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IEEE Region 3, Council 09, Section 65                             
November 1999

November Meeting	.................. .....................	1
Reservations	............... ................ ...............	2
Price Increase	.................. ................ ............	3
Chair's Comments, Dan Jackson
	Comm. Society members  ................... .............	4
Industrial Electronics Chapter Notes ...........................	5
Congratulations    ................ ............................	6
Electronic Newsletter: Attention All ...........................	7
Compendium on VAriable Speed Drives  ...........................	8
IEEE Sections Congress '99
	Dave Kingma's Trip Report
		DON'T MISS THIS	.................................	9
VMS Web Site ............... ...................................	10
1999-2000 Meeting Schedule ....... ...............................	11
Member Benefits  ............ ..................................	12
IEEE VMS Section  ........... ..................................	13

*********************************************( 1 )

November 18

Partners' Night
All guests are cordially invited

Clarion Hotel, Roanoke

Nancy Vorona

Industry Director for Advanced
Materials & Electronics/
Virginia Center for
Innovative Technology

The Electronics Industry in 
Virginia - Plans for the Future

You are invited to be a part of the 
Virginia electronics industry's vision: 
"To be a globally recognized leader in 
the electronics industry with an 
infrastructure that supports growth 
and continuously improves the quality 
of life in the Commonwealth." This 
vision is the cornerstone for the 
strategic plan developed in 1999 by 
Virginia's electronics industry.

An outline of the plan's goals, barriers 
to growth, and recommended actions 
will be presented. In addition, the size 
and scope of the electronics industry in 
Virginia and, in particular, the 
Roanoke-Blacksburg area, will be 
discussed. The audience will be invited 
to discuss and participate in 
implementation of the strategic plan.

About the Speaker
As Virginia's Center for Innovative 
Technology (CIT) Industry Director for  
Advanced Materials and Electronics, 
Ms. Vorona is responsible for  
strengthening each of these industries 
in Virginia. Working with industry to  
identify and solve critical issues facing 
these sectors is fundamental to Ms.  
Vorona's responsibilities.

Ms.Vorona's professional experience in 
electronics includes several years in  
marketing and sales management with 
International Rectifier Corporation, a  
U.S. manufacturer of power 
semiconductors based in California. 
Ms. Vorona  was also responsible for 
international marketing and sales for 
Integrated  Display Technology Ltd., a 
Hong Kong manufacturer of consumer 
electronic  products. In 1993, she 
joined the Virginia Economic 
Development Partnership  to establish 
or increase the international business of 
Virginia's information  technology and 
telecommunications companies. Ms. 
Vorona joined CIT in  1998.

Ms. Vorona received a bachelor of arts 
in romance languages from the  
University of North Carolina at Chapel 
Hill and a master's of international  
management from Thunderbird, The 
American Graduate School of  
International Management, in Glendale, 

*********************************************( 2 )

Date:   Thursday, November 18, 1999
Social:         	6:30 PM
Dinner:         	7:00 PM
Talk:   		8:00 PM

Cost:  Member or Guest	$15.00
Student         		$ 7.00

 	Clarion Hotel Roanoke Airport
	2727 Ferndale Drive NW
	I581 Exit 3 Hershberger Rd West
	1st Rt. onto Ferncliff Ave.,
	2nd Rt. onto Ferndale Drive.

Reserve by 5 PM
Monday November 15
 Dan Jackson  			(540) 774-0484

 Ira Jacobs  			(540) 231-5620

 David Livingston		(540)464-7545

Radford and Christiansburg:
 Russell Churchill 		(540) 731-0655

*********************************************( 3 )
VMS Activities

Price Increase

You may have noted, the cost for dinner at 
the meeting has gone up. Now $15.00 for 
members and guests and $7.00 for 

The Section subsidizes any differences 
between fees collected at the meetings and 
the actual cost, which typically includes 
banquet hall charges. As with everything 
else, this differential creeps up year after 
year and the ExComm decided it was time 
to trim losses a little.

*********************************************( 4 )


by Dan Jackson

Those of you who did not attend the 
October meeting missed a very good 
presentation on the status of electric 
vehicles. In November you certainly won't 
want to miss the presentation on "The 
Electronics Industry in Virginia - Plans 
for the Future" by Nancy Verona, from the 
Virginia Center for Innovative 

WANTED: Senior Members, Fellows, 
Life Seniors, & Life Fellows! On 
December 11, I will need about a dozen 
good men and women to evaluate Senior 
Member applications and elevations. The 
meeting starts at 8:30am and should be 
over before 4:00pm. A continental 
breakfast and lunch are provided. We will 
be meeting at the Wyndam Hotel 
(formerly Airport Marriott) in Roanoke. 
All Senior Members and Fellows in the 
Section will be getting a letter requesting 
their response. Please do not disappoint 
me. You may contact me at 540-774-0484 
or d.jackson@ieee.org.

GOLD: Graduates Of the Last Decade. 
The Section records indicate that we have 
149 members who received their first 
degree in 1989 or later. Are any of you 
interested in having any meetings where 
the subject is of particular interest to 
members in the beginning of their careers. 
These gatherings could be on career 
issues, business or financial subjects, or 
primarily social in nature, or anything 
else you might want. If you are interested 
please contact me at 540-774-0484 or 


The are 126 members of the 
Communications Society listed as 
members of the Section. Are we 
presenting programs of interest and value 
to you? If not let us know what you want. 
Although our programs for this year are 
mostly set we will need programs for next 
year. Also, we may be able to make some 
adjustments or add to our regular 
schedule. Contact 
	Dave Kingma, Program Chair, 
	540-552-3011 x304, 
 with your suggestions.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving 


*********************************************( 5 )
Computer / Control /
Industrial Electronics Chapter 

The current year schedule is under 

Speakers and Topics - Any Ideas?
What would you like to hear about at 
Chapter meetings?   Here is your chance 
to express your views on computers, 
control systems, or any phase of industrial 

The audience consists of engineers, 
engineering students and professors, 
usually about a dozen or two.  The talks 
are brief, one hour or less, with a half-
hour for discussion afterwards.  If you are 
developing a presentation for a larger 
audience, here is an opportunity to try it 
out.  The format is informal. 

Please contact me with your ideas: 
Dave Geer, Chapter Chair
540 - 387 - 7359 (voice)
540 - 387 - 7631 (FAX)
d.geer@ieee.org (email)

The March Meeting is already scheduled. 
It will be joint with the Section and 
promises to be of wide interest. Dr. Ira 
Jacobs, Professor of Electrical and 
Computer Engineering at  Va. Tech. will 
discuss a current industry hot topic:

DSL vs. Cable Modems
Telco and CATV Competition for 
Broadband Wireline Access
Details at our Web Site

...Dave Geer

*********************************************( 6 )
- Congratulations -

To our new Senior Member:

Fei Wang

Are you eligible?
Have you applied?
Contact Ira Jacobs


*********************************************( 7 )

Attention All Members

The VMS Newsletter is circulated via e-
mail to members who have signed up for 
the service. It is also available, along with 
back issues, on our Web site. In addition, 
all members receive a hard copy in the US 

We would like to reduce costs by 
eliminating the hard copy to those 
members who would be happy with the 
electronic versions. If you like the idea, 
please send your name to the editor with a 
short note to that effect. We will see that 
you are placed on the distribution list.

NOTE: To get the program off the 
ground we will be sending an e-mail 
message with this request to all members 
for whom we can find addresses.

...editor        jhfslf@swva.net

*********************************************( 8 )

IEEE Publishes New Compendium 
On Adjustable Speed Drives

PISCATAWAY, NJ, 26 October 1999 - 
The IEEE announces the release of 
Techniques For Proper Selection and 
Applications of Adjustable Speed Drive 
Systems, a compendium of over seventy of 
the most current and classic articles on 
adjustable speed drives (ASDs). Today, 
rapid technological changes in the field of 
ASD systems require that engineers access 
information quickly and effectively.

These selected readings provide up-to-date 
information on recent advances in the 
selection and application of ASD systems, 
offering under one convenient cover a 
choice selection of ASD papers. Areas 
covered include: - Historical review and 
future trends of ASDs - Overview of 
power quality issues and considerations - 
Impact of system supply voltage transients 
and sags - Overview of induction motor 
interactions in ASD systems - Installation 
considerations for ASD systems - Motor 
insulation withstand capability issues - 
Motor shaft voltages and resulting bearing 
current issues

Expert Wayne Stebbins has carefully 
selected the most significant and valuable 
articles current to ASDs. With over thirty 
year of experience, Mr. Stebbins has been 
responsible for power distribution 
projects, utilities testing programs, and 
facility energy management processes; 
while currently focusing on the technical 
aspects of projects in the areas of power 
distribution, adjustable speed drive system 
applications, energy management systems 
and power quality issues.

To order Techniques for Proper Selection 
and Applications of Adjustable Speed 
Drives - List price $69.95; IEEE Member 
price $49.95 - use product number SR113-
QVE. Order from:
IEEE Customer Service Department
445 Hoes Lane
PO Box 1331
Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331
e-mail: customer-service@ieee.org
phone: 1.800.678.4333
Web: http://www.ieee.org/eab

*********************************************( 9 )

IEEE Sections Congress 
Trip Report

Dave Kingma

Thanks to the VMS section for allowing 
me to attend IEEE Sections Congress '99 
as your primary delegate. It was an 
excellent opportunity to learn about the 
IEEE organization, the nitty gritty of 
running a section, and to pick up new 
ideas from other sections who have 
successfully implemented them. Most of 
the weekend was spent in workshops and 
tutorials on various subjects of our choice. 
These sessions prepared us for the 
caucuses on Sunday that resulted in 40 
recommendations to the board. The 
meeting concluded on Monday with all 
primary delegates voting on the priority of 
those recommendations. If you would like 
to see the recommendations and the 
priorities chosen for each, be sure to visit 
www.ieee.org/sc99. I chose to participate 
in the following tutorials, workshops, and 

? Employer Support Tutorial 
? Membership Workshop
? IEEE Orientation Tutorial
? Publicity and Marketing 
? Section Management Tutorial
? Program Resources Tutorial
? SAMIEEE Workshop
? Professional Networking 
? Chapter Programs/Issues Caucus
? Region 3 Caucus

I took lots of notes throughout the 
sessions and would be happy to share 
them with anyone who's interested. 
For brevity, I've included a list of 
ideas I picked up in the sessions 
(some may argue the brevity issue): 

1. E-mail invitations to the meetings 
a few days before the meeting. 
Newsletters or e-mails far in 
advance of the meeting don't 
result in a calendar entry for the 
2. Offer a door prize at the meetings 
and require an e-mail address on 
the entry form to build your 
database of valid e-mail 
3. Put an e-mail address column on 
meeting signup sheet.
4. Section should get involved with 
High Technology Councils in the 
5. Promote science and technology 
education in K-12 (look at EAB 
conference proceedings where 50 
educators and 50 IEEE members 
6. If IEEE travel takes you away 
from work, submit a trip report to 
your employer to show them they 
are getting something for their 
money (assuming they support 
your expenses or time off).
7. See if your company will pay for 
a visiting speaker's expenses and 
in return, schedule your speaker 
to present a slightly different 
topic to your company during the 
8. Promote the Professional 
Development Conference.
9. Some companies are reluctant to 
support dues for their employees. 
Recommend they support 50% of 
the total cost for those that are 
members and 100% for those that 
are officers or volunteers. Those 
that are active in the IEEE will 
benefit the company more.
10. Hang an IEEE membership form 
outside your cubicle / office at 
11. Designate a life member to 
answer questions for members.
12. Call folks that leave the IEEE to 
learn from them. What made 
them leave?
13. Easiest membership problem to 
solve - students who don't 
continue after school. Lots of 
students don't know IEEE extends 
past school.
14. Get a shuttle astronaut to speak at 
your meeting - attracted 250 to 
300 people to another section that 
normally has meetings our size.
15. Hold a "free lunch" session with 
the student branch so that the 
section members can network 
with the students.
16. The topic "how to buy your first 
home" was great for attracting 
GOLD members.
17. Students calling students works 
the best. Utilize student branches.
18. Get a GOLD member on your 
executive committee.
19. Make the section aware of the 
student chapter meetings and 
make sure section representatives 
attend these meetings. Put the 
student meeting dates in your 
20. Invite the chair of the student 
branch to the section EXCOM 
21. Invite project managers from 
local companies to a mixer that 
includes students, members, and 
prospective members.
22. Offer free admission to your 
meeting for new members who 
bring a membership application 
with them.
23. Let the student branch write a 
proposal for one of the section 
meeting programs and let the 
students run the meeting.
24. Promote the RE-SEED program 
in K-12 schools (Retirees 
Enhancing Science Education 
Through Experiments and 
25. There are currently more awards 
than nominees. Seek out the 
awards and nominate to 
26. The section bylaws need to be in 
line with the IEEE bylaws.
27. Place banner ads for the IEEE or 
your programs on web pages 
(BEV, VT, etc).
28. Advertise during Engineers Week 
activities or the Future City 
29. Contact Media Networks. 
Regional issues of magazines 
occasionally need to fill space 
and don't charge for these spots - 
at least for non-profits (ex: Time 
30. Pass your copy of Spectrum 
around the office and wear IEEE 
31. Contact companies to sponsor the 
section for $5-10K. For that, they 
can send X people to your 
meetings without charge and the 
section will run company 
advertisements in the section 
newsletter and web page.
32. Sell IEEE shirts, books, etc. at 
meetings. Sections get discounts 
and make money on the sale.
33. Don't look for those that aren't 
busy to volunteer. The best 
volunteers are also those that are 
extremely busy. They are usually 
more effective and manage their 
time better.
34. Use the TIPS information in the 
SAMIEEE database to determine 
member interests.
35. Keep folks that are in arrears on 
the newsletter mailing list for at 
least six months.
36. Add local companies to your 
newsletter distribution.
37. Always send newsletters to the 
student branch.
38. Involve members, even if they are 
not on the EXCOM. Have them 
set up a program.
39. Keep track of who shows up at 
meetings and put them in your 
40. Work with other societies 
(AFCEA, ASME, etc).
41. Get support from the region or 
PACE for special section 
activities - simple to apply for.
42. Sell advertising in the section 
43. Give an award at a local science 
44. Have an annual awards dinner -
make up awards if needed.
45. M-PAC: There is regional support 
for these Member Professional 
Awareness Conferences 
(leadership skills).
46. Offer free pizza at meetings 
instead of meals.
47. Appeal to families in your 
programs. Invite families on plant 
48. Other program ideas: 
Demonstrate active acoustics 
(change room into sound hall), 
amateur radio, public radio 
49. Put meeting notices in company 
newsletters or bulletin boards.
50. Most newspapers have free 
listings in the "business 
meetings" area.
51. Call those that attended the last 
meeting to make sure they know 
about the next meeting.
52. NASA will provide people to 
speak on interesting topics such 
as the Pathfinder. Send e-mail to 
Ron Jensen for more details.
53. Use zip codes in conjunction with 
TIP codes in the SAMIEEE 
database to determine best place 
to hold meetings on a particular 
54. Contact those that have put their 
mail on hold and find out why.
55. Membership development is 
following and getting to know 
your people, not just getting more 
56. Hold a workshop on professional 
networking. Meeting particulars 
are on the web.
57. Arrange a speaker that can be 
called at the last minute in case 
of a no-show.

Again, thank you for the opportunity 
to attend this meeting. I'm hoping 
that these ideas spark other thoughts 
that, in the end, will ensure a 
thriving section for many years to 

...Dave Kingma '99-'00 Vice-Chair 
IEEE Virginia Mountain Section


Note: This report is available on our 
Web site on a page under "Special 
Interest Items". You may browse and 
send comments directly to Dave from 
that page.


*********************************************( 10 )
VMS Web Site

? Announcements
? Chapter Activities
? Special Reports
? Newsletters: Past & Present
? Leadership Wire
? QuickLinks to IEEE & Others
? More

*********************************************( 11 )

September 16
50th Anniversary
Hotel Roanoke
October 21
Joint Meeting with Industry 
Dr. Jason Lai, Virginia Tech
Topic: "Electric Vehicles and Power Electronics"

Appalachian Electric Power, 

November 18
Partners' Night
Nancy Vorona, Industry Director for Advanced
Materials & Electronics, Virginia Center for
Innovative Technology
"The Electronics Industry in Virginia
 - Plans for the Future"

Clarion Hotel, Roanoke
January 20
Joint Meeting: Microwave 
Theory and Techniques
Roger Marks, Distinguished Lecturer, NIST
"Standards for Broadband Wireless Access Systems"

Appalachian Electric Power,
February 17
Bart Cregger, Assistant Dean of Engineering, VCU
"Engineering Education for the 21st Century: 
The Model at VCU"
Appalachian Electric Power,
March 16
Joint Meeting: Industrial 
Ira Jacobs, Virginia Tech
DSL vs. Cable Modems
Telco and CATV Competition for Broadband Wireline 
VMI, Lexington
April 20

Student Project Night
Virginia Tech
May 18
Plant Tour
Cloverdale Station

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