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IEEE Region 3, Council 9, Section 6    
January, 1999

January Meeting				1
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VMS Activities				
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1999 Student Competition		7
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*****************************************( 1 )
January Meeting 
Intersociety Joint Meeting
IEEE Virginia Mountain Section
ASHRAE Shenandoah Section

	Rapid Prototyping

	Dr. Jan Helge B°hn

Director of the Rapid Prototyping 
Laboratory at Virginia Tech.

Virginia Military Institute
Moody Alumni Hall

Abstract:  New manufacturing 
technologies have emerged over the past 
decade which allow automated 
fabrication directly from 3D solid 
computer models.  These systems are 
used to provide quick physical 
prototypes of products, tools, and 
volumetric data.  Within hours an 
engineer can now touch and feel a 
design and can often perform limited 
functional tests.  

In the future engineers will have 
available injection molding tool 
fabrication within days, injection-
molded-quality part production without 
the use of tools, continuously varying 
chemical and mechanical properties 
throughout a part, computer control of 
fiber orientation in composites, and 

imbedding of various components (e.g., 
sensors, actuators, IC devices, wiring) 
during fabrication.

About the speaker
Dr. Jan Helge B°hn is member of 
Mechanical Engineering faculty and 
Director of the Rapid Prototyping 
Laboratory at Virginia Tech.  His 
primary research activities are in the 
area of high-performance fabrication 
using fused deposition modeling (FDM) 
systems.  Current projects include the 
development of software for fabricating 
20-40 times faster with existing FDM 
systems, fiber composites and soft 
elastomers for FDM, new FDM type 
systems, and rapid tooling applications.  

At Virginia Tech, Dr. B°hn teaches a 
course entitled Introduction to Rapid 
Prototyping.  This senior technical 
elective is approved for graduate credit 
and is the first university course offered 
anywhere which is dedicated to the 
topic of rapid prototyping.

*****************************************( 2 )
Reservations for the January Meeting
Thursday, January 21, 1999

Social hour 	6:30-7:00 p.m.
Dinner       	7:00-8:00 p.m.
Lecture 	8:00-9:00 p.m.

Members:	$13.00
Students:	$6.00
Non-Members:	$15.00

Please make reservations by 
Monday, Jan. 18,  5:00 P.M.

David Livingston		(540) 857-6261
Ira Jacobs			(540) 231-5620
Ed Wheeler 			(540) 464-7548
Radford and Christiansburg:
Russell Churchill		(540) 731-0655

*****************************************( 3 )
From I-81 North from Roanoke, take 
64 East about 1 mile. Exit onto Rt. 11, 
proceed South toward Lexington. The 
Maury River Bridge is about 1 mile, 
just after the 3rd traffic light. After the 
Maury River Bridge, take a soft left 
onto N. Main Street into Lexington. 
VMI and Washington & Lee campuses 
are on your right. Follow the sign on the 
right onto the VMI campus just after 
the Y intersection about 1/2 mile on N. 
Main. The meeting will be held in 
Moody Alumni Hall--across the street 
from the southwest corner of the parade 

*****************************************( 4 )
VMS Activities

Meeting Report
Our annual spouses night was 
celebrated at the November VMS 
meeting. We took this opportunity to 
formally honor a longtime section 
leader, Dan Jackson, with the 
presentation of a plaque recognizing his 
continuing efforts and quiet leadership 
in our organization.

Dan's devotion to, and work for IEEE, 
has left its enviable mark at many 
levels. Some appreciation of that is 
gained simply by looking at his record. 
Nationally, he is on the IEEE 
Educational Activities Board as Chair 
of the Professional Development 
Committee, he also chairs the United 
States Activities Awards and 
Recognition Committee. He has been 
Chair of the EAB Continuing Education 
Committee and the IEEE-USA Ad Hoc 
Coordinating Committee for National 
Engineers Week 1993. For the Region, 
he served as Director during 1990-91 
and has also been the Regional Vice 
Chair. At the state level he has worked 
as the Virginia Council Chair and Vice 
Chair. Locally, Dan has been the VMS 
Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary-Treasurer, 
and Newsletter Editor, and of course, 
we are all aware of his depth of 
knowledge of IEEE lore and how all 
heads turn toward him whenever the 
right answer is needed.

To occupy some of his spare time, Dan 
participates in Regional work in 
connection with nominations for 
regional officers and for various awards 
in Virginia, Region 3, and Educational 

This year's speaker, John O. Marsh Jr., 
spoke on a particularly vital topicŚ
ethics. John Marsh is a former 
Secretary of the United States Army, a 
former United States Congressional 
Representative from Virginia, and a 
member of President Gerald Ford's 

The title of his talk was "Ethical 
Considerations: New Requirements 
and Recent Trends." He began by 
stating that, in any type of social 
structure, ethical considerations play a 
central role. He referenced classical 
thinkers such as Aristotle and Epicurus 
and sketched the history of ethics 
through the present day. He challenged 
the audience to consider several issues 
in today's world. He outlined the 
famous "Ford Pinto" case where Ford 
elected to place the car's gas tank 
behind the rear axle even though their 
engineers knew that fatalities would 
likely result. In a landmark ruling, the 
court found that, even though Ford did 
not break any statue, there was a higher 
law, a higher ethical law, to which 
all participants of our society must 
account. Another modern issue that was 
discussed is the behavior of 
multinational corporations. What 
principles or rules should guide their 
behavior? Should their behavior be 
different in different cultures? There is 
no consensus on all these issues, but we 
as a society need to continue public 
discussion of these matters. And, as 
engineers and scientists, we have a role 
in helping provide for an informed 
public debate of these issues, ones that 
increasingly have a technical 

... Ed Wheeler

*****************************************( 5 )
EXCOMM Meeting

There will be a meeting of the 
Executive Committee one hour before 
the regular meeting at VMI.

*****************************************( 6 )
New VMS Members 

- Welcome -

According to our latest updates, 15 
IEEE members have recently joined the 
roster of the Virginia Mountain Section. 
All have received welcome letters from 
Dave Livingston describing VMS 
activities. We hope to see and meet all 
of you at future meetings and join Dave 
in extending greetings to:

Ed Aduddell, Blacksburg

James M. Baker, Blacksburg

Steven D. Balentine, Wytheville

Michael A. Benson, Christiansburg

Dusan Borojevic, Blacksburg

Jeremy A. Crossen, Blacksburg

Joseph T. Do, Blacksburg

Dennis R. Goetz, Blacksburg

Mark Haney, Blacksburg

Kenneth Johnson, Salem

Wesley W. Jones, Salem

Anjali Mishra, Blacksburg

Mark A. Morton, Blacksburg

Mohammed K. Saleh, Roanoke

Christopher M. Sansone, Blacksburg

... editor

*****************************************( 7 )
1999 Student Paper Competition

Early word from our University 
representatives indicate an excellent 
response to date.

It is not too late to sign up. An 
application form is available from Dr. 
John Bay or by download from our 
Web site:


Keep In Touch

*****************************************( 8 )
Meeting Report

IEEE Computer/Control/IES Chapter 
Joint with Industry Application Society 
November 10, 1998

GE Mark VI Turbine Control Phil 
Roark, Sr. Engineer GE Industrial 

Phil Roark provided a broad overview 
of the Mark VI control system used on 
GE gas and steam turbines, then 
demonstrated the features of the new 
system using the first production 
prototype. The new control retains the 
triple redundant architecture of its 
predecessors, while adding new features 
and improved packaging design.

Phil briefly traced the history of GE's 
turbine controls, which he has been a 
part of since the Mark I days. Mark I 
was the first electronic control for 
turbines, using relay sequencing and 
analog control loops. Earlier turbines 
used mechanical and hydraulic controls. 
Mark II was the first to use micro-
computer technology: one 5 MHz 8080 
processor in the temperature control 
system. Mark III was a hybrid 
analog/digital system. Several 
prototypes were built, but no production 
units. Mark IV was the first fully digital 
control, using 8086 processors in its 
triple redundant controllers, sensors, 
and actuators. The redundant design 
provided an increase in reliability of 
more than ten to one over Mark I, as 
measured in mean time between forced 
outages by EPRI tests.

The new Mark VI uses a 133 MHz 
Pentium in each of its three controllers. 
Adding up the processors used for 
operator interface, communication, and 
input/output yields a total well over 

The most obvious feature of the new 
control is the spacious cabinets. Earlier 
versions were packaged in much more 
compact enclosures, limiting access to 
circuit cards for trouble-shooting and 
repair. The new VME card racks 
provide much more flexibility.

Other new features include Ethernet 
based networks, floating point 
calculations to simplify configuration 
and tuning, and GE's CIMPLICITY 
graphical user interface. 

Mark VI uses networks on three levels: 
between the I/O modules and the 
redundant controllers within each unit; 
between the unit controls and other GE 
controls, such as generator and boiler 
controls, and between GE and external 
controls provided by other vendors.

The first Mark VI entered service in 
October 1997, running a steam turbine 
at the GE Lynn River Works in 
Massachusetts. The second unit was 
commissioned in March 1998, running 
an MS5001 gas turbine, and the third 
began running the first H class gas 
turbine in May of this year.

Overall, the new Mark VI control 
system for gas and steam turbines 
provides a new platform for proven 
control and protection algorithms, while 
supporting expansion to include future 

Meeting details may not always be 
available when the Newsletter goes to 
press. Check our Web Site at


and follow the guides to Chapter 

Guests are Welcome at our meetings. 
You do not have to be an IEEE member 
to attend. Social hour begins at 5:00. 
Coffee and soft drinks will be available. 
The presentation will begin promptly at 
5:30. There is no charge. 

RESERVATIONS are appreciated! 
Call Dave Geer, 540-387-7359 or email 
d.geer@ieee.org by 5 PM on the 
Monday preceding the meeting.

*****************************************( 9 )

The Electronic Exposition and 
Conference will Take place April 13 -
15,1999 at the Gwinnett Civic and 
Cultural Center in Duluth, Georgia.

Southcon«/99 will return to Atlanta in 
a new location Northeast of Atlanta. 
With the cooperation of the ERA Dixie 
Chapter and the Atlanta Section of 
IEEE and the Southcon Board. The 
decision to locate the show in Duluth 
was based on the large number of 
electronic oriented industrials in the 
area. Engineers and buyers at these 
firms will have access to displays of the 
most up to date OEM products, tools 
and ideas. Plan now to exhibit or to 
attend. The number of booths is limited.

The Surface Mount Technologies 
Association Atlanta Chapter will 
Collocate its SMTA 1999 Expo with 
Southcon on Thursday April 15, at the 
Gwinnett Civic and Cultural Center. 
SMTA was organized in 1996 to serve 
suppliers and users of surface mount 

Southcon, which has traditionally been 
component oriented, and SMTA, which 
is Surface Mount Technology 
equipment, material and supply 
oriented, are two facets of the same 
manufacturing industry, reflecting the 
trend towards smaller, lighter products. 
In 1999, Southcon and SMTA hope to 
capitalize on the synergy between the 
two organizations by joining together 
for one day in the Gwinnett Center as 
Southcon returns to Atlanta.

The proximity of the Gwinnett 
Convention Center allows local industry 
to turn out in force for the opportunity 
to see the latest in equipment, materials 
and supplies under one roof.

For More Information

Write to: Southcon 8110 Airport Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone 1-800-877-2668 Fax 310-641-
5117 E-Mail southcon C ieee.org

Win a LAPTOP at Southcon«l999 Win 
one of three laptops to be given away at 
Southcon«/99. Each day of the show a 
laptop will be given to a registrant 
actually attending, in a random 

... editor

*****************************************( 10 )

 23 Dec. 1998 Vol. III, No. 23

At its 15 November 1998 meeting, the 
IEEE Board of Directors accepted the 
results of the IEEE Tellers Committee, 
which included the votes necessary to 
change the percentage requirements for 
amendments to be made to the IEEE 
Constitution. The IEEE Constitution, as 
revised on 15 December 1998, is now 
available on the web. The url address is 

*****************************************( 11 )

The total IEEE membership for 
November month-end was 328,376, an 
increase of 14,908 (or 4.8%) over 
November 1997. That is an increased 
growth rate more than double the 1997 
annual rate of IEEE membership 
growth of 2.3 %. The 1998 year-end 
membership goal of 330,000, adopted 
earlier this year by the IEEE 
Membership Development Committee, 
has been exceeded. Society membership 
growth for November was up 23,173, 
or 6.4% over November 1997 for a 
total of 384,641 Society memberships.

IEEE	Membership

	 Grade	Student	Total
Nov. 98	280,214	48,162	328,376
Nov. 97	269,723	43,745	313,468
Change	+3.9%	+10.1%	+4.76%

*****************************************( 12 )
The IEEE recently entered into 
cooperation agreements with the 
following: - Verband der Elektrotechnik 
Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V. 
(VDE) - The Institution of Engineers, 
Australia (IEAust) - The Institution of 
Electronics and Telecommunications 
Engineers (India)(IETE) All of these 
agreements are in effect until 31 
December 2001. These agreements are 
"To encourage the exchange and 
dissemination of technical information, 
and to promote understanding and 
cooperation between members..." of that 
organization and the IEEE. The 
agreement outlines specific matters of 
cooperation, including: visiting member 
procedures, joint activities, coordination 
of technical meetings, publications 
exchange, and membership. The 
agreement with IETE also includes 
cooperation in the area of standards 
information. The agreement with 
IEAust includes cooperation in the 
areas of standards information, 
students, and joint service delivery.

For additional information Contact 
Lynanne Hunt - IEEE Corporate 
Activities - telephone 732-562-6898; 
fax 732-981-9515; 

IEEE agreements may be formed 
between an international or national 
organization and either the IEEE or an 
IEEE society. Agreements may discuss 
publications, conferences, membership, 
educational ventures, standards 
activities or a variety of other activities. 
All agreements should include terms 
and conditions for all financial 
arrangements, length of the agreement, 
terms to terminate the agreement, and 
dispute resolution procedures. In all 
negotiations, special care must be taken. 
Entities entering into agreements are 
encouraged to review items with staff to 
identify difficulties in processing, 
intellectual property ownership, 
copyright issues, interrelationships with 
other active agreements, and costs. 
Final copies of all agreements should be 
sent to staff, who will file and distribute 
to Regional Directors and Section 

For additional information on Society 
Sister Agreements, Contact Mary 
Ward-Callan - IEEE Technical 
Activities - tel. 732-562-3850; fax 732-
981-1769; "MailTo:m.ward-

*****************************************( 13 )

The IEEE, its members, and its 
products and services are mentioned 
frequently in journalists' reports on 
technology and the engineering 
profession. Here are just a few recent 

*****************************************( 14 )
Dec. 1998 -- GRADUATING 
CAREERS -- A story describing the 
difficulties involved in attending 
graduate school while trying to maintain 
a full-time job, includes an interview 
with John Reinart, president of IEEE-
USA. Reinart described working for 
Motorola while earning his master's and 
doctorate degrees. He emphasized time 
management principles and the 
importance of corporate and university 
support of further education.

*****************************************( 15 )
HANDLING -- An announcement of 
Jerome Swartz as recipient of the IEEE 
Ernst Weber Engineering Leadership 
Recognition award describes the 
Symbol CEO and his contributions to 
the engineering fields. This article also 
appeared in the 26 Oct. edition of 
as previously reported, the 12 Oct. 
edition of ELECTRONIC NEWS. 

*****************************************( 16 )
The IEEE Leadership Wire is 
distributed by e-mail on the 2nd and 4th 
Fridays of each month. We post it to the 
VMS Web Page. If articles of this 
nature are of interest, you may view 
many of them at that location. 
Currently, most issues since January of 
1997 are available.

... editor

*****************************************( 17 )
Items on the VMS Web Page

Some of your current Web page 
features should be of interest to you. 

Take a look. 
Student Contest Application

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12. IEEE USA Newsletters
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14. Meet the Officers
15. Student Branches within VMS
And More

Anything else you would like there? 
Drop me a note.

*****************************************( 18 )

January 21,1999 
Joint meeting with the American Society 
of Heating, Refrigerating and Air 
Moody Hall
Virginia Military Institute
Jan Helge B°hn
mechanical engineering, Virginia Tech
Rapid Prototyping

February 18,1999 
Joint meeting with our Industrial 
Applications Chapter
Donaldson Brown Hotel
Virginia Tech

March 18,1999 
Joint meeting with our Power 
Engineering Chapter
IEEE Distinguished Lecturer

April 15,1999
Hancock Atrium
Virginia Tech
Student project night

May 20,1999
Litton Poly-Scientific
Plant trip

EXCOMM meetings will be held preceding the meetings in  January, February and March

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