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IEEE Region 3, Council 9, 
Section 6    March 1998

1. March Meeting
2. Reservations for the March Meeting
3. VMS Activities
	February meeting
	Student Paper Contest
4. Region 3 Newsletter
	Excerpts of Interest
	Sections 5 thru 9
5. Dick Riddle (message)
6. Perry Wheless
7. Andy Hargrove
8. Remaining VMS Meeting Schedule for the 1997-1998 Year
9. Computer/Control/IES Chapter
10. Chapter Chairmen (NOTE)
11. IEEE Virginia Mountain Section (FYI)

*********************************************( 1 )
March Meeting


Dr. Richard O. Claus

Worcester Professor of 
Director of the Fiber & 
Electro-Optics Research 

Dr. Claus will discuss the Fiber and 
Electro-optics Research Center 
(FEORC) at Virginia Tech. He will 
outline programs currently in progress 
at FEORC and will discuss personnel, 
equipment and facilities available at 
Virginia Tech that make the institution 
the leading fiber optics research and 
education center in the United States. 
He will illustrate the type of work 
being conducted at FEORC by 
describing a process for electrostatic 
self-assembly of electro-optic devices. 
Dr. Claus' presentation will be of 
interest to the non-specialist as well as 
providing an insight into new 
technology for those already familiar 
with fiber optic processes and devices.

About the Speaker
Dr. Richard O. Claus is the Worcester 
Professor of Engineering and Director 
of the Fiber & Electro-Optics Research 
Center at Virginia Tech, where he has 
worked since 1977. He currently holds 
a joint faculty appointment in both the 
Bradley Department of Electrical 
Engineering, and the Department of 
Materials Science and Engineering. He 
has participated in more than 375 
separate externally funded research 
programs and has co-authored more 
than 600 journal and conference 
papers. A member of IEEE for 25 
years, he served as an officer of the 
Virginia Mountain Section in the early 
1980s, and as a member of IEEE 
Region 3 and Institute Committees.

*********************************************( 2 )

Reservations for the March 

Date:	Thursday, March 19, 1998
Social: 		6:30 PM
Dinner: 		7:00 PM
Talk:		8:00 - 9:00 PM
Place:	Donaldson Brown Hotel
	VA Tech
Cost:	Member or Guest	$12.00
	Student	$4.00

Please make reservations by 
March 16,  5:00 P.M.

David Livingston	(540) 857-6261
Ira Jacobs	(540) 231-5620
Ed Wheeler 	(540) 464-7548
Radford and 
Usha Varshney		(540) 731-0655

*********************************************( 3 )
VMS Activities

The VMS annual Student Paper Contest 
at the February Meeting was outstanding.
Members and visitors were treated to three
excellent presentations on topics of current interest.

First prize of $100.00 went to Mr. 
Wen-lung Hsu of VMI for his 
informative discussion of the pros and 
cons of advanced radar to techniques as 
a method to improve air safety.

Ronald Pawlikowski, Jr., a senior at 
Virginia Tech, captured the second 
place award of $50.00 with his analysis 
of the gain log-periodic dipole antennas.

Farzad Valad & Peter Vasquez, also of 
Virginia Tech, shared the third award 
of $25.00 for an informative and 
exceptionally well presented paper on 
TraceCad human-computer interactive 

*********************************************(4 )
Region 3 Newsletter

The winter 1998 edition of the Region 
3 Newsletter contained much (more 
than usual) information likely to be of 
interest to the membership. Following 
are a number of excerpts:


*********************************************( 5 )
Dick Riddle
As Region 3 begins its 35th year of 
operation with new officers and 
committee chairs one of the first items 
of business is the adoption of goals and 
objectives to guide our activities over 
the next two years and to serve as our 
score card at the end of 1999. My 
assigned objective is to "develop strong 
Vice Chairs for each Regional 
Committee to facilitate continuity of 
Region leadership through a systematic 
succession program." My first action in 
attempting to achieve this objective is 
to work with each Regional Committee 
Chair in identifying and appointing 
Vice Chairs who will make strong and 
effective Regional Committee Chairs. 
In the meantime, I am requesting the 
membership to send me the name and 
e-mail address of members who have 
exhibited leadership potential and that 
you feel would be willing to serve on 
one the committees as a member or 
Vice Chair.

[Some of the Region committees: 
  Awards & Recognition 
  Educational Activities
  Membership Development 
  Nominations & Appointments
  Professional Activities 
  Public Information
  Strategic Planning
  Student Activities

Contact Dick Riddle at

*********************************************( 6 )
Perry Wheless

As incoming Chair of the Educational 
Activities Committee (EAC), I am 
optimistic that we will be able to 
achieve a significant service level 
increase, on multiple fronts, with EAC 
during 1998. Our top-priority 
immediate task is to appoint a 
sufficient number of representatives 
and volunteers to enable an expansion 
of EAC activity. After the committee's 
size is increased and a more formal 
committee structure is in place, EAC 
will endeavor to move quickly to 
determine the new nature and scope of 
its mission, in accord with both its 
charter and the recent committee 
review report, and then proceed to 
implement new EAC activities. IEEE 
Region 3 needs and expectations are 
dynamic. EAC recognizes that this is a 
period of change with regard to its 
"customers" and their service 
requirements, and we view this as an 
opportunity for Region 3 to again 
demonstrate the leadership and 
progressive spirit for which it is well 
known throughout IEEE.

EAC has a lending library of audio and 
videotape materials available for 
checkout. I can provide a list of 
available items by e-mail on request, 
and the list hopefully will be readily 
available via the Web in the near 
future. EAB materials and information 
are also available through the Region 3 
EAC. I plan to have some handout 
materials sent directly from IEEE 
Headquarters to SoutheastCon '98, so 
that Area/Council chairs will be able to 
return from the Region 3 EXCOM 
meeting in Orlando with useful 
information for their sections and 

[note: The list, with more than 50 entries, has been posted at http://sandbox.ieee.org/r3/eac/lending-library.html.  Some categories are: 
If you do not have WEB access, we can e-mail or FAX a copy to you. 
. ...editor]

3 Goals and Objectives for 1998 
include the following: Encourage every 
Section to hold at least one educational 
seminar/program annually outside 
regular Section or Chapter meetings. 
EAC is serious about successfully 
achieving this objective, and Sections 
should start thinking now about what 
they would "like" to do along this line. 
What may constitute an "educational 
program" is rather broad and it 
certainly depends on local requirements 
and priorities. You will be hearing 
more about this particular initiative 

If you are especially inclined and 
motivated to work with EAC, please 
contact me at your earliest convenience 
opportunities for volunteers are now 
available! Finally, keep in mind that 
EAC contributions to the Region 3 
Newsletter should serve as an effective 
means for publicizing educational 
materials and opportunities to all 
Region 3 members, and you should feel 
free to contribute both relevant ideas 
and factual material for inclusion in 
this regular forum. Thank you for your 
interest and participation! 

*********************************************( 7 )
Andy Hargrove

Since northern Virginia is Region 2 and 
since IEEE in all of Virginia needs to 
work with the state government, the 
Virginia Coordinating Council (VCC), 
which includes the Virginia Council 
and the northern Virginia part of 
Region 2, was formed. Jim Strother 
chairs VCC. 

VCC representatives met with the 
Virginia Mathematics and Science 
Coalition (VMSC) in Charlottesville in 
September and will also attend the 
VMSC meeting in Richmond in 
January. VCC plans to form regional 

and local alliances for science, math 
and technology education. A letter is to 
be sent to the each member of the 
Virginia Assembly soon after they 
convene in January, The letter along 
with a copy of the IEEE-USA IO5th 
Congress Legislature agenda includes a 
statement about IEEE interest in 
various programs as they apply to 
Virginia. The most important topics are 
education and the workforce.

"Mentor by Modem," a program to pair 
mentors with fifth grade students, is in 
full swing the Richmond area. A. 
Hamzey is working with the school 
system superintendent, principal, 
teachers and computer specialists. 
Training sessions were at Virginia 
Commonwealth University

*********************************************( 8 )

Remaining VMS Meeting Schedule for the 1997-1998 Year
Date               Speaker            Topic            Place

April 16, 1998
IEEE Distinguished 
Lecturer: Ronald W. 
Applications of 
Lasers in Medicine: 

Donaldson Brown 
Hotel Blacksburg

May 21, 1998
Industrial Field 
Steel Production
Roanoke Electric 
Roanoke, VA

Executive Committee Meetings:  5:30 p.m. on: March 19, 1998; and April 16, 1998

*********************************************( 9 )


IEEE Computer/Control/
Industrial Electronics Chapter 

1998 Meetings Still in Progress

The process of putting together the 
program for this year has been 
problematical, but we are still hopeful 
and in fact close.

As topics and meeting dates firm up, 
they will be posted on the VMS Home 
page: http://fiddle.ee.vt.edu/ieeevms 
Click on Chapters, then on Industrial 

We are still asking for suggestions for 
speakers and topics for this year, any 
time. A backlog of requests would be 
very nice.

The talks are brief, one hour or less, 
with a half-hour for discussion 
afterwards. They do not have to be new 
or original. If you are developing a 
presentation for a larger audience, here 
is an opportunity to try it out. The 
format is informal.

Chapter meetings are held on the 
second Tuesday of each month, from 
5:00 to 7:00 PM at the GE Main Plant, 
1501 Roanoke Boulevard, Salem, VA. 
Enter the front door, near the flag pole. 
An escort will meet you at the reception 

All IEEE Members and guests are 
welcome. You do not have to be a 
member of the Chapter.

Soft drinks and snacks are available 
from the cafeteria for a nominal fee. 
There is no charge for the meeting. 
Please come and bring a friend!

Dave Geer, Chapter Chair
540 - 387 - 7359 (voice)
540 - 387 - 7631 (FAX)
d.geer@ieee.org (email) 

*********************************************( 10 )
Chapter Chairmen

Places have been reserved in the Home 
Page for any and all kinds of 
information about your Chapter: 
History, function, requirements, 
activities, schedules, flash 
announcements, meetings, speakers ... . 
Send your material to the editor or 
submit it with the auto-mail feature on 
the Web Page:

... editor

*********************************************( 11 )

 IEEE  Virginia  Mountain  Section

Chairman: 		David Livingston
	d.livingston@ieee.org		(540) 857-6261
Vice Chairman: 	Usha Varshney		
Sec./Treasurer: 	Ed Wheeler
	wheeler@vmi.edu 		(540) 464-7548

Lynn Abbott		
	e-mail: abbott@vt.edu		(540) 231-4472
Russell Churchill
	arcova@swva.net			(540) 731-0655
		Ira Jacobs
	ijacobs@vt.edu			(540) 231-5620
		Andy Stevenson
	ac@salem.ge.com		(540) 387-8471
Junior Past Chairman:
		Anbo Wang
	awang@vt.edu			(540) 231-4355
Representative:		vacant
Industry Applications
		Andy Stevenson
stevenson-ac@salem.ge.com		(540 )387-8471 
Industrial Electronics/Computer/Control Systems
		David Geer
	d.geer@ieee.org			(540) 387-7359

Microwave Theory & Techniques/Electron Devices
		Hausila Singh
	hsingh@gtc.itt.com		(540) 563-8639
Power Engineering
		Subhas Sarkar
	vtc@roanoke.infi.net		(540)  345-9892  x-152

Awards :
Membership Development:
		Russell Churchill
	arcova@swva.net 		(540)-731-0655
		Anbo Wang
	awang@vt.edu 			(540) 231-4355
		Lynn Abbott
	abbott@vt.edu 			(540)-231-4472
		Wayne Scales
	wayne@starchild.ee.vt.edu 	(540)-231-5622
PACE :	Dan Jackson
	d.jackson@ieee.org 		(540)-774-0484
Program :	Usha Varshney
Publicity :	John Fennick
	j.fennick@ieee.org		(540) 552-0052
Student Activities:
		Ira Jacobs
	ijacobs@vt.edu 			(540)-231-5620

Editor: 	John Fennick
	j.fennick@ieee.org 		(540) 552-0052
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