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IEEE  Region  3,  Council  9,  Section  65                  January  1996

[1] January Meeting
[2] Reservations
[3] November  Meeting Report 
[4] Electronic Newsletter
[5] Virginia Council: Consultants Network
[6] Funds Available for Projects
[7] IEEE Aliases for e-mail - Available
[8] Region 3 BBS -try it out
[9] IEEE-USA Fellows
[10] NCEES  Looking for PE Exam writers
[12] What Is? ETI
[13] For your information

January Meeting

Tax  Seminar

Helene  Castellana

Enrolled Agent
H&R Block Eastern Tax Services, Inc.

Quality Inn - Salem
7:00 PM, Thursday
January 18, 1996

The tax seminar will cover current tax issues, tax law changes 
effective for 1995, planning for 1996 and brief information on 
the flat tax issue. Tax issues will include business deductions for 
computers and business travel, as well as personal deductions. A 
question and answer period will follow the presentation.

If anyone has any specific topic they would like covered please 
let us know in early January.*

About the Speaker
Helene has worked for H&R Block for 26 years and is currently 
a Tax Preparer at H&R Block Premier Tax Service in Roanoke, 
VA. Helene has been an Enrolled Agent since 1981 which 
entitles her to represent clients before the Internal Revenue 
Service. Additionally Mrs. Castellane instructs advanced tax 
classes offered by H&R Block. Mrs. Castellana is a graduate of 
the Katherine Gibbs Business school in Rhode Island.

*Contact Anbo Wang at 231-4355
or Deborah Hill at  H&R Block: 362-5320

for the November Meeting

	Thursday, January 18

	Time:	6:30 PM	Social
		7:00 PM	Dinner
		8:00 PM	Program
	Place:	Quality Inn - Salem
		Route 419, east of I-81 at Exit 141
	Cost:	Member or Guest	$ 12.00
		Student			$   4.50

For reservations, please contact one of the following 
representatives before 5 PM on Monday, January 15:

Roanoke:	    Hausila Singh		563-8639

Blacksburg:	    Anbo Wang,		231-4355
		    Wayne Scales		231-5622

Lexington:	    Dick Skutt		464-7236

Radford and Christiansburg:
		   Russell Churchill	731-0655

VMS Section Activities
Meeting Report

At the November meeting Dr. Ave Amith gave a vivid 
presentation on "Semiconductor Injection Lasers and 
Photoemissive Devices".

The talk gave a wide perspective view of semiconductor 
materials, laser principles, operating conditions and the history 
of laser development.  The fabrication and manufacturing of 
surface and edge emitting laser diode devices was described in 
some detail, and a number of generic questions, such as why 
silicon materials cannot be used to fabricate lasers, were 
answered.  The meeting was concluded with an active discussion 
after the talk. 

Electronic Newsletter

A little more than 10 percent of our members now subscribe. If 
you have not yet signed up, you are strongly encouraged to do 

To Subscribe, see instructions in the For Your Information 
section on the last page.


Virginia Council News

A Consultants' Network (CN) is being organized in the Central 
Virginia Section, and the outcome is very encouraging. The 
network organizational structure shall be similar to other IEEE 
entities, and the officers will meet regularly. A major function is 
to have a member directory which contains member resumes, for 
distribution to potential clients. A client referral service can be 
provided to assist clients in finding the engineer who best fits 
their needs. The Central Virginia Section CN will be affiliated 
with the Association of IEEE Consultants' Networks (AICN), 
which enhances the network base.

CV Section:
	Sam Harris (540) 942-1696

	Stu Levy - AICNCC
	(610) 565-9767

	Bill Anderson
	(202) 785-0017

(Note that the VMS has nothing going on in this area. If 
interested, express your feelings to any of the officers or Board 
Members. ...editor)

Project Funding
Funding is available for special projects in Region 3 sections. 
All that is needed is for the section PACE chairman to fill out a 
project plan, and submit it to Region 3 PACE Coordinator. 
(Suggestions are welcome. Contact Wayne Scales or Dan 
Jackson. ...editor)

If anyone has e-mail access, he or she can ask for an alias IEEE 
e-mail address targeted to a local address. It helps the individual 
to keep in touch with IEEE activities, provides a great deal of 
flexibility and a wealth of information. Contact Helen A. 
Shiminsky at h.shiminski@ieee.org, or call 1-800-678-IEEE.

Bulletin Board
Region 3 is the only region that has a bulletin board within the 
IEEE-USA organization. Each section has an allocated space, 
and access is free. This provides the individual the opportunity 
to download and upload job positions, newsletters, or any other 
useful information. In Region 3, call 1-800-555-reg3.



IEEE-USA is seeking applicants for two Congressional 
Fellowships for the 1997 term.  Further information and 
application kits can be obtained by contacting IEEE-USA's 
Chris J. Brantley at (202) 785-0017, ext. 303 (phone); (202) 
785-0835 (fax); or  (e-mail).  
Applications must be postmarked no later than March 31, 1996. 
Fellowship materials are also available via the Internet by 
sending an e-mail request (no subject line or text required) to 
.  An information file will 
be automatically returned to your Internet address.


The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and 
Surveying (NCEES) is looking for volunteers to help write the 
Fundamentals of Engineering (F.E.) Examination and the 
Principles and Practice of Engineering (P.E.) Examination.  All 
Professional Engineers (P.E.s) are eligible.

After contacting the NCEES, prospective volunteers will be sent 
a packet of information, including the item writers' guide, and 
will be informed of future workshops.  If selected to be an item 
writer, the volunteer will receive reimbursement from NCEES 
for all travel, lodging and food expenses for workshops 
attended. In addition, a small honorarium will be paid to item 
writers for each accepted problem.

Interested P.E.s should contact one of the following individuals:

F.E.: Roger Hadley, P.E. (ext. 231) P.E.: Tom King, P.E. 
(ext. 220) National Council of Examiners for Engineering and 
Surveying  280 Seneca Creek Road PO Box 1686 Clemson, 
South Carolina 29633-1686 (803) 654-6824 (Tel) (803) 654-
6033 (fax) E-mail: 74224.1240@compuserve.com

Last summer, NCEES announced changes in the P.E. exam 
designed to make the test more relevant to electrical, electronics 
and computer engineers. IEEE-USA's Licensure and 
Registration Committee endorsed the changes, noting that they 
helped foster the "breadth-and-depth" exam encouraged by 
IEEE-USA since the 1970s.


[IEEE-USA WEB UPDATE is an occasional feature 
highlighting new information and services on IEEE-USA's 
World Wide Web environment.]

EEs interested in developments affecting their intellectual 
property rights have a new resource in IEEE-USA's World Wide 
Web environment.  The IEEE-USA Intellectual Property 
Committee Web site gives an up-to-date overview of the 
committee's work in the fast-changing world of intellectual 
property rights.

In addition to a summary of the committee's activities, the site 
offers seven IEEE-USA intellectual-property position papers, 
descriptions of legislation pending in Congress, Intellectual 
Property Committee key contacts, and links to other relevant 
Web resources.  The site can be accessed through IEEE-USA's 
Home Page at URL:
or directly at URL:




Where to look for a job

The ETI is a help facility available to IEEE members seeking 
employment. If you want to know who hires IEEE members, 
you can get a list of companies that employ technical 
professionals. Your list can be selective by any combinations of 
the search codes: SIC Code, Company Name, Area Code, ZIP 
Code, City, or State. You can also search with requests such as 
all companies with OIL in the name, located in Louisiana.  After 
browsing the returned list you can ask for more information on 
companies you select.  Details include:

	- Company ID:
	- Name:---- Acronym:
	- Street Address, Box Number, etc.: 
	- Telephone:	- Fax:
	- SIC Codes, Services/description of business:
	- Total Employees:---- Scientist employees:		
	       	     ---- Technical employees:
	- Last FY Revenue:
 	- Point of contact: ---- Name, title, phone,
			      ---- fax, e-mail:

Members wishing to query the database must, currently, be a 
member of Region 3 and must first register by sending e-mail 
The message must be in the format shown below. All lines must 
be included, the data entry portion of irrelevant ones is simply 
not filled in.  Turn around time depends primarily on the ease 
with which your member status can be verified. Problems with 
the IEEE membership records may affect this. If authentication 
can be handled by the software, you should receive a reply in a 
reasonable time. If not, then manual intervention is necessary 
and my experience was that that process is not smooth. At least 
you should receive an acknowledgment. If all else fails, a last 
ditch call for help can be sent to Jim Howard at: 
The usual response will be a detailed list of instructions, 
services, and contacts. This reply is very well done.

The format for registration is:

	NAMELINE: Member# lastname,first,I.
	ADDRESS1: number street
	ADDRESS2: city, state zip
	SECTNAME: Virginia Mountain
	HOMENMBR: 703-555-1212
	EMAILADR: a.name@ieee.org

The member number above should include your member codes:, 
m, sm, lm, etc.
State should use the standard two letter abbreviation.
The e-mail address does not have to be an IEEE alias.
Once you are registered, request turn around time is excellent.

Student access to the data base should be available by the time 
this goes to press. Your Student Chapter should be receiving 
information. If your Chapter hasn't heard, contact Jim Howard 
at the address given above.

For Your Information

Change of Address
Submit to:              IEEE Service Center
                445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331
                Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331
                Telephone:   800-678-IEEE
                e-mail: address.change@ieee.org
         (Changes are forwarded to the Newsletter)

Newsletter Submissions:
Deadline: March issue,Wednesday,  February 28, 1996

Submit To:
        Editor:   (See bottom of page)
        Alternate:  Wayne Scales
         e-mail: wayne@starchild.ee.vt.edu.

E-MAIL Newsletter subscription
Send the one-line message:
        SUBSCRIBE IEEEVMS your-name
        (e.g.:  SUBSCRIBE IEEEVMS Jane Doe)
to:     listserv@VTVM1.cc.vt.edu
Do not include an automatic signature.

IEEE Virginia Mountain Section

Chairman:       Wayne Scales            231-5622
Vice Chairman:  Anbo Wang               231-4355
Sec./Treasurer: David Livingston                857-6936
Executive Committee:
                David Geer              387-7359
                Ira Jacobs              231-5620
                Daniel W. Jackson               774-0484
                Bill Mitchell           563-3939

Virginia Council
Representative: vacant

Industrial Application Chapter
Chairman:               Walter Hill             387-8619

Microwave Theory & Techniques/Electron Devices/PE Chapter
Chairman:       Hausila Singh           563-8639

Industrial Electronics/Computer/Control Systems Chapter
Chairman:       David Geer              387-7359

Newsletter Editor:      John Fennick            552-0052

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