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 EEE Region 3, Council 9, Section 6             February 1998


1. February Meeting Student Paper Contest 2. Reservations for the February Meeting 3. Welcome Back IA 4. January Meeting Report 5. National Engineers Week - Ideas for Your Community 6. Remaining VMS Meeting Schedule for the 1997-1998 Year 7. Roanoke Steel VMS May Field Trip 8. Computer/Control/Industrial Electronics Chapter Speakers Sought for 1998 Meetings 9. National Engineers Week (NEW) Volunteers Needed 10. VWCC Student Branch Hosts NEW Teleconference 11. Chapter Chairmen Notice 12. VMS Home Page 13. IEEE-USA Launches Initiative to Assist Older Professionals 14. For your information

***********************************************( 1 ) ebruary Meeting

Student Paper Contest

February 19 will see our fourth annual tudent paper contest. As you have robably noted, this year the competition s restricted to undergraduates. The inner, as well as taking home more than little spending money, will have the pportunity to participate in the Region 3 ompetition in April.

Wen-lung Hsu

A senior electrical engineering student at VMI, will discuss:

"One possible method to improve air safety"


Farzad Valad & Peter Vasquez,

from Virginia Tech will present a paper on:

"TraceCad Human-Computer Interactive Software."

************************************************( 2 ) eservations for the February Meeting

Date: Thursday, February 19, 1998 ocial: 6:30 PM inner: 7:00 PM alk: 8:00 - 9:00 PM lace: Donaldson Brown Hotel VA Tech ost: Member or Guest $12.00 Student $4.00

Please make reservations by Monday, ebruary 16, 5:00 P.M.

Roanoke: avid Livingston (540) 857-6261 lacksburg: ra Jacobs (540) 231-5620 exington: d Wheeler (540) 464-7548 adford and hristiansburg: sha Varshney (540) 731-0655

************************************************( 3 ) MS Home Page Change - Addition Welcome Back IA

The VMS has recovered a lost soul: ndy Stevenson has stepped in to re- ctivate the recently demised Industry pplications Chapter. Our listings how 66 members in this area. This hould be enough to get a truly active hapter underway.

A Web Page for the new group has een set up as "Under Construction". heck it out and make your ontributions. You can send in your uggestions as you view the page.The URL is :


Click on Chapters, then on Industry Applications. ... editor

************************************************( 4 ) MS Activities

January Meeting

At the January meeting of the Virginia ountain Section of IEEE, Jim atson, President of Watson ssociates and an IEEE Distinguished ecturer, delivered a lecture entitled he Secret of Success. After beginning is lecture with anecdotes on the many, nd sometimes harrowing, experiences e has had, Jim began to develop the heme of his talk. Jim argued that ngineers need to communicate more ffectively. If we communicated more ffectively, we might then better epresent the engineering profession to he rest of society. As engineers, we eed to possess sound technical nowledge and ability. We also need a ide variety of “soft” skills to become eaders and decision makers in society. ne of these skills is the ability to see ll aspects of a system, not just the echnical parts. We should view ourselves as in ompetition for leadership and decision- aking roles in society. Society uffers, as does the engineering rofession, from the relative lack of nvolvement of engineers in important ecisions. As more problems contain, t least in part, a technical aspect, the eed for the decision makers having echnical competence rises. If engineers re to be allowed to participate in these ecision-making groups, we must show e can grasp issues having economic, ocial, and historical components. In hort, we need at least a minority of ngineers able to think holistically, reatively, and in terms of systems. Jim eels it vital, if the status of engineering s a profession is to be improved, that ach of us enhance our communication nd social skills. Through more ffective communications, each engineer an then persuasively point to, and rticulate for others, the importance and tility of engineering in society.

Jim stated his conviction that a primary urpose of professional societies such s IEEE is to allow members to etwork. He stated job security does ot exist anymore but that, if we stay urrent and well-connected, “career” ecurity may be possible. He also mphasized the importance that we aintain a balance in our lives between he time devoted to work and rofessional activities and that we evote to other activities which make ife worthwhile.

After Jim Watson’s talk, Russell hurchill rose to first thank Dan ackson for making Jim’s lecture ossible and then to thank Jim for a fine ddress. A certificate of appreciation as presented to Jim by Russell hurchill on behalf of the Virginia ountain Section of IEEE.

...Ed Wheeler

************************************************( 5 ) ational Engineers Week - Ideas for Your Community

(The following are thumbnail sketches of ideas for National Engineers Week programs. Details on these and many other projects are vailable. Contact Dan Jackson or me for more information. ...editor)

Here are ideas for interesting National Engineers Week programs appropriate for every community.

Awards--During planned events, mall exhibits or banquets, present awards to outstanding teachers, students, employers or engineers.

The National Engineers Week Committee is sponsoring the second Outdoor Advertising Campaign, available to college students. We ill provide material to be posted on outdoor billboards at no cost to you, if you provide the space.

Consultants--Organize a public tour of interesting local projects the firm has engineered and distribute a brochure about the projects.

Discover "E""-- National Engineers Week Discover "E"" student outreach program. Visit local elementary, middle, and secondary chools and sponsor extracurricular activities. Work with scout troops, school clubs, and others to highlight engineering careers.

Employee Communications--Work with in-house publications to publicize the Week and the work of your engineers. Develop ideas for tories about engineer employees. Contact the chairman's office to ask for a special message in recognition of the company's engineers.

Future City & trade- -National Engineers Week Future City Competition & trade. Engineers serve as volunteer mentors to help seventh- nd eighth-grade student teams design and build a future city, using Sim City 2000 software. Among other things, teams are required to uild a table-top scale model of their city, and present their city design and model to a panel of judges. Schools register to compete in ocal contests and those winners compete in Washington, DC, during National Engineers Week

Government Headquarters--Create special exhibits in public areas showcasing on-going engineering projects. Leave hand-outs such as ookmarks (see order form) for employees and their families.

Industry Programs--Tie corporate advertising to the week and produce local public service announcements about the company's ngineers Week activities. Libraries--As part of "Engineering Goes Public," sponsor an "Engineering Day" demonstration or exhibit at our local library. Donate books for a special engineering section for students.

Telecasts-- February 25, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. (ET), National Technological University hosts an interactive satellite telecast, "Discover ngineering." Engineers, students and Pictel interaction will be featured. Thursday, February 26, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. (ET), "International pace Station: Open for Business" offers dialogue among experts on research opportunities aboard the International Space Station.

Get The Details

Engineers Week Homepage: http://www.eweek.org

************************************************( 6 ) emaining VMS Meeting Schedule for the 1997-1998 Year

March 19, 1998 ichard O. Claus iber Optics and Electro-optics at Virginia Tech onaldson Brown Hotel, Blacksburg

April 16, 1998 EEE Distinguished ecturer: Ronald W. Waynant pplications of Lasers in Medicine: Current/Future Status onaldson Brown Hotel, Blacksburg

May 21, 1998 ndustrial Field TripSteel Production oanoke Electric Steel oanoke, VA

Executive Committee Meetings: 5:30 p.m. on: March 19, 1998; and April 16, 1998

************************************************( 7 ) oanoke Steel

VMS May Field Trip ote that the meeting schedule on page 2 is now complete. The industrial field rip is to be at Roanoke Electric Steel. e believe this should be a most nteresting visit. Plan now to attend.

************************************************( 8 ) EEE omputer/Control/ ndustrial Electronics hapter

Speakers Sought for 1998 Meetings

Suggestions for speakers and topics for pring 1998 chapter meetings are eeded. Here is your chance to express our views on computers, control ystems, or any phase of industrial lectronics.

Last year's series included papers on athematical models for cold mills, the volution of automation systems for the etals industry, a tutorial on neural etworks, a talk and demonstration of he application of fuzzy logic to crane ontrols, and a discussion of the design nd application of AC motor drives.

The audience consists of engineers, ngineering students and professors, sually about a dozen or two. The talks re brief, one hour or less, with a half- our for discussion afterwards. They do ot have to be new or original. If you re developing a presentation for a arger audience, here is an opportunity o try it out. The format is informal.

Please contact Dave Geer at GE with our suggestions.

Chapter meetings are held on the second uesday of each month, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the GE Main Plant, 1501 oanoke Boulevard, Salem, VA. Enter he front door, near the flag pole. An scort will meet you at the reception esk.

All IEEE Members and guests are elcome. You do not have to be a ember of the Chapter.

Soft drinks and snacks are available rom the cafeteria for a nominal fee. here is no charge for the meeting. lease come and bring a friend!

Dave Geer, Chapter Chair 540 - 387 - 7359 (voice) 540 - 387 - 7631 (FAX) .geer@ieee.org (email)

************************************************( 9 ) ational Engineers Week

At the January ExCom meeting, Dan ackson announced that the Roanoke hapter of the Virginia Society of rofessional Engineers no longer exists. t used to take responsibility for oordinating events celebrating National ngineers Week (NEW) in this area, ncluding a well attended banquet eaturing a guest speaker. Typically EEE, ASME, ASCE, ASHRAE, SQC, IES, IIE, ISA, & ASAE were nvited to participate. It is unclear now f any group will step in to fill the void or this year.

At the national level, the lead society otates among the sponsoring societies very year. In 1993, it was IEEE-USA. he Construction Specifications nstitute is the society chair this year.

The purpose of NEW is to bring before he public the contributions of engineers o our way of life. Besides the banquet, he following lists activities that have een used around the nation to ccomplish this:

Displays at shopping malls Public service announcements on adio and television Newspaper supplements Proclamations by the governor or ayor of Engineers Week with hoto in the local paper or segment n TV news Letters to the Editor Banquet with awards honoring local ngineers for contributions with overage by local media Column on local commentary page y prominent business or civic eader, who is an engineer, on a opic important to community, such s education or jobs, showing how ngineers contribute to the solution, ot to the problem. Sponsoring the Faraday Lecture rom the United Kingdom, and urnishing local engineers to help nswer students questions Participate in "Discover E" student utreach program Presenting awards to local overnment officials, or to science, echnology, or environmental eporter. Recognize outstanding science eachers Establish a speakers bureau and ontact local civic organizations to ffer speakers during NEW Organize a public tour of a local ajor engineering accomplishment: am, power plant, bridge, anufacturing plant, sewage reatment plant, water supply eservoir and pumping station.

The VMS has been conspicuous in the ecent past by NOT participating in vents. Though the Executive ommittee has expressed interest in it, o effort has ever been started, due in ome part to timing. Dan has mphasized that beginning to think bout participation in the Fall, for the ebruary event, is too late. He urges hat a group (committee if you like) take p the challenge for next year.

We are soliciting volunteers.

Both Dan and I have a lot of very useful nformation on how to prepare for and et up exciting events of interest to the ocal community and to engineers. See he box on page 2 for a tiny sampling. ssistance, with material, ideas, and oney, is available from the IEEE. UT, nothing can happen if no one teps forward with an expressed nterest, and a willingness to do just a ittle work. The important thing is to tart now.

Contact Dan, or me, or anyone on the MS Executive Committee (see last age). We can help you get started. ...editor

************************************************( 10 ) WCC Student Branch Hosts NEW Teleconference

The Virginia Western Community ollege Student Branch of the IEEE nvites you to the presentation of a eleconference on the International pace Station as part of National ngineers Week. The title of the eleconference is *Open for Business* nd will deal with space station esearch and development pertaining to oth scientific and commercial interests. he technical level of the teleconference as been designed for research and evelopment engineers, scientists and tudents in both commercial and cademic environments. It is being roduced by NASA and the WHRO enter for Public Telecommunications.

The teleconference will be held ebruary 26, 1998 from 1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. in Room 101 in the Student enter on the campus of Virginia estern Community College. All are elcome. For more information, ontact: avid L. Livingston (540) 857-6261 or .livingston@ieee.org.

************************************************( 11 ) hapter Chairmen

Places have been reserved in the Home age for any and all kinds of nformation about your Chapter: istory, function, requirements, ctivities, schedules, flash nnouncements, meetings, speakers ... . end your material to the editor or ubmit it with the auto-mail feature on he Web Page, ttp://fiddle.ee.vt.edu/ieeevms ... editor

************************************************( 12 ) MS Home Page

Use your Virginia Mountain Section eb Home Page (http://fiddle.ee.vt.edu/ieeevms/) eep current on information about the ection, the Region, and National, nd items of interest to engineers.

You will find quick access to schedules, etails about the Section, numerous ublications and articles normally not istributed to the general membership (in complete format). Links to rofessional, federal, and private rganizations and groups active in ational issues affecting our profession. ncludes links to particular IEEE ervices such as Education, mployment Assistance, PE-Licensure. tandards and Publications, Address nd Membership Info Changes, and ore.

Check it out and use the autofeedback o the editor (available on the main age) to let us know what you would ike to see there to make it even better. ... editor

************************************************( 13 ) EEE-USA Launches Initiative to Assist Older Professionals

by Pender M. McCarter, APR .mccarterf@ieee.org ssociate Communications Director

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21,1997 - The EEE's U.S.-activities division nnounced that it will develop a set of ew and expanded programs to address he special career and employment eeds of older U.S. electrotechnology orkers. According to IEEE-USA, hese professionals increasingly struggle ith the challenges created by the ccelerating pace of technological hange and shifts in corporate culture hat favor younger, often cheaper high- ech workers recently trained in skills nd technologies in high demand by .S. industry.

"Many senior professionals are telling s that they are having trouble getting nd keeping good jobs in this upposedly tight labor market," said aul J. Kostek, chair of the IEEE-USA areer Policy Council. "Our own tudies bear this out, showing that nvoluntary retirement is at record evels, a disturbing percentage of older embers say they have been subject to ge discrimination in their rganizations, and advancing age has a ignificant effect in increasing the term f unemployment for jobless workers."

Several IEEE-USA committees meeting t a special October summit to address he plight of older workers developed an ction plan to enhance these rofessionals' lifelong employability. "What we came up with is a broad- ased approach that we hope will help ndividual members with their ultifaceted career challenges as well s induce employers to value and more ffectively utilize their senior orkforce," said Kostek. "Younger orkers also can take advantage of hese programs to improve their career lanning and minimize problems later n," he added. The new initiatives nclude developing a career-planning tandard for older workers, isseminating information necessary for ong-term career planning, encouraging icensing and registration and lifelong earning, assisting members with the ransition to entrepreneurial careers, ublishing a "care package" for isplaced engineers, creating a best- ractices list for employers. In addition, EEE-USA will issue status reports on he new activities next year at its Tenth iennial Careers Conference and 1998 rofessional Activities Conference. pearheading the programs will be EEE-USA's Career Maintenance and evelopment, Workforce, Licensure nd Registration, and Employment ssistance Committees.

For more information on existing and uture IEEE-USA career and mployment resources, contact IEEE- SA at 202-785-0017 or eeeusa@ieee.org, r visit its Web site at URL ************************************************( 14 ) or your information EEE Virginia Mountain Section

VMS OFFICERS hairman: David Livingston d.livingston@ieee.org (540) 857-6261 ice Chairman: Usha Varshney ec./Treasurer: Ed Wheeler wheeler@vmi.edu (540) 464-7548

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