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IEEE Region 3, Council 9, Section 6                          
February, 1999

February Meeting			1
Reservations				2
Directions				3
January meeting report			4
Career Workshop				5
ExComm Meeting				6
Job Hunting				7
New Section Members 			8
1999 Student Competition		9
Computer/Control/IES Report		10
Legislative Tech. Advisors		11
IAS /Portland Cement Special		12
EE Week Banquet				13
IEEE and Teachers			14
Pilot On-Line Course			15
VMS Web Page - Features			16
1998-99 VMS Schedule			17
Your IEEE Benefits			18
Virginia Mountain Section 		19

*****************************************( 1 )

February Meeting
Joint with the IAS Chapter

Cy Harbourt
General Electric

Harmonics from Pulse Width Modulated 

Walter Hill, originally scheduled to present 
this talk, will not be available. Cy 
Harbourt, a joint author, with Mr. Hill, of 
a paper with this title, has graciously 
agreed to step in.

Even two level PWM sources with low harmonic 
voltage and current distortion 
characteristics can affect a plant power 
system in such a way that voltage sensitive 
electronic equipment is adversely affected. 
It is unwise to feed PWM sources and 
sensitive electronic equipment from the same 
substation transformer. The resulting 
voltage distortion is time consuming to 
troubleshoot and expensive to fix. 
Additional filtering is needed to stop the 
unwanted harmonic frequencies that emanate 
from PWM sources from interfering with the 
operation of sensitive electronic equipment 
such as gas burner controls, robots and 
assembly line sensors typically used in the 
automotive industry.

The paper will describe the generation of 
voltage and current harmonics of two level 
PWM inverter sources. The level of these 
harmonics were measured before the 
application of a passive filter and will 
serve as a guide as to the effectiveness of 
the passive filter in minimizing the level 
of voltage and current harmonics.

About the Speaker
Cy Harbourt is a Senior Design Engineer at 
GE industrial Systems in Salem. working in 
the Power Conversion and System Engineering 
unit at GEIS. He holds a BSEE from the 
University of Missouri, Columbia, and an 
MSEE from Syracuse University. He came to 
Salem in 1984 from GE Aircraft Electrical 
Systems in Binghamton, NY to work on a large 
cycloconverter system for power generation 
on Navy ships. His work assignments since 
then have included static exciter* for the 
Navy Electric Drive, Static Voltage 
Regulators for DC excitation of synchronous 
machines, software and hardware development 
for Electric Vehicle inverters, software 
development for the Battery Energy Storage 
System and full power system testing of the 
CV2000 cycloconverter main drive. His 
current assignment is that of technical lead 
for the 4160V MV IGBT based AC drive.

*****************************************( 2 )
Reservations for the February Meeting
Thursday, February 18, 1999

Place: 	German Club
Virginia Tech Campus
Social hour 	6:30-7:00 p.m.
Dinner       	7:00-8:00 p.m.
Lecture 	8:00-9:00 p.m.
Members:	$13.00
Students:	$6.00
Non-Members:	$15.00

Please make reservations by 
Monday, Feb15,  5:00 P.M.
David Livingston		(540) 857-6261
Ira Jacobs			(540) 231-5620
Ed Wheeler 			(540) 464-7548
Radford and Christiansburg:
Russell Churchill		(540) 731-0655

*****************************************( 3 )
From I-81 Exit 128, follow signs to 
Blacksburg. At the split in 460 at approach 
to Blacksburg, stay (left) on 460 (To Va. 
Tech) to first traffic light, turn right 
onto South Gate Drive, proceed 1 mile, past 
Tech Center Drive on right, turn right into 
long driveway (no name). 

*****************************************( 4 )
VMS Activities

Meeting Report
January saw the first joint meeting between 
the Shenandoah Section of ASHRAE and the 
Virginia Mountain Section of IEEE. The 
meeting was also, to the best recollection 
of those present, the first IEEE section 
meeting to be held at the Virginia Military 
Institute. Howard Arthur, VMI mechanical 
engineering and ASHRAE section chair, began 
the evening by welcoming the approximately 
60 guests to VMI. He introduced David 
Livingston, VWCC and IEEE section chair, who 
then introduced the evening's speaker, Jan 
Helge Bhn of the mechanical engineering 
department at Virginia Tech. Jan Helge began 
his talk by providing the motivation for 
efforts in rapid prototyping. These include 
much shorter product design cycles and 
improved final designs. By coupling 
computer-aided design with hardware to allow 
these models to be realized in nylon, ABS 
plastic, or fiber-reinforced thermoplastic, 
physical models of the design can be rapidly 
and inexpensively created. With the model in 
hand, tests and experiments can be conducted 
to determine whether modifications or design 
improvements are needed. The idea in rapid 
prototyping is this: By utilizing rapid 
prototyping and several short design cycles 
in sequence, the final design will be better 
and be achieved more quickly than if the 
design process is confined to analytical 
tools and computer-aided design in one 
longer design cycle. There is no substitute 
for having a physical model to test. Dr. 
Bhn provided information on several 
competing technologies in this area-
stereolithography, laminated object 
manufacturing, selective laser sintering, 
and fused deposition modeling. The Rapid 
Prototyping Laboratory at Virginia Tech, 
which Dr. Bhn directs, employs fused 
deposition modeling. Dr. Bhn's research 
includes the development of software to 
speed the deposition process by a factor of 
40. Also of interest is research in fiber-
reinforced thermoplastic. The goal here is 
to be able to control the orientation of the 
fibers throughout a part under fabrication. 
If this were possible, the mechanical 
properties of a particular part could then 
be optimized for that part's shape and 
function. Dr. Bhn's research has 
application in real virtuality, medicine 
(e.g. brain surgery), and in rapid tooling. 
Ed Wheeler, VMI electrical engineering and 
IEEE section vice-chair, thanked Jan Helge 
for his talk and presented him with a 
certificate of appreciation from the IEEE 
Virginia Mountain Section. The reader may be 
interested to know that on page 138 of the 
January, 1999 IEEE Spectrum there appears a 
note which mentions a future spectrum 
article in this area. This article will 
explore the topic of solid free-form 
fabrication (SFF) 
... Ed Wheeler

*****************************************( 5 )

The IEEE Virginia Mountain Section is still 
considering organizing a career workshop. It 
would be a supplement to the services 
offered by company outplacement services, 
and would be targeted specifically toward 
engineers and other technical professionals. 
It would cover psychological aspects of non-
voluntary job change as well as practical 
measures for obtaining a new job. Among the 
topics would be what IEEE has to offer in 

If you or anyone you know are in a position 
to need such information in the near future 
or anticipate a more distant need and would 
be interested in such a workshop, please 
contact Dan Jackson, Virginia Mountain 
Section Professional Activities Chairman, at 
(540) 774-0484, or email to 

For more details on workshops and other IEEE 
services, visit the IEEE web site at 
...Dan Jackson, IEEE PACE Chairman

*****************************************( 6 )
EXCOMM Meeting
There will be a meeting of the Executive 
Committee one hour before the regular 
meeting at the German Club.

*****************************************( 7 )
like engineering,
is an exact science

After all, good jobs don't come to you by 
chance. No matter where you are in your 
engineering career - starting out, in your 
prime, or starting over - - you need 
reliable career skills and knowledge.

The Engineer's Guide to Lifelong 
Employabilily can teach you these skills.

It is a practical, complete resource book on 
locating and obtaining good jobs throughout 
your career. Features 173 pages of in-depth 
text that will allow you to master the 
engineering job search.

IEEE Members: $19.95
(Plus shipping, handling, sales tax)

To Order: Call 1-800-678-IEEE with your 
credit-card information and ask for Product 
No. UH2970

Learn Employability

Conduct an electronic job
search and locate great jobs. Find "search 
tools" other than the newspaper.

Learn how to write a new "searchable" resume 
that show- cases your experience and skills.

Network. Everyone talks  about it. Learn how 
to create and use a career network. Consider 
consulting as an employment alternative

Apply knowledge on transitioning from school 
to work, researching prospective employers, 
and interviewing and negotiating the job 

*****************************************( 8 )
New VMS Members
- Welcome -

According to our latest updates, 11 IEEE 
members have recently joined the roster of 
the Virginia Mountain Section. All have 
received welcome letters from Dave 
Livingston describing VMS activities. We 
hope to see and meet all of you at future 
meetings and join Dave in extending 
greetings to:

Carrie E. Aust, Blacksburg

Dennis L. Collins III , Blacksburg

Daniel E. Johnson, Blacksburg

Mark A. Morton , Blacksburg

Mat Narayanan , Roanoke

Anthony N. Payne , Buchanan

Vadim Polyakov , Roanoke

Joseph J. Praschak , Blacksburg
Richard L. Weaver , Lexington

Daniel E. Wolstenholme , Radford

... editor

*****************************************( 9 )
Student Paper Competition

Share in up to $800.00 in prizes.
In spite of the historical title, this 
year's event will be in poster-session form.

It will held in the Hancock Hall Atrium on 
April 15 at 6 P.M.  Details are available 
from Dr. John Bay.

It is not too late to sign up. An 
application form is available from Dr. Bay 
or by download from our Web site:

Keep In Touch

*****************************************( 10 )

Two meetings are planned for Spring 1999:  
one on network protocols, and another on the 
impact of the Year 2000 on industrial 
automation systems.

Details next month.
Meeting details may not always be available 
when the Newsletter goes to press. Check our 
Web Site at


and follow the guides to Chapter activities.

Chapter meetings are held on the second  
Tuesday of each month, from 5:00 to  7:00 PM 
at the GE Main Plant, 1501  Roanoke 
Boulevard, Salem, VA. Enter  the front door, 
near the flag pole. An escort will meet you 
at the reception desk.

Guests are Welcome at our meetings. You do 
not have to be an IEEE member to attend. 
Social hour begins at 5:00. Coffee and soft 
drinks will be available. The presentation 
will begin promptly at 5:30. There is no 

RESERVATIONS are appreciated! Call Dave 
Geer, 540-387-7359 or email d.geer@ieee.org 
by 5 PM on the Monday preceding the meeting.

*****************************************( 11 )
Help Needed
Technical Advisor

The Virginia Council is seeking a member 
from this area to serve as a (very 
occasional) advisor to the Commonwealth 
Legislature on technical matters of concern 
in their activities. 

We understand the position to require very 
little time simply because of the relative 
rare need for the services. Names of 
volunteers, from all areas of the state, 
will be made available to appropriate 
regional representatives and senators who 
will seek assistance as needs arise.

This is a new undertaking by the Council to 
gain long term recognition of engineers in 
general and the IEEE in particular, as well 
as performing a needed and worthwhile 

For further information contact 
Ed Wheeler at,
Tel:		(540) 464-7548
e-mail: 	wheeler@vmi.edu 

*****************************************( 12 )
Upcoming Special
Industry Applications Society

The IEEE-IAS and the Portland Cement 
Association (PCA) will hold the 41st Cement 
Industry Technical Conference in Roanoke, VA 
on April 11-15, 1999. The conference will 
feature technical presentations on recent 
developments in the cement industry 
including Power Generation, Distribution and 
Related Items; Drives and Related Items; 
Environmental Maintenance and Safety; 
General Practices; and Automation. Optional 
tutorials will address new noise standards, 
and maintenance of motor windings. An 
optional Environmental Enforcement 
Colloquium follows the conference on April 
16, 1999 and will concentrate on improving 
cement operations to avoid civil and 
criminal enforcement actions. Registration 
is now being accepted. Register online at 
www.ieee.org/conference/cement. You can also 
download the form from the web and mail or 
fax to: Michele L. Hibbitts, IEEE.PCA 41st 
Technical Conference Registration, 309 
International Circle, Suite 140, Hunt 
Valley, MD 21030. The fax number is 410 785-

Dave Kingma,
Tel: 	(540) 382-0956
e-mail:	dkingma@swva.net	
will be acting local coordinator. 

...Dan Jackson

*****************************************( 13 )
Roanoke Valley National Engineers' Week 

Date: February 22, 1999 Location: Clarion 
Hotel Roanoke Airport, 2727 Ferndale Drive, 
NW, Roanoke, VA, Ballroom

5:30-6:30pm: Cocktail Hour with Cash Bar

6:30-7:30pm: Dinner: $17.00. Choice of 
Chicken Dijon, Sliced Roast Beef, or 
Vegetable Lasagna with salad, whipped 
potatoes, green bean almondine, dinner roll, 
and apple pie. Cost includes coffee, tea, 
and gratuity.

7:30-8:30pm: Presentation by Dr. Louis J. 
Circeo, Director of the Construction 
Research Institute of the Georgia Institute 
TECHNOLOGY use in landfills and hazardous 
waste sites.

IEEE members are asked to please make their 
reservations with Dave Livingston at (540) 
857-6261 or d.livingston@ieee.org by 5:00 
P.M., Tuesday, February 16, 1999. Please 
note: Reservations are non-refundable.

... editor

*****************************************( 14 )
IEEE & Teachers = Help

K-12 Students Learn Technology

Piscataway, NJ, 29 January, 1999 -- Fifteen 
members of the IEEE Pre-College Education 
Coordinating Committee (PECC), a cross-
section of engineers and educators, recently 
developed a framework for an IEEE pre-
college education initiative. The framework 
was developed after the committee 
brainstormed ways in which the IEEE and the 
engineering community can collaborate with 
teachers to foster innovative teaching 
strategies among K-12 science, math, and 
technology teachers.

Formed in October 1998 at the Technological 
Literacy Counts workshop in Baltimore, MD, 
the PECC is one of the few IEEE committees 
that actively recruits non-engineers. Pete 
Lewis, Educational Activities Staff 
Director, contends, "It's important that the 
IEEE take an active role in enhancing the 
technological literacy of K-12 students. We 
can only do so by listening to the 
educational needs of those on the front 
lines, the teachers themselves."

In a round-table discussion format, 
participants sought to answer the following 
questions:  In this rapidly growing 
technology age, WHAT tools/resources do K-12 
educators need in order to most effectively 
teach their students science, math, and 
technology subjects?  As the world's 
largest technical professional society, HOW 
can the IEEE, and the engineering community 
at large, help teachers foster technological 
literacy among their students?

A participating and appreciative eighth-
grade science teacher from Oklahoma said, "I 
am so glad the IEEE is breaking out of the 
'box' and reaching out to teachers." In the 
coming months, the IEEE will form a specific 
action plan for its pre-college education 
initiative. For more information, contact 
Barbara Stoler, IEEE Educational Activities, 
445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331, Piscataway, NJ, 
08855-1331; e-mail: b.stoler@ieee.org.

The IEEE is the world's largest technical 
professional society, serving the interests 
of more than 330,000 members in the 
information and electrotechnology 
communities in approximately 150 countries. 
In keeping with its "Networking the World" 
slogan, the IEEE helps to foster 
technological innovation, enable members' 
careers, and promote worldwide professional 

*****************************************( 15 )

PISCATAWAY, NJ, 28 January, 1999 - The IEEE 
has created an alliance with the Department 
of Electrical and Computer Engineering at 
the University of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign (UIUC), Urbana, IL, to offer a 
web-delivered course on antennas and 

This four-week course, designed to serve as 
a refresher for practicing engineers, will 
be based entirely on the Internet. Classes 
run from 1 April 1999 through 30 April. 
Registration ends 31 March 1999. Course 
capacity is limited to 30 students.

The course will provide learners with an 
analytical and intuitive understanding of 
antenna physics, expose them to antenna 
computer-aided design software, and 
introduce them to a variety of antenna 
structures of practical interest. The course 
will also cover recent developments in the 
wireless and personal communication systems. 
Those intending to register are expected to 
have a basic knowledge of electromagnetic 
wave theory outlining the general plane wave 
solution of Maxwell's equations, phenomena 
involving reflection and transmission of 
plane waves, transmission lines, and 
impedance matching techniques. Students who 
successfully complete the course will be 
awarded 3.6 IEEE Continuing Education Units 

Eric Michielssen, Ph.D. will be instructing 
the course. Dr. Michielssen received his 
Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at 
Urbana-Champaign in 1992. He is an assistant 
professor in the UIUC Department of 
Electrical and Computer Engineering, 
associate director for the Center of 
Computational Electromagnetics, and a part-
time faculty member in the Beckman Institute 
Photonic Systems Group. His professional 
interests are computational 
electromagnetics, photonic systems, high-
speed digital circuits, fast algorithms, and 
stochastic optimization.

For more information about the course 
contents and requirements, and to register 
for the course, go to: 

The tuition for this pilot offering of the 
course is: Member price, $350. List price: 
$400. For more information about this 
educational opportunity contact
Peter Wiesner, IEEE Educational Activities
445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331
 Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331
Phone: (732) 562-5500
Fax: (732) 981-1686
E-mail: p.wiesner@ieee.org

*****************************************( 16 )
Your VMS Web Page

Some of your current Web page features 
should be of interest to you. 

Take a look. 
Items Include:
Student Contest Application

1. Meeting and General Announcements
2. VMS Chapter Meetings and Announcements
3. VMS Newsletters
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5. and Policies
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Services, etc.
9. What Is? (Descriptions of IEEE, Region 
and Section Entities)
10. Special Interest Items
11. Misc. reports and other items.
12. IEEE USA Newsletters
13. VMS Calendar Highlights
14. Meet the Officers
15. Student Branches within VMS
And More

Anything else you would like there? Drop me 
a note.


*****************************************( 17 )

March 18,1999 
Joint meeting with our Power Engineering 
T. W. Cease
TVA Principal Project Specialist
IEEE Distinguished Lecturer
Optical Current Transducers

April 15,1999
Hancock Atrium
Virginia Tech
Student project night

May 20,1999
Litton Poly-Scientific
Plant trip

EXCOMM meetings will be held preceding the 
meetings in February and March

*****************************************( 18 )
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For access information and details on any of 
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Directly to the IEEE at:

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Member Services

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