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IEEE Region 3, Council 09, Section 65                               
January 2000
January Meeting
	Local Multipoint 
	Distribution Services		1
Reservations				2
VMS Activities: 
	Meeting Reports
	October				3
	November			4
New VMS Web Site			5
Chair's Comments			6		
Congratulations				7 
CommSoc Members				8
Financial Services Site			9
Comp/Control/Ind. Eng. Chapter		10
Electronic Newsletter (Important)	11
Two New Technical Councils		12
IEEE Video-On-Demand			13
Education Conference			14
Chapter Chairs (Important)		15
VMS Web Site				16
1999-2000 VMS Schedule			17
Your IEEE Benefits			18
VMS Section				19

********************************************( 1 )

January Meeting

Local Multipoint 
Distribution Services 

Dr. Dennis G. Sweeney

Research Assistant Professor
Center for Wireless 
Department of Electrical 
VA Tech

High-speed wireless data is coming 
to your door. The Federal 
Communications Commission 
(FCC) held an auction for Local 
Multipoint Distribution System 
(LMDS) spectrum licenses in April 
of 1998. These licenses open a 
huge amount of spectrum (1,100 
MHz) in the 28-30 GHz band that 
is capable of wirelessly 
transmitting data at unprecedented 
rates. VA Tech bought licenses for 
about the western third of Virginia. 
VA Tech was the only non-profit 
organization to participate in the 
auction and the university has 
innovative plans for a new 
generation of high-speed data 
services. This presentation will be 
an introduction to LMDS and 

some of the applications that may 
soon be available to you.

About the Speaker
Dr. Dennis G. Sweeney is a member of 
the Center for Wireless 
Telecommunications (CWT) at VA 
Tech. His interests are in unlicensed 
wireless applications, Local Multipoint 
Distribution Services (LMDS), and 
radio frequency (RF) circuit design. He 
directs the CWT's RF Design Lab. 
This lab has been involved in the 
design of a 900 MHz spread spectrum 
communications system, a third 
generation cellular test bed radio, and 
the radio link for a 2.4 GHz wireless 
PBX system to name just a few. As 
well as RF circuit design, Dr. 
Sweeney's interests include microwave 
propagation including satellite slant 
path propagation and propagation for 
wireless applications. He worked on 

Global Positioning System (GPS) 
receiving equipment and applications at 
the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 
Pasadena, CA. Dr. Sweeney has taught 
both undergraduate and graduate 
courses in Radio Engineering, 
undergraduate courses in electronics 
and satellite communications, and short 
courses on filter design and unlicensed 

********************************************( 2 )


Date:   Thursday, January 20, 2000
Social:         	6:30 PM 
Dinner:         	7:00 PM
Talk:   		8:00 PM

Cost:  Member or Guest	$15.00
Student         		$ 7.00

Place:  AEP Auditorium, 
Christiansburg Industrial Park.
From the east and south: I81 exit 118, 
Rt. 11 south about 0.1 to 0.2 mile. Right 
into the Christiansburg Industrial 
Park (between the Exxon station and 
Pizza Hut), left onto Prospect to the end. 
AEP: brick green-roof building.

Reserve by 5 PM Monday
January 17
 Dan Jackson  	(540) 774-0484
 Ira Jacobs  	(540) 231-5620
 David Livingston	(540)464-7545
Radford and Christiansburg:
 Russell Churchill 	(540) 731-0655

********************************************( 3 )

VMS Activities

Meeting Reports


Electric Vehicles and Power 

The second meeting of the 1999-2000 
season was held October 21, 1999 in the 
American Electric Power (AEP) 
Christiansburg facility.  Thirty people 
enjoyed the catered dinner and 
presentation by Dr. Jason Lai of Virginia 
Tech.  Dr. Lai is affiliated with the 
recently formed National Science 
Foundation's Engineering Research 
Center known as the Center for Power 
Electronics Systems.  His presentation 
provided a comprehensive review of the 
goals and status of the various programs 
in existence to minimize gasoline 
consumption and still provide a practical 
transportation vehicle.

A mileage equivalent of 80 miles per 
gallon with a range of 300 miles is a 
useful goal.  The problem is complex 
since the system has to optimize the power 
sources, power conversion, power sharing 
and mechanical output.  Power sources 
include alternate fuels as well as batteries 
and fuel cells.  On-board power 
electronics is a key link in converting any 
source of electrical energy into means to 
create vehicle motion.  Power sharing 
occurs in hybrid electric vehicles where 
multiple power sources have to be 
controlled as a function of operating 
mode.  Mechanical output represents the 
system equivalent horsepower ultimately 
available at the drive wheels.

Past designs did not gain consumer 
acceptance because of shortcomings in 
range, power or payload.  However, 
Toyota and Honda are currently in the 
process of bringing practical hybrid 
electric vehicles to market.  Ford, General 
Motors and Chrysler are not far behind 
with next generation vehicles.  Dr. Lai's 
talk stimulated considerable discussion 
concerning what manner of machinery 
you will find under the hood of your 
future personal transportation pride and 
joy.  Dave Kingma thanked Dr. Lai on 
behalf of the group for a very informative 
session.  We would also like to express 
our appreciation to Ted Aaron for his 
hospitality in arranging the use of the 

********************************************( 4 )


Partners' Night

The third meeting of the 1999-2000 
schedule was held November 18, 1999 at 
the Clarion Hotel in Roanoke. Spouses 
were encouraged to attend the festivities 
which featured Nancy A. Vorona as the 
invited speaker. Ms. Verona is the 
Industry Director for Advanced Materials 
and Electronics at Virginia's Center for 
Innovative Technology. In this role Ms. 
Vorona has been guiding the preparation 
of an Electronics Industry Strategic Plan 
to enable Virginia to become a globally 
recognized leader and accomplish 
sustained growth.

Ms. Verona's presentation highlighted the 
importance of the electronics industry to 
Virginia with 302 companies paying $1.5 
billion in total wages for 1998. The 
industry segments include computers and 
office equipment, consumer electronics, 
defense electronics, electronic 
components, electromedical equipment, 
industrial electronics, semiconductors and 
telecommunications equipment. Quite a 
range of products, but the companies 
involved do share common challenges and 
barriers to growth. The Strategic Plan is 
developing specific actions including 
enhanced information sharing, increased 
collaboration between industry and 
universities, and accelerated training of 
the required manufacturing workforce.

An animated question and answer session 
with Ms. Verona followed her talk. 
Howard Moses presented John Fennick 
with an award plaque thanking John for 
his long and dedicated service to the IEEE 
Virginia Mountain Section as Newsletter 
Editor. Dave Kingma adjourned what was 
an enjoyable meeting for all present.

Howard J. Moses
IEEE Virginia Mountain Section

********************************************( 5 )

New Web Site

The VMS Web Site has moved. 
Thanks to Scott Midkiff, our web site has 
resided on a server at VA Tech for several 
years. The service has been extremely 
reliable, I can recall no downtime, and 
Scott has been most helpful.

Recently, the IEEE has offered use of its 
servers to the Sections. There are some 
advantages to this:

. Inclusion in the scope of the IEEE 
search applications.
. A somewhat more obvious URL.
. Standardization of presentations for a 
stronger identity as an IEEE entity.

The new site is up and running although 
some tweaking is no doubt in order. 
Please have a look  and pass your 
comments back to me.

The new URL is:


********************************************( 6 )


by Dan Jackson

My thanks to the Senior Members and 
Fellows who came to the Wyndam Hotel 
on Dec 11 to be the working group of the 
Admission and Advancement Committee 
evaluating Senior Member elevations and 
applications. We acted on a number of out 
of the ordinary Member elevations, also. 
On behalf of the IEEE I wish to express 
appreciation to:

Inder Bahl	William A. Davis
David deWolf	Lee Eddy
F. Gail Gray	George Lezan
David Livingston	Monica Mallini
Wayne Michie	Ting-Chung Poon
John C. Price	Sedki M. Riad
Loren Walker	Fred Wang

Among the nine sections which 
participated in this vital activity during 
the year Roanoke tied for second in the 
number of panelists who participated.

Last month I wrote about Graduates of the 
Last Decade (GOLD). So far I have had 
no calls. There must be some members of 
the Section who received their bachelor's 
degree since 1989. Let me hear from you. 
My email address is at the top of this 
article and my phone number is on the 
back page.

My regrets for not being at the November 
meeting but a medical procedure the 
following day prevented my attendance. 
The test results were negative which is 
positive news.

I hope every one had a happy holiday 
season and is now looking forward to a 
successful and prosperous new year.

Dan Jackson

********************************************( 7 )

To Tom Hochkeppel who was elevated to 
Senior Member at the Dec 11 A & A 
Panel meeting in Roanoke.

********************************************( 8 )

The are 126 members of the 
Communications Society listed as 
members of the Section. Are we 
presenting programs of interest and value 
to you? If not let us know what you want. 
Although our programs for this year are 
mostly set we will need programs for next 
year. Also, we may be able to make some 
adjustments or add to our regular 
schedule. Contact 
	Dave Kingma, Program Chair, 
	540-552-3011 x304, 
 with your suggestions.


********************************************( 9 )

IEEE Financial Services Web 

The Financial Services group at IEEE has 
put up a new Web Page, apparently with a 
lot of useful information.

I tried accessing it, admittedly during a 
busy period, and it took  four minutes and 
19 seconds to load the first page. It is 
loaded with fancy pictures.  (My modem 
was running at 28.6 KBPS.)

Another attempt, late on the Sunday 
following Christmas, hopefully a quiet 
time, it loaded in two minutes, 35 

The page does in fact have useful 
information on it BUT, (you have to look) 
there is a "TEXT ONLY" option 
appearing in the upper corner, sometime 
after the download begins. I encourage 
you to look at the services offered but be 
sure to click on the text only option 
ASAP. It will save you much heartache. 
And, after all, who needs lots of pretty 
pictures to get financial information?

The URL is:


********************************************( 10 )

Computer / Control /
Industrial Electronics Chapter

The current year schedule is under 

Speakers and Topics – Any Ideas?

What would you like to hear about at 
Chapter meetings?   Here is your chance 
to express your views on computers, 
control systems, or any phase of industrial 

The audience consists of engineers, 
engineering students and professors, 
usually about a dozen or two.  The talks 
are brief, one hour or less, with a half-
hour for discussion afterwards.  If you are 
developing a presentation for a larger 
audience, here is an opportunity to try it 
out.  The format is informal. 

Please contact me with your ideas: 
Dave Geer, Chapter Chair
540 - 387 - 7359 (voice)
540 - 387 - 7631 (FAX)
d.geer@ieee.org (email)

The March Meeting is already scheduled. 
It will be joint with the Section and 
promises to be of wide interest. Dr. Ira 
Jacobs, Professor of Electrical and 
Computer Engineering at  Va. Tech. will 
discuss a current industry hot topic:

DSL vs. Cable Modems
Telco and CATV Competition for 
Broadband Wireline Access

Details at our Web Site

…Dave Geer

********************************************( 11 )

Electronic Newsletter

Attention All Members

The Newsletter is the largest single 
expense in the Section's budget. The total 
cost is about $0.50 per copy. That's a 
small number but we send out about 500 
copies each month. It would be nice to 
trim the mailing to free funds for other 

We recently sent offers, to all members for 
whom we had valid e-mail addresses, to 
sign up for electronic distribution of the 
Newsletter in lieu of the mailed paper 
version. Many members responded 
favorably and (if our records are good) 
will now receive only the e-mail version. 

The program is off to a reasonable start 
but we would very much like to hear from 
more of you to realize a real savings.

If you like the idea, please send your name 
to the editor (j.fennick@ieee.org) with a 
short note to that effect. We will see that 
you are placed on the distribution list.

Note, the Newsletter is also available, 
along with back issues, on our Web site.

All past subscribers to the electronic 
distribution service still receive the 
regular Newsletter and will continue to 
unless we are notified otherwise.


********************************************( 12 )

Two New Ieee Technical Councils 

The Technical Activities Board has 
approved the formation of two 
technical councils: the IEEE Sensors 
Council and the IEEE Council on 
Superconductivity. The IEEE now has 
36 technical Societies and four 

For more information, call Paula 
Dunne, IEEE Technical Activities, at 


********************************************( 13 )

Educational Activities Launches 
Video-On-Demand Service

IEEE Educational Activities has launched 
Video-On-Demand, a service that brings 
technical video tutorials directly to users' 
desktops through the IEEE Web site.

The tutorials take an in-depth look at 
critical technologies in electrical 
engineering fields such as computer 
engineering, communications, reliability, 
power, signal processing and more. 

To demo the service, visit 
"http://ieee.mediaplatform.com" during 
the introductory free trial period going on 
now through 31 Jan. 2000. 

For more information, contact Alan 
Trembly, IEEE Educational Activities, at: 


********************************************( 14 )

Engineering Education Conference

PISCATAWAY, NJ, 10 November 1999  
The IEEE and United Engineering Fund 
(UEF) invite IEEE members to submit 
papers to an Interdisciplinary Conference 
on Electrical, Electronics, and Computer 
Engineering Education  (ICEECEE) in 
the third Millennium.   The conference 
will take place in Davos, Switzerland 
from 10-15 September 2000. Abstracts 
should be submitted electronically via the 
UEF Web site at www.engfnd.org no 
later than 31 Jan 2000.
The scope of the conference includes 
identification of both foreseeable and 
unforeseen challenges and problems that 
will impact future EE&C Engineering 
Education and proposal of agendas for 
finding solutions to these problems and 
challenges. By addressing all topics, 
ranging from technological to sociological 
through interdisciplinary means, this 
unique conference will assuredly impact 
future Engineering Education.

The conference theme will include topics 
related to the following subjects:

. Setting the expected needs for 
Engineer's knowledge in the future 
workplace  by industry, information 
services, and governmental agency 
. Define and propose future EE&C 
Education requirements
. Develop and propose curriculum for 
the third millennium
. Similarities and differences in EE 
Education between national 
educational systems
. Educational techniques, tools, and 
. Social implications of future 
Engineering Education
. Costs of future Engineering 

Both oral and poster presentations are 
invited. Prospective authors of papers or 
poster presentations related to the topics 
of the conference and institutions 
interested in presenting results of 
activities in related fields are invited to 
submit an abstract. All accepted papers 
will be peer-reviewed for publication in 
the conference proceedings which will be 
distributed to all conference participants.

For more information, call Rosa at
212. 591.7836.

********************************************( 15 )



Funding is available for IEEE 
geographic units in the form of a 
rebate distributed to IEEE Sections 
each year. The following reports are 
the minimum required for Chapters: 
current officer report, reports of two 
(2) technical meetings and, if 
applicable, a financial report.

Reports must be submitted in time for 
the Section to compile all of their 
information and submit the completed 
report to the IEEE Operations Center 
by 22 February 2000. Please contact 
your Section Secretary or Treasurer 
should you have any questions 
regarding the requirements. 

The forms, as well as instructions and 
information can be accessed from the 
Section/Chapter Support web site at 
www.ieee.org/ra/scs. Your timely 
cooperation in submitting these 
reports will be appreciated and will 
result in a larger Section rebate.

successful chapter meetings

Meetings help to achieve the goals of 
education and professional 
advancement basic to all IEEE 
Technical Societies and provide a way 
to manage Chapter business. For 
some pointers on the basic 
components of holding successful 
meetings, go to the Section/Chapter 
Support web page at


Select the link for Resources for 
Officers, then "How to hold a 
Successful Chapter Meeting."

********************************************( 16 )

VMS Web Site


. Announcements
. Meeting Notices
. Chapter Activities
. Special Reports
. Newsletters: Past & Present
. Leadership Wire (Archive)
. Important dates
. PACE information
. An IEEE FAQS list
. Links to Student Branches
. More

********************************************( 17 )


September 16
50th Anniversary
Hotel Roanoke

October 21
Joint Meeting with Industry 
Dr. Jason Lai, Virginia Tech
Topic: "Electric Vehicles and Power Electronics"
Appalachian Electric Power, 

November 18
Partners' Night
Nancy Vorona, Industry Director for Advanced
Materials & Electronics, Virginia Center for
Innovative Technology
"The Electronics Industry in Virginia
 - Plans for the Future"
Clarion Hotel, Roanoke

January 20
Dr. Dennis G. Sweeney
Center for Wireless Telecommunications
Department of Electrical Engineering, VA Tech
"Local Multipoint Distribution Services"
Appalachian Electric Power,

February 17
Bart Cregger, Assistant Dean of Engineering, VCU
"Engineering Education for the 21st Century: 
The Model at VCU"
Appalachian Electric Power,

March 16
Joint Meeting: Industrial 
Ira Jacobs, Virginia Tech
DSL vs. Cable Modems
Telco and CATV Competition for Broadband Wireline 
VMI, Lexington

April 20
Student Project Night
Virginia Tech
May 18
Plant Tour
Cloverdale Station

********************************************( 18 )

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	David Livingston
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VMS Chapter Chairs

Industry Applications
	Dal Y. Ohm
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 Industrial Electronics/Computer/Control Systems
	David Geer
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Microwave Theory & Techniques/Electron Devices
	Tim Gittemeier
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Power Engineering
	Ted Aaron
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	Ira Jacobs
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Program :
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	John Fennick
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