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IEEE  Region  3,  Council  9,  Section  65                     November 1995

[1] November Meeting
[2] Reservations
[3] November  Meeting Report 
[4] Committee  Meeting
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November Meeting



Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Materials Science and 
Engineering, Virginia Tech. President, AMTECH 
Corporation (Roanoke, VA) 

Quality Inn - Salem
7:00 PM, Thursday
November 16, 1995

The presentation will cover semiconductor injection lasers, edge 
emitters as well as surface emitters, and photoemissive cathodes 
used in night-vision goggles.  One of the common attributes of these 
various devices is the fundamental role which group III-V 
semiconductors (Gallium Arsenide, Indium Phosphide and their 
alloys) play in them. Following an historical review, generic 
requirements for lasing will be described, and the manner in which 
III-V semiconductors fulfill these requirements will be explained. It 
will also be shown that the reasons silicon cannot be used as a laser 
are fundamental, whereas the reasons that it is not used in 
photoemissive devices are practical. The discussion of the 
phenomena will be non-mathematical.

About the Speaker
Dr. Amith has a BS in chemistry, and MA and Ph.D. in Physics 
(obtained from Harvard, when the annual tuition there was 
$600.00...).  Dr. Amith was associated with RCA Research 
Laboratories (David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, NJ) for 16 
years, where he worked on transport and optical phenomena in 
semiconductors.  His last project at RCA was the design and 
analysis of the thermoelectric power stations for the Voyager space 
probes. After two years on the faculty of Princeton Univ., he joined 

ITT in Roanoke in 1978 (and retired in 1994).  There he had been 
responsible for developing active components for fiber-optic 
communications, and subsequently technical issues and 
improvements in night-vision devices.

for the November Meeting

	Thursday, November 16

	Time:	6:30 PM	Social
		7:00 PM	Dinner
		8:00 PM	Program
	Place:	Quality Inn - Salem
		Route 419, east of I-81 at Exit 141
	Cost:	Member or Guest	$ 12.00
		Student			$   4.50

For reservations, please contact one of the following representatives 
before 5 PM on Monday, November 13:

Roanoke:	    Hausila Singh		563-8639
Blacksburg:	    Anbo Wang,		231-4355
		    Wayne Scales		231-5622
Lexington:	    Dick Skutt		464-7236
Radford and Christiansburg:
		   Russell Churchill	731-0655

VMS Section Activities
Meeting Report

Our October meeting featured a very informative talk by Dan 
Jackson on Technical Vitality. The talk emphasized the importance 
of practicing engineers staying technically competent in today's 
competitive job market through lifelong learning. Dan's 
presentation included a very well made videotape on the subject 
with strategies the IEEE is undertaking to address this issue. The 
discussion after the talk was quite lively.


Committee Meeting

There will be a meeting of the Executive Committee on Thursday, 
November 16, at 5:30 PM, one hour before the regular Section 
meeting. The agenda includes current budget and the election of a 
Virginia Council representative and a new Board member.


Electronic Newsletter

A little more than 10 percent of our members now subscribe. If you 
have not yet signed up, you are strongly encouraged to do so.

To Subscribe, see instructions in the For Your Information 
section on the last page.


Computer/Control/IES Chapter

No Meeting this Month

IEEE VMS Video Library

Selected tapes from the Video Series can be borrowed for personal 
use. Contact Dave Geer, 703-387-7359 or e-mail to 


Awards And Recognition Committee Organizes Ceremony, 
Solicits '96 Nominations
At the recent PACE awards ceremony, USA Board Chair Joel 
Snyder recognized individuals for outstanding achievement and 
professionalism. Start thinking about those whom you want to 
nominate for awards in 1996. Information and nomination forms are 
available from the IEEE-USA Office.

Survey Committee Produces 1995 Salary Survey
Under Chair Robert S. Duggan, jr., the 1995 IEEE US Membership 
Salary and Fringe Benefit Survey was released on May 15. Each US 
Section can request a complimentary copy, and surveys can be 
purchased by calling (800) 678-IEEE. Data is also available in an 
autoresponse file at info.ieeeusa.salary.survey@ieee.org as well as 
on the Institute's gopher.

Alliance of IEEE Consultants' Networks (AICN) Compiles 
Stu Levy and his AICN Coordinating Committee are organizing 
IEEE- USA's AICN National Directory of Electrotechnology 
Consultants. The Directory will contain more than 300 participating 
consultants and will also be placed on the World Wide Web. 

An AICN Coordinating Committee meeting was held June 2 and a 
National Workshop on June 3 in Los Angeles. Plans are also 
underway for an Oct. 14 workshop in Boston. 

Employment Assistance Committee (EAC) Presents Workshops, 
Plans New Services
My committee is continuing efforts to provide employment 
assistance to all of the Institute's US members. We have expanded 
and enhanced the National Job Listing Service (NJLS), and are 
investigating new electronic job search resources. At the PACE 
Conference, we presented a workshop on Cybersearching For a Job. 
We also conducted NJLS demonstrations and reviewed several 
resume databases available to our members. This summer, EAC 
provided more than 3,000 unemployed members with a list of our 
services and an employment questionnaire. We have received 
significant feedback and will be compiling the results in a report this 
fall. At the same time, the Committee plans to introduce a new 
entry-level job listing service.

State Government Activities Committee (SGAC) Promotes 
Member Awareness, Involvement
SGAC, led by Charles E. Antoniak, continues to encourage member 
awareness of important issues at the state and local level. Besides 
arranging a session on state telecommunications and licensure at the 
PACE Conference, SGAC is organizing a network of state 
coordinators, developing a volunteer handbook on how to influence 
decision-makers on state and local topics, encouraging efforts to 
form state IEEE Legislative Activities Groups and to improve 
coordination of inter-society activities.

Free Resume-Referral Service Now Available
IEEE-USA's Employment Assistance Committee has arranged an 
agreement with Resume-Link Inc., a national resume referral 
service. Our members can place their resumes free-of-charge on this 
national database used by employers to fill job openings. To appear 
in the database, members must submit a resume information form, 
available through Resume-Link at 3960 I Brown Park Drive, PO 
Box 218, Hilliard, Ohio 43026; (614) 529-0429 (phone); and on the 
World Wide Web at http://www.resume-link.com. Resume 
material is posted within 48 hours of receipt. For more information, 
contact Bill Anderson in Washington.

Make a Difference in You Career: Consider 
State and Local Issues

by Chris Brantley, Manager, IEEE-USA Government Activities

State and local laws, ordinances and regulations affect your 
professional career, your personal interests, and even the quality of 
your life, so it pays to get involved.

State Laws Govern Licensure and Registration
Regulation of engineering practice is one of the most obvious issues 
affecting US IEEE members' careers at the state level. State 
legislatures and licensing boards periodically reexamine their 
licensure and registration laws and consider proposals for 
amendments. Some states are also considering adopting mandatory 
continued professional competency and education or development 
requirements as a condition for licensure renewal.

States Spur Economic Development
State and local officials constantly seek ways to attract new business 
and create economic opportunities for their communities. Federal 
and state collaborations have become instrumental in achieving this 
growth. Engineers in various states have played important roles in 
supporting adoption of these programs and participating in their 

States Provide Education and Retraining Programs
On the flip side of the economic coin, communities must cope with 
business relocations, military base closures, and other economic 
dislocations. The engineering profession in particular has suffered 
pockets of high unemployment when large employers have 
downsized or even shut down their operations. You can make a 
difference by working with state and local officials to develop 
effective programs supporting displaced engineers.

Telecommunications and NII Are Also State Concerns
Further, state representatives are concerned about 
telecommunications issues and ways to integrate their states and 
communities into the National Information Infrastructure (NII) using 
information technologies to provide services such as distance 
learning, telemedicine and electronic libraries. You can advocate 
using these technologies by volunteering your technical skills to 
assist local schools, libraries and government agencies.

States Weigh Health Effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields
State regulatory agencies and local zoning councils are being asked 
increasingly to weigh potential health effects from electric and 
magnetic fields on power line sitings, cellular phone transmission 
towers and house wiring code revisions. Engineers can help these 
agencies make prudent decisions based on scientific knowledge.

Learn More About What's Happening in Your State
You can contribute your specialized knowledge to benefit your 
community in many other ways. To learn more about what is 
happening and how you can help: Contact your local Section Chair, 

PACE representative, regional state government activities 
coordinator, or me. I can be reached at: (202)785-0017, ext. 303 
(phone); (202) 785-0835 (fax); or c.brantley@ieee.org (e-mail). In 
addition, the World Wide Web and the Internet provide state and 
local resources. 

The  IEEE  Home  Page

Need information about or from IEEE? If you have a Web browser, 
try the Home Page:


We explored this recently to see if it really works (In our opinion, 
many don't). This one can actually be helpful.

The opener has six major links to things such as:

	Member Services
	IEEE Bookstore
	IEEE's Technical Societies
	IEEE Publications

Under services, one finds ready access to information on Job Listing 
Service, Standards, IEEE Financial Advantage, and more. At the 
bookstore you can browse and order; and, with the Technical 
Societies link  have information, for each participating society, 
about  its publications, committees, workshops, and distinguished 

Other paths from the starter take you to Home Pages for IEEE-
USA, Education Services, and IEEE Standards. Links are also 
provided to an IEEE Quick Guide (to many things), Gopher, 
Women in Engineering, and a Web Guide where you can obtain 
details on the Web, including  the use of the HTML language, 
information on becoming an IEEE author or information about other 
IEEE authors and editors.

At almost every step an "IEEE Mailer" is available to send a pre-
formatted message or inquiry directly to the person or department 
most suited to that particular subject.

For any IEEE questions, give it a try.


For Your Information

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