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IEEE Region 3, Council 9, Section 6                                       
March, 1999

Special Message from the Chair	(1)
March Meeting			(2)
Please Post			(3)
March meeting -Continue		(4)
February meeting Report		(5)
ExComm Meeting			(6)
New Section Members 		(7)
Computer/Control/IES Report	(8)
New Resume Service		(9)
Speakers Sought			(10)
Southcon '99			(11)
VMS Web Page			(12)
1998-99 VMS Schedule		(13)
Your IEEE Benefits		(14)
Virginia Mountain Section 	(15)

**********************************************************( 1 )
Special Message from the
Election TimeThe time is near to elect new officers and 
committee members for our Virginia Mountain Section. 
We're presently having a great year of section activities 
with interesting presentations and good attendance 
numbers. I'm sure all of us in the VMS would like to see 
this continue and improve.
Next year is the 50th Anniversary of the IEEE Virginia 
Mountain Section, and I hope that we can use this occasion 
to further enhance the presence of IEEE in the valley. We 
plan a 50th Anniversary celebration this coming September, 
and we hope to construct a meeting schedule that is really 
of interest to our members. Make your thoughts known--
what is a meeting topic that would be of interest to you? 
Suggest a speaker for a section meeting. Let's make next 
year a new beginning even as we celebrate our past 
In order for this to happen we need greater participation 
from our membership, particularly in the form of serving as 
an officer or on our executive committee as a member-at-

We soon will be electing a section chairperson, vice 
chairperson, secretary/treasurer
four members-at-large and 
four chapter chairs:

* Industrial Electronics/Computer/ Control Systems
* Industrial Applications
* Microwave Theory and Techniques/Electron Devices
* Power Engineering.

I encourage you to think seriously about getting involved 
by serving in one of the aforementioned positions. The 
effort required is not insignificant nor, however, is it 
burdensome. You'll never be given a difficult task and left 
to go it alone. One of the things I've discovered about the 
VMS is there is plenty of support from its members. You, 
the section, and the profession will all benefit from your 
participation. If you have questions regarding a particular 
position and its duties or, better yet, would like to 
volunteer, please please contact

Dave Livingston
(540) 857-6261

**********************************************************( 2 )
March Meeting

Joint meeting with our Power Engineering Chapter

T. W. Cease
TVA Principal Project Specialist

Optical Current Transducers 

Measurement (sensing) of currents and voltages in power 
systems is required for control and fault detection. Various 
types of optical current transducers (sensors) and the theory 
of operation of each will be discussed. Included will be a 
discussion of how these transducers are being utilized in 
the power industry and their advantages. The question of 
interfacing to a optical transducers and a review of TVA's 
experience with 3 types will be presented.  In addition there 
will be a short discussion of optical voltage transducers. 
About the Speaker
T. W. Cease (SM) received his BSEE from the University 
of Arkansas in 1972.  He joined TVA in 1978 as an 
Instrument Engineer at Bellefonte Nuclear Plant.  
Subsequently, in 1985 he became a Project Engineer in 
Research and Development. 
(Continue below at 4)

**********************************************************( 3 )
Call For Judges

Industry Experts - Practitioners
Help Divvy Up the Money
Knowledge in:
Capacitor Plates / Intelligent Control / Analog Sound 
Electrical Power Consumption / Digital Cameras-Devices / 
Related Fields
Your assistance is needed at the
1999 VMS Student Paper Competition
Offer your opinions, make your judgements to divide
up to $800.00 in prizes.
among the talented, ambitious students participating in this 
year's event:
A  Poster-Session
Hancock Hall Atrium, Virginia Tech. April 15 at 6 P.M. 
Topics Already scheduled:
The Autonomous Tank
Analog Sound Synthesis
Reduction of Electrical Consumption
Digital Camera Scope for a Rifle
The Design and Use of a Capacitor Plate for the Removal 
of Adherent Cells from Culture Petri Dishes
& More Expected

David Livingston	
	d.livingston@ieee.org 		(540) 857-6261
Ed Wheeler 	
	wheeler@vmi.edu 		(540) 464-7548
Andy Stevenson	
	stevenson-ac@salem.ge.com	(540) 387-8471
John Bay		
	bay@vt.edu 			(540) 231-5114
Russell Churchill	
	arcova@swva.net 		(540) 731-0655

Ira Jacobs	
	ijacobs@vt.edu 			(540) 231-5620
David Kingma	
	dkingma@swva.net 		(540) 382-0956
Dave Geer	
	d.geer@ieee.org		 	(540) 387-7359
John Fennick	
	jhfslf@swva.net 		(540) 552-0052

Please Post this announcement on local bulletin boards & 
circulate among your colleagues

**********************************************************( 4 )

March Meeting
(continued from page 1)

 He is presently a Principal Project Specialist in 
Technology Advancements, at TVA in Chattanooga, TN, 
working on several projects that utilize advanced 
technologies for utility transmission systems.

Reservations for the March Meeting
Thursday, March 18, 1999

Place: 	German Club
Virginia Tech Campus
Social hour 		6:30-7:00 p.m.
Dinner       		7:00-8:00 p.m.
Lecture 		8:00-9:00 p.m.
Members:		$13.00
Students:		$6.00
Non-Members:		$15.00

Please make reservations by 
Monday, March 15,  5:00 P.M.
David Livingston		(540) 857-6261
Ira Jacobs			(540) 231-5620
Ed Wheeler 			(540) 464-7548
Radford and Christiansburg:
Russell Churchill		(540) 731-0655

From I-81 Exit 118, follow signs to Blacksburg. At the split 
in 460 at approach to Blacksburg, stay (left) on 460 (To Va. 
Tech) to first traffic light, turn right onto South Gate Drive, 
proceed 1 mile, past Tech Center Drive on right, turn right 
into long driveway (no name). 

**********************************************************( 5 )
VMS Activities

Meeting Report
The Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center on the 
campus of Virginia Tech was the site of February's section 
meeting, held jointly with our Industrial Applications 
Chapter.  The chair of our Industrial Applications Chapter 
is A.C. Stevenson, of General Electric in Salem.
The evening's talk, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) 
inverters was provided by Cy Harbourt, a senior design 
engineer at General Electric Systems in Salem.  During his 
talk, Mr. Harbourt shared his considerable experience 
working with PWM inverter sources with the audience.  He 
discussed some problems that can arise from employing 
PWM sources-specifically, the introduction of voltage and 
current harmonics into a facility's power system.  Such 
harmonics have the potential to adversely affect electronic 
equipment.  Mr. Harbourt discussed General Electric's 
efforts to contain these harmonics via passive filtering.  
Their efforts can be divided into two strategies.  The 
harmonic energy generated by the PWM sources is either 
blocked from entering the power system, or their harmonic 
energy is shunted to ground.  To implement the first 
strategy, Cy and his coworkers employ a passive filter 
offering a high impedance at the harmonic frequencies.  For 
the second strategy, one offering a low impedance to 
ground is employed.   Mr. Harbourt shared General 
Electric's successes-and present challenges-in these efforts 
to reduce noise by sharing data obtained both in the 
laboratory and at industrial sites.   
To close the meeting, David Livingston, section chair, rose 
to thank Cy Harbourt for his talk, and Ed Wheeler, section 
vice-chair, presented him with a certificate of appreciation 
from the IEEE Virginia Mountain Section.  
... Ed Wheeler

**********************************************************( 6 )
EXCOMM Meeting
There will be a meeting of the Executive Committee one 
hour before the regular meeting at the German Club.

**********************************************************( 7 )
New VMS Members
- Welcome -
According to our latest updates, six IEEE members have 
recently joined the roster of the Virginia Mountain Section. 
All have received welcome letters from Dave Livingston 
describing VMS activities. We hope to see and meet all of 
you at future meetings and join Dave in extending greetings 

Donald E. Ayers, Roanoke
R. D. Cooley, Roanoke
Malcolm E. Mason, Blacksburg
C. W. Mcdowell, New River
Ho R. Rhee, Roanoke
Mark E. Shepard, Roanoke

... editor

**********************************************************( 8 )


Speakers and Topics - Any Ideas?

What would you like to hear about at Chapter meetings?   
Here is your chance to express your views on computers, 
control systems, or any phase of industrial electronics.  

Last year's series included talks on Rapid Prototyping 
(which was updated at a Section meeting this year), and a 
new generation of controls for power generation.   Previous 
years' series had papers on mathematical models for cold 
mills, automation systems for the metals industry, a tutorial 
on neural networks, a demonstration of the application of 
fuzzy logic to crane controls, and a discussion of the design 
and application of AC motor drives.  As you can see, the 
range of interest is wide, and the depth of focus varied.

The audience consists of engineers, engineering students 
and professors, usually about a dozen or two.  The talks are 
brief, one hour or less, with a half-hour for discussion 
afterwards.  They do not have to be new or original.  If you 
are developing a presentation for a larger audience, here is 
an opportunity to try it out.  The format is informal.  

Please contact Dave Geer at GE with your suggestions.  

Chapter meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each 
month, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the GE Main Plant, 1501 
Roanoke Boulevard, Salem, VA.  Enter the front door, near 
the flag pole.  An escort will meet you at the reception 

All IEEE Members and guests are welcome.  You do not 
have to be a member of the Chapter.  

Soft drinks and snacks are available from the cafeteria for a 
nominal fee.  There is no charge for the meeting.  Please 
come and bring a friend!

 Dave Geer, Chapter Chair
540 - 387 - 7359 (voice)
540 - 387 - 7631 (FAX)
d.geer@ieee.org (email)

Meeting details may not always be available when the 
Newsletter goes to press. Check our Web Site at


and follow the guides to Chapter activities.

**********************************************************( 9 )


 WASHINGTON, Feb. 10, 1999 - High-tech professionals 
have a new tool for career advancement: the IEEE-USA 
Resume Referral Service. And like its popular cousin, the 
IEEE-USA Job Listing Service 
, the service is free to 
U.S. IEEE members.

IEEE-USA Employment Assistance Committee Chair Gary 
Johnson stated. "With industry claiming a lack of skilled 
high-tech workers, we expect the database to become very 
quickly a hot property for employers seeking access to the 
IEEE's rich talent pool. "

The IEEE-USA Resume Referral Service is administered by 
Resume-Link, the largest publisher and distributor of 
resume databases in the world. IEEE members who enroll 
remain in the database for one year with option to renew. 
Every six months, they will be asked to update their 
information, or, if they choose, to remove their information 
from the database. The confidentiality option allows 
members to exclude specific companies from reviewing 
their information. Companies who are interested in a 
member's resume credentials will contact the member to 
further discuss possible opportunities.

U.S. IEEE members can enroll via the Web at URL 

or by hard-copy form. To request a form, or for more 
information, interested members can contact Resume-Link 
Employers who seek skilled technical professionals should 
contact Resume-Link's Dave Meagher at
 614-923-0600, ext. 329
 for access to the IEEE-USA resume database.

**********************************************************( 10 )


 WASHINGTON, Feb. 18, 1999 -- The IEEE-USA Student 
Professional Awareness Committee is recruiting speakers to 
join the national Student Professional Awareness 
Conference (S-PAC) speakers bureau.

According to Committee Chair Julie Gaevert, "We are 
specifically looking for speakers who can talk to 
engineering students about the pros, cons and how-tos of 
starting a business or becoming a consultant." The 
committee reimburses the travel expenses of S-PAC 

S-PACs are student-planned and executed conferences on 
nontechnical, career-related subjects not usually covered in 
the standard engineering curriculum.

Those interested in sharing their wisdom and experience on 
entrepreneurship topics should contact IEEE-USA's Ann 
Hartfiel at a.hartfiel@ieee.org or 202-785-0017, ext. 341.

**********************************************************( 11 )

Southcon 99, the Southeast's most extensive electronics 
trade event, will take place at the Gwinnett Civic & 
Cultural Center in Duluth, Georgia on April 13, 14 and 15. 
This year, Southcon will co-locate with the Atlanta SMTA 
Expo -- a special one-day SMT exhibition -- on April 15.

Southcon 99 is in a unique position as the largest regional 
OEM technology event serving multiple high-tech industry 
sectors in the southeastern U.S. It is a convenient, all-
inclusive component technology resource for engineers 
involved in design, R&D, test, QC/QA, manufacturing and 
purchasing for the region's communications, computer, 
electronics and aerospace industries.

Here is a quick overview of some of the informative 
industry events and technical conference programs planned 
for Southcon 99:

On the manufacturing side, Southcon 99 offers half- to full-
day technical courses on SMT troubleshooting, SMT 
methods and evaluation. The series culminates with an 
SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association)-sponsored 
course on "Considerations in Outsourcing SMT to Contract 
Assembly". A separate management track presents current 
information on operations assessment, lean manufacturing, 
quick response manufacturing, as well as courses on 
semiconductor and electronics basics suited for the 
industry's non-engineering professionals.

G. Robert Hawkins, vice president and general manager, 
Solectron, Georgia, will present a free plenary event on 
"Emergence and Benefits of Outsourcing." In his address, 
Mr. Hawkins will provide his expert insights on the future 
growth and capabilities of contract manufacturing.

Southcon's purchasing management conference features a 
select series of three courses sponsored by NAPM 
(National Association of Purchasing Management). 
Purchasing courses examine how to maximize productivity 
and profitability using the Internet in the new millennium, 
understanding legal issues for successful supply 
management, and the art of effective negotiation and 
communication guidelines for long-term business 

Several strong technical courses round off the three-day 
conference program. Topics include Digital Cellular 
Standards, EMC System Engineering, Signal Integrity, 
Designing and Executing Successful Industrial 
Experiments, Analog Electronics Design, plus a two part 
workshop series explores microcontroller tools and 

General Information

Southcon's Web site -
 - provides up-to-date conference details, as well as 
complete on-line registration services. The pre-registration 
deadline for all courses and workshops is March 26.

Multiple-day admission to the show floor is free of charge 
for pre-registrants and $10 for at-show registrants. On 
April 15, the Atlanta SMTA Expo will co-locate with 
Southcon/99 and all registrants will receive two-way access 
between the Southcon and SMTA show floors.

**********************************************************( 12 )
Your VMS Web Page

Some of your current Web page features should be of 
interest to you. 

Take a look. 
Items Include:
1.  Meeting and General Announcements
2. VMS Chapter Meetings and Announcements
3. Past VMS Newsletters
4. PACE Info, Announcements, and Policies
5. IEEE USA Leadership Wire (IEEE USA periodical)
6. Links to IEEE Hdq, USA, Services, 
7. What Is? (Descriptions of IEEE, Region and Section 
8. Special Interest Items
9. Misc. reports and other items.
10. IEEE USA Newsletters
11. VMS Calendar Highlights
12. Meet the Officers
13. And Much More

Anything YOU would like there? Drop me a note.


**********************************************************( 13 )


April 15,1999

Hancock Atrium Virginia Tech

Student project night

May 20,1999

Litton Poly-Scientific

Plant trip

**********************************************************( 14 )
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	Document Delivery Service
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For access information and details on any of these, take 
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Microwave Theory & Techniques/Electron Devices
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