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IEEE Region 3, Council 9, Section 65                        October  1996 

1. October Meeting
	Tour of the National Weather  
	Service Facilities in Blacksburg 

2. Reservations/Directions
3. VMS  Section Activities
	Meeting Report (September)
4. SouthEast Conference 1997
	Updated Info
5. VMS Info Sources
	Electronic Newsletter
	IEEEVMS_info Sever 
	VMS Home Page 

6. Chapter Chairmen (Special Notice)
7. Is Your Membership Listing Current?
	Check your membership data
8. Computer/Control/IES Chapter
9. For Your Information
10. VMS  Officers
October Meeting 
Tour of the National Weather  
Service Facilities in Blacksburg 
Mr. Brian Campbell 
Electronics Program Manager 
The Virginia Mountain Section will be touring the National  
Weather Service Station in Blacksburg. Mr. Brian Campbell,  
Electronics Program Manager, will be conducting the tour. The  
main attraction will be the WSR-88D Doppler weather radar  
system, which contains two mainframe computers called the  
Radar Products Generator, RPG, and the Principal User  
Processor, PUP, which are used to translate the radar data into  
"meteorological products." Other highlights will include weather  
balloon launching and tracking systems, the Automated Field  
Observation System, AFOS, and the NOAA weather radio  
The tour is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. However, a weather balloon  
will be launched at 7:00., so you may want to arrive earlier. 
Take exit 118 from I81. Follow 460 W to Blacksburg. At the  
Blacksburg 460 W Bypass/Business split take 460 W Business.  
Left at first traffic light to "T" (very short). Right at "T" on to  
Ramble Road. Drive to SW side of airport (less than one mile).  
Left at NWS Blacksburg sign.
Reservations for the October Meeting 
	Thursday, October 17 
	Time:	7:00 PM, but see write up. 
	Place:	National Weather Service, Blacksburg 
	      See detailed directions above 
	Cost:	No Charge 
There will be no dinner, so fend for yourselves before the tour.  
Please contact one of the following by 5:00 p.m., Wednesday,  
October 16, so that we have some idea of the numbers to expect. 
Roanoke:	David Livingston	857-6261 
Blacksburg:	Anbo Wang		231-4355 
Lexington:	Dick Skutt		464-7236 
Radford and  
Christiansburg: 	Usha Varshney	731-0655 
VMS Section Activities 
The September meeting was a joint meeting of the Virginia  
Mountain Section and the Microwave Theory and  
Techniques/Electron Devices Chapter and was held at the  
Sheraton Inn in Roanoke. There were sixteen members in  
The speaker was Mr. George Studtmann who is an RFIC product  
engineer and the RFIC test manager at ITT-GTC. His  
presentation was entitled "Manufacturing GaAs Integrated  
Circuits for the Wireless Market." Mr. Studtmann's presentation  
was interesting and was well prepared. As can be inferred from  
the title, the focus of the presentation was on the use of GaAs  
integrated circuits in wireless communications applications and,  
in particular, ITT-GTC's contribution to the field. 
According to Mr. Studtmann, important criteria in the design and  
marketing of a wireless system such as a wireless phone, include  
a typical RF output power of 0.6W, talk times greater than 1 hr,  
operation at frequencies greater than 800 MHz, weights less than  
8 oz, small size, and low cost. Mr. Studtmann argued that GaAs  
possesses characteristics that can effectively satisfy the above  
criteria. He proceeded to compare GaAs with silicon and pointed  
to both the advantages and disadvantages of using GaAs  
semiconductors. Some of the advantages included high current  
and high bandwidth operation at low voltages; disadvantages  
included high thermal resistance and a brittle mechanical  
	Mr. Studtmann explained that ITT-GTC has been  
manufacturing RF switches and attenuators since 1989 and  
started manufacturing RF power amplifiers in 1993. The  
company has developed a fabrication process called Multifunction  
Self-Aligned Gate (MSAG) and has produced families which can  
operate at frequencies up to 20 GHz. ITT is developing 3V  
products using a unique single supply power transistor, a new  
package which reduces size and thickness, and number of other  
new products which operate at high frequencies. 
	As previously mentioned, the presentation was  
interesting and was punctuated by physical samples of GaAs  
technology and applications including integrated circuit wafers  
and wireless pagers. We, again, send our appreciation to Mr.  
Studtmann for the presentation. 
...David L. Livingston, Program Chair 
  SouthEast Conference 1997 
The VMS is sponsoring the 1997 Region Conference to be held at  
Tech, April 12 - 14, 1997. 
Currently important dates: 
  Tutorial Paper proposal submission, Nov. 6 1996. 
  Initial Concise Paper submission, Nov. 13, 1996. 
Watch this space for continuing news. In the meantime, check out  
the Secon97 Web Page at 
for all manner of information about the conference: Call for  
papers, Conference Overview, Student Events, and a continually  
growing number of other items. 
The Conference Committee is looking for representatives from  
industry to participate in many phases of the planning and  
implementation. If you or someone you know can lend a hand  
please contact Ira Jacobs at: 
Tel:	 (540) 231-5620, or 
e-mail:	ijacobs@vt.edu. 
VMS Info Sources 
Electronic Newsletter 
Almost 15 percent of our members now subscribe. If you have  
not yet signed up, you are strongly encouraged to do so. 
IEEEVMS_info Sever 
Storehouse of recent IEEE info/news/bulletins. Submit your own  
notices, comments, "Letter to Editor". 
VMS Home Page 
About VMS, its Chapters, officers, by-laws, and links to IEEE,  
Region 3, the Student Chapter, and a few more. Still an infant so,  
please take a look and send your suggestions. You can do that  
while you are looking at it. The URL is: 
Chapter Chairmen 
Places have been reserved in the Home Page for any and all kinds  
of information about your Chapter: History, function,  
requirements, activities, schedules, flash announcements,  
meetings, speakers ... . Please send your material to the editor or  
submit it with the auto-mail feature. 
To Subscribe to any or all three, see instructions in the For  
Your Information section. 
Is Your Membership Listing Current? 
You are probably aware that the IEEE membership data base was  
in poor shape and has undergone extensive revision, correction,  
and updating during the past year or so. It is now in relatively  
good shape and therefore much more usable and reliable for  
purposes such as mailing this Newsletter to you, keeping your  
officers and Chapter Chairmen  current  with membership data,  
and as a platform underlying a host of IEEE services of potential  
benefit to you. 
There are still a number of  annoying errors in the base. Some are  
simple typos (my e-mail address had a n h where a k should have  
been). In this area, a common one is an incorrect area code (still  
703), a number of addresses are not really current and, do you  
now have an e-mail address? 
So. Please take a minute to check your listing. You can look at the  
address on this mailing or your Spectrum mailer cover for the  
basic items. Otherwise, be sure to examine your listing when you  
renew your membership, or if you wish, I can send you a copy of  
your current full listing (preferably via e-mail). 
 Computer/Control/IES Chapter 
The VMS Computer/Control/IES Chapter will sponsor the  
November '96 Section meeting. As in the past, a nationally  
known speaker from the IEEE Computer Society will be our  
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the IEEE Computer  
Society, special commemorative pins will be awarded to Society  
members with ten years or more of membership tenure. If you are  
one of these "old timers", be sure to attend the November meeting  
to receive your pin. 
As an IEEE officer, I sometimes receive unsolicited e-mail. This  
includes advertisements for products and services, and  
solicitations from personnel "headhunters". I have been  
discarding these, but if you are interested in seeing them let me  
know. I could post them to the VMS list-server. 
...Dave Geer, Chapter Chair 
For Your Information 
E-MAIL subscriptions: 
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to:	listserv@VTVM1.cc.vt.edu 
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Anyone may submit material for the Newsletter 
Submissions Information:  
Deadline: Monday following each meeting 
Submit To: 
	Editor:  (See last page) 
	e-mail: jhfslf@swva.net 
	Fax: 552-0261 
	call first:552-0052 
	Alternate: Anbo Wang 
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Change of Address  
US Mail: 
	IEEE Service Center 
	445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331 
	Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331  
e-mail:	address.change@ieee.org 
Tel:		800-678-IEEE 
Fax:		908-981-9667 
Web: 	http://www.ieee.org/i3e_mailer.html  
	 (Changes are forwarded to the Newsletter) 
9. VMS Officers

	Anbo Wang	
		awang@vt.edu	231-4355

Vice Chairman:	
	David Livingston
		d.livingston@ieee.org	857-6261

	Usha Varshney 
		varshney@nrv.net	731-0655

Executive Committee:
	Russell Churchil
		arcova@swva.net	731-0655
	Ira Jacobs
		ijacobs@vt.edu	231-5620
	Daniel W. Jackson
		d.jackson@ieee.org 	774-0484
	Scott Midkiff
		midkiff@vt.edu	231-5190

Virginia Council
	Representative:	vacant

Industrial Application Chapter
	Walter Hill
		hill-wa@salem.ge.com	387-8619

Microwave Theory & Techniques/Electron Devices
	Hausila Singh
		hsingh@gtc.itt.com	563-8639

Industrial Electronics/Computer/Control Systems Chapter
	David Geer
		geer-dh@salem.ge.com	387-7359

PE Chapter
	Subhas Sarkar
		vtc@roanoke.infi.net	345-9892 x-152

Newsletter Editor:
	John Fennick

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