tradeoffs, and design decisions.

Mar. 11
"Mapping the Internet: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"
Gordon Bell, National Medal of Technology winner, VAX
designer and former DEC VP of Research and Development.

A clear, concise picture of the past, present and future of the
Internet from

April 8

"Why C++ is Not Just an Object-Oriented Programming
Bjarne Stroustrup, AT&T Bell Labs

Stroustrup presents key programming styles directly supported by
C++, and argues that the support of multiple programming
paradigms is a major strength of C++.

May 13

"The Application of Knowledge Based Systems"
Edward A. Feigenbaum, Stanford University

All meetings are at the GE Drive Systems main plant, 1501
Roanoke Blvd., Salem VA. Use the main entrance, near the
flagpole. If you are not a GE employee, see the receptionist and
wait for an escort. Meetings start promptly at 5:30 PM and end
by 7:00. All IEEE members and guests are welcome. There is no

Contact Dave Geer (387-7359) or Sandy Gurian (387-5905) by
5:00 PM on the Monday immediately before each meeting for

[ 5 ]
Region News


The Regional Activities Department (RAD) is offering a new fax-
on-demand system - RABFacts. The twenty-four hour service is
accessible by fax machine handset only at (908) 562-5514 and the
only cost is the telephone call charge. The document Directory
areas of interest are: Member Applications, Newsletters and
Periodicals, Forms, Lists and Catalogs, Student Branch
Information, Meeting Information, and Financial. To use the

1. Call (908) 562-6555 using a fax machine
2. Order documents by assigned document
numbers. You can obtain the RABFacts
Directory (Doc.# 10000) by calling the above
number and pressing 2 at the prompt, the
Directory will be faxed to you.
3. Listen to the voice menu and follow
 A maximum of 3 documents can be requested
in a single call. The system will verify your
document selection and allow changes to be
4. RABFacts will automatically transmit the
requested document;.

The RABFacts system introduction and Directory is also on the
Region 3 BBS*. If you have a problem with this new service,
contact Ms. Cindy Tiritilli, the RABFacts System Administrator
at (908) 562-6358.

*The Region 3 BBS is available to anyone with a computer and a
modem, e-mail or internet access not required. There is a toll free
number (1-800-555-REG3) for those living within Region 3.

The BBS includes Institute and Region information. The text of
many Institute publications is available (awards manuals,
newsletters, bulletins, etc.), as well as information sent out by

The biggest draw is the employment section. In addition to
downloading the USAB job postings, we have other Region 3
employment opportunity listings. The Region just mailed 2000
letters to employers of engineers in the Southeast, inviting them
to post their job openings on the BBS free of charge.

[ 6 ]


In June 1995, the IEEE-USA gathered information about
unemployed members through a survey sent to over 3000 US
members who had renewed their membership at the half-priced
rate. Within two months nearly 900 questionnaires had been
completed and returned.

Some results. At the time of the survey, six months after their
membership renewal, 46% of the respondents reported being
employed in some capacity - 20% were employed full-time as
engineers, 15% were employed full-time as other than an
engineer and 11% are either self-employed or employed part-
time. The typical respondent to the employment survey is 51
years of age, has 24 years of experience, holds a graduate degree
(57%), and was unemployed an average of 84 weeks. In
comparison, the typical respondent of the Salary and Fringe
Benefits Survey 1995 was 48 years old, has 21 years of
experience and holds a graduate degree (53%). At first glance,
the age of the unemployed member seems to indicate some
degree of discrimination, but comparisons show that age is not
out of line with the average US member. The average
employment survey respondent has been out of work for slightly
more than 1.5 years. Ninety-five percent of the respondents
were out of work 200 weeks or less. Most of the respondents
(60%) are aware of some portion of IEEE's employment
assistance services, but more than 500 requested a packet of
more detailed information. And, it is gratifying to know that
when asked what IEEE could be doing to help members, 14%
said that we were doing a good job. This was the second most
frequent response after "facilitate networking," 19%.
Respondents were also asked what they considered to be barriers
to re-employment. Overwhelmingly they said age (75%),
followed by area of technical competence, decrease in
government spending, and the economy.

A multiple regression analysis of the data on duration of
unemployment partially explains why some respondents have
been out of work longer than others. Age, in particular, has a
significant and independent affect on joblessness: for each
additional year of age, joblessness increases by two weeks.
Having advanced degrees also increases joblessness. For each
increase in degree (AA to BA to MA/MBA to MSEE to PhD)
duration of unemployment increases six weeks. On the other
hand, respondents with access to the Internet experience 19
fewer weeks of unemployment than those without. Respondents
who indicating "networking" was their most effective job search
technique experienced 24 fewer weeks of unemployment. And,
those who had success with outplacement experienced 22 fewer
weeks. Sending out resumes, answering ads, using a headhunter,
hiring a private consultant, going to job fairs and using Internet
job listings have no independent affect on duration of

[ 7 ]

This month's topic is a variation on our theme. The following
arrived with the report above. We felt it important enough to
warrant special attention.

The swiftly growing popularity and accessibility of the 'Net,
particularly the World Wide Web, have made it invaluable to
our less fortunate members who are presently searching for a
new position. To illustrate some of the many on-line
opportunities for job seekers, EAC brought up on line the
National Job Listing Service. Listings are by state, covering the
six USA regions in auto-response files. A seventh covers
national and international listings. Any of these files can be
accessed by merely sending a message to the e-mail address of
the desired file - the text message can simply be "hello" or
nothing at all. The file requested is turned around to your "e-
mail box." There is no fax machine or phone answering machine
to worry about. You can read or download it to a word
processing program and perform "key word" searches on the
information. Copied to floppies it can be distributed to other
members or printed out and posted at your local JobBank
meetings. The JLS is but one electronic job search tool on the
'Net. Listed below are a group of Web sites that contain
references to employment.



[ 8 ]
For Your Information

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