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IEEE Region 3, Council 09, Section 65  July, 1999

Special Issue


1. Announcing our 50th Anniversary Celebration
2. Spring Election Results
3. IEEE-USA E-Mail Updates Available

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Golden Anniversary

Hotel Roanoke
September 16, 1999

Reserve September 16, 1999 from 6 to 10pm for a special occasion. The Virginia 
Mountain Section is starting its 50th year with a celebration meeting at the Hotel 
Roanoke and Conference Center. In honor of this once in a lifetime event IEEE 
President Ken Laker and IEEE-USA President Paul Kostek will  be our distinguished 
speakers. Each of them will tell us where they believe IEEE and IEEE-USA is headed.
There are many interesting activities going on which may affect the organization of 
the Institute and its public image. This is your opportunity to meet and talk with your 

In addition, our Region 3 Director Dale Caston will be presenting a 50th anniversary 
banner to the Section. Few sections have reached this milestone. Be part of the 
celebration. Bring your spouse with you as this will be a social occasion as well. And 
the good news: cost is expected to be only $15.00 to $20.00 for members and $7.00 
to $10.00 for students.

Additional details will be in the September Newsletter.


HAPPY 50th!

************************************************************( 2 )
Election Results

Over 50 ballots were returned for the 1999 VMS election. We believe this is a recent 
year record, another positive sign of the greater interest as reflected in meeting 
attendance over the past few years. This in turn must reflect the hard work of the 
Program Chairs. A great big thanks.

The voters elected

     Ed Wheeler - Chair
    Dave Kingma - Vice Chair
    Howard Moses - Secretary, Treasurer

Executive Committee Members at Large:
    John Bay
    Russell Churchill
    John Fennick
    Ira Jacobs

Chapter Chairs:
   Dave Geer - Industrial Electronics/Computer/Control Systems (IE/C/CS)

Dave was the only candidate, out of four openings, for a chapter chair position. However, 
the following people received write-in votes. Dave Livingston contacted them and they 
agreed to serve. The remaining three chapters will be headed up by:
    Dal Ohm - Industry Applications (IA)
    Tim Gittemeier - Microwave Theory & 
Techniques/Electron Devices (MTTT/ED)
    Ted Aaron - Power Engineering (PE)

Shortly after the election, Ed Wheeler announced that he was accepting a position at 
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and so would be moving out of the Region by the 
end of summer. We will certainly miss Ed's enthusiastic support of the VMS but wish him 
the very best in his new undertakings and extend our sincere thanks for his contributions 
to the VMS during his relatively short tenure here.

Dan Jackson volunteered his services as and, at a special meeting in June, the ExComm
appointed him to serve as Section Chair for the coming season.

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