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IEEE Region 3, Council 9, Section 6       
               November, 1998


  1.  November meeting
	John Marsh: Ethics
  2.  Reservations for the November Meeting
  3.  October Meeting Report
	Awards to Rappaport and Lee
  4.  New Section Members
  5.  1999 Student Competition
	Applications Available
  6.  Computer/Control/IES Chapter
	November Meeting - Phil Roark
  7.  PACE: Technology Council
	Technical Input for Policy Makers
  8.  IEEE Career Workshop
	VMS Supplement to Outplacement Services

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  9.  Reg. 3 Awards - Nominations
10.  Employer Productivity  Award
	Recognizes Employee Professional
11.  Technological Literacy
	Conference on Enhancements
12.  Special Membership Renewals
13.  VMS Web Page - Features	
14.  1998-99 VMS Schedule
15.  Your IEEE Benefits
16.  Virginia Mountain Section

********************************************************************( 1 )
November Meeting

Spouses Night

Hotel Roanoke

Ethical Considerations:  New Requirements and Recent Trends

John O. Marsh, Jr.

Former Secretary of the Army

There are many areas in business and government where ethical 
issues are not resolved. A few of these unresolved issues follow: 
What rules should govern the behavior of multinational 
corporations in the conduct of their global enterprises? Should 
they follow local customs or should other rules apply? What role 
should environmental and quality-of-life issues play in business 
and governmental decision making? How can intellectual 
property be adequately protected? 

There is no general consensus regarding these issues. We do, 
however, need to become engaged. We should recognize that the 
education process associated with public policy is just that, a 
process, and one in which scientist and engineers have an 
important role to play.

About the speaker
John O. Marsh, Jr. is a former Secretary of the Army and a 
former Virginia Representative in the U.S. Congress. He is the 
former Chairman of the Board and interim CEO of Novavax Inc., 
a diversified pharmaceutical company based in Maryland. In 
1990, he was selected by the Virginia Press Association to 
receive its Virginian of the Year Award and was chosen by the 
Association of the United States Army as recipient of its George 
Catlett Marshall Medal for public service. The John O. Marsh, 
Jr. Armory, a Virginia National Guard facility in Woodstock, 
Virginia, was named in Marsh's honor and dedicated in 1996.

John Marsh practices law in Winchester, Virginia.

********************************************************************( 2 )
Reservations for the November Meeting
Date: Thursday, November 19, 1998
Social hour: 	6:30 PM
Dinner:		7:00 PM
Speaker:	8:00 PM
Place:	Hotel Roanoke

Members:	$15.00
Member & Spouse:	$25.00
Students:	$6.00
Non-Members:	$18.00

Please make reservations by 
Monday, Nov. 16,  5:00 P.M.

David Livingston	(540) 857-6261
Ira Jacobs	(540) 231-5620
Ed Wheeler 	(540) 464-7548
Radford and Christiansburg:
Russell Churchill		(540) 731-0655

********************************************************************( 3 )
VMS Activities

Meeting Report
At the October meeting of the IEEE Virginia Mountain Section, 
Theodore Rappaport, a professor in the ECE faculty at Virginia 
Tech, was inducted as an IEEE Fellow. In the IEEE, an IEEE 
Fellow is the highest possible grade of membership and is 
available to only 1/10% of IEEE members each year. One cannot 
apply to be an IEEE Fellow; rather, one's peers nominate you in 
recognition of your contributions to the electrical engineering 
profession. As Ira Jacobs—himself a IEEE Life Fellow—noted as 
he was presenting the certificate, Ted is quite young to be 
elevated to the Fellow grade. This fact underscores his seminal 
and substantial contributions to our profession. Our sincere 
congratulations go to Ted Rappaport.
One of the newest (regular) members of the Section was also 
honored at the

meeting. David Lee, a recent Va. Tech graduate and student 
member for several years, was recognized by the Region 3 Board 
for his initiative in student activities throughout the Region and 
active support of many Region projects. Dave has spent a great 
deal of effort over many long hours working to promote the IEEE 
in colleges and universities in the South East. One of his more 
visible accomplishments was establishment of the first, 
anywhere, Web page for an IEEE Region. We congratulate Dave 
and wish him all the best as he begins his professional career.

Three speakers shared the evening's talk. 

The first speaker, Eric Dean of National Instruments, presented a 
very informative discussion of LabView, a software product of 
National Instruments. Eric used a PC with LabView to 
demonstrate how one can readily program a sophisticated data 
acquisition system using LabView. Eric's talk was informative, 
useful, and quite a crowd pleaser.
The second speaker, Dr. Kami Razvan of Durability Corporation, 
presented an evocative discussion entitled "Data vs Information: 
A New Battleground in Automation." Kami's basic thesis was 
that we are swamped on all sides with enormous quantities of 
data, but that data is not the same as information. Only after data 
is processed and interpreted by some intelligence can it properly 
be called information in any real sense. Kami provided two 
interesting real-life examples involving White Oak 
Semiconductor and WalMart. Via these examples, he showed 
how these two organizations worked to turn data into meaningful 

The third speaker, Dan Sullivan of Computer Resource Team, 
discussed a range of issues including data mining. The topic of 
data mining, particularly, impacts directly upon the data vs 
information issues previously discussed by Kami Razvan. Dan 
discussed data mining and presented one example illustrating 
how meaningful relationships and correlations might be mined. 
He listed examples of commercially available data mining 
software, including packages from Oracle.
This "tag-team" of speakers provided a very informative and 
enjoyable program which was well received by the audience—I 
certainly know my students are now asking when VMI can 
purchase LabView for our electrical engineering labs!
...Ed Wheeler

********************************************************************( 4 )
New VMS members 

- Welcome -

According to our latest updates, 7 IEEE members have recently 
joined the roster of the Virginia Mountain Section. All have 
received welcome letters from Dave Livingston describing VMS 
activities. We hope to see and meet all of you at future meetings 
and join Dave in extending greetings to:

Phillip Boggs, Salem 
Patrick Cullen, Roanoke 
Jang Lee, Blacksburg 
Fangxing Li, Blacksburg 
David McNavish, Salem 
David Naghski, Christiansburg 
Barrett Stetson, Roanoke

********************************************************************( 5 )
1999 Student Paper Competition

An application form is now available from Dr. John Bay or by 
download from our Web site:
It should be submitted, along with a 200-word abstract by Feb. 1, 
1999. You should also plan to submit a short paper/extended 
abstract (1-2 pages) along with the presentation of your poster.   

Keep In Touch

********************************************************************( 6 )

Chapter Meeting 
Joint with IAS Chapter

Design and Application of GE Mark VI Turbine Control

Phil Roark, Sr. Engineer, GE Industrial Systems

5 to 7 PM November 20, 1998 Room 427 GE Industrial Systems 
1501 Roanoke Boulevard, Salem, VA

At the November meeting, Phil Roark will discuss and 
application of the new GE Mark VI Control for steam and gas 
turbines, and other power plant systems.

Mark VI is a new generation of control for GE turbines. Based on 
VME PC architecture, the new control features expandable DSP-
based I/O, and is available in single and triple-redundant 
versions. Remote I/O configurations are also available. Mark Six 
can communicate on a peer-to-peer basis with other power plant 
controls, including the generator control, through its industry 
standard communication mechanisms.

Phil will discuss design concepts and implementation, as well as 
application of the new control.

Phillip L. Roark is a Senior System Design Engineer, Turbine 
Technology, for GE Industrial Systems in Salem, VA. He is 
responsible for application of new hardware and software 
technologies for Turbine Control products. Phil holds a Bachelor 
of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia 
Polytechnic Institute & State University, and is also a licensed 
Professional Engineer in Virginia. Following graduation in 1964, 
Phil joined the GE Industrial Control Department in Salem. 
After assignments in Process Drives, Metal Rolling Automation, 
Engineering Automation, Design and Development, and 
Manufacturing, Phil transferred to Turbine Development in 
1989. He is currently software project leader for Mark VI, a fault 
tolerant control for gas and steam turbines, and other power plant 

Guests are Welcome. You do not have to be an IEEE member to 
attend. Social hour begins at 5:00. Coffee and soft drinks will be 
available. The presentation will begin promptly at 5:30. There is 
no charge. 

RESERVATIONS are appreciated! Call Dave Geer, 540-387-
7359 or email d.geer@ieee.org by 5 PM Monday, November 9.  

********************************************************************( 7 )


All of us as IEEE members and members of the 
electrotechnology profession share a professional responsibility in 
furthering the interests of our fellow members. The Technology 
Policy Council (TPC) promotes the federal policy interests of 
IEEE-USA members on technology issues and would welcome 
your participation in its activities.

The TPC involves member volunteers in activities ranging from 
development of IEEE-USA position statements to ongoing 
interaction with federal and state policy makers, to participation 
in "Congressional Visits Day", and many other endeavors. The 
purpose of these activities is to provide policy makers with an 
increased understanding of our profession and offer "non-
political" input into their decision making process.

TPC currently consists of five committees. The Aerospace Policy 
Committee, (APC)
is drafting a position paper on the commercial, civil and defense 
space programs and ways to achieve greater effectiveness and 
lower payload cost. Also, APC co-hosted this year's TPC 
symposium on "Space Technologies for Disaster Mitigation and 
Global Health" and is drafting recommendations to be sent to the 
Congress and Administration.

The Committee on Communications and Information Policy, 
E/ccip.html) approved a position statement on Y2K, is active in 
the encryption debate, and is developing positions to facilitate the 
internet economy.

The Energy Policy Committee, (EPC)
is very active in providing recommendations to Congressional 
leaders on the issue of deregulation of the electricity power 
industry and on energy R&D and provided a workshop at the 
U.S. Senate earlier this year. EPC is tentatively planning another 
workshop for early next year.

Medical Technology Policy Committee, (MTPC)
E/mtpc.html)has drafted comments on medical technology 
privacy and is drafting a position statement on telemedicine.

The Research and Development Policy Committee, (R&DPC) 
is reviewing the recent congressional report "Toward a New 
National Science Policy" and will provide recommendations. The 
R&DPC is also participating in a coalition to pass legislation that 
will double the federal level of support for research and 
development over the next twelve years.

These committees generally meet on a quarterly basis and rely 
heavily on e-mail for ongoing information exchange and product 
development, e.g., position papers, testimony, letters, white 
papers. All the TPC committees are attempting to conduct work 
in a fashion that does not require travel to meetings, to permit a 
wider range of participants and to make best use of the 
volunteers' time.

Behind the scenes, decisions which effect our profession and the 
productivity of the U.S. are being made. TPC looks forward to 
your participation in its efforts to advance the technology policy 
interests of the IEEE-USA.

Should you decide to become involved with Technology Policy 
efforts you will find it to be a very interesting and rewarding 
experience. If you have questions or would like more information 
on the TPC, please contact Deborah Rudolph at IEEE at:
e-mail: d.rudolph@ieee.org, 
Raymond Paul at:
e-mail: r.paul@ieee.org, 
or Ned Sauthoff at n.sauthoff@ieee.org. 

...Dan Jackson, PACE Chair

********************************************************************( 8 )

The IEEE Virginia Mountain Section is considering organizing a 
career workshop. It would be a supplement to the services offered 
by outplacement services, targeted specifically towards engineers 
and other technical professionals.

If you or anyone you know are in a position to need such 
information in the near future or anticipate a more distant need 
and would be interested in such a workshop, please contact Dan 
Jackson, IEEE Professional Activities Chairman, at (540) 774-
0484, or email to d.jackson.ieee.org.

For more details on workshops and other IEEE services, visit the 
web site at WWW.IEEE.ORG.

...Dan Jackson, IEEE PACE Chairman

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