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IEEE Region 3, Council 9, Section 6               October 1997

 1- October Meeting
 2- Reservations for the October Meeting
 3- Take Advantage of Your Member Benefits
 4- Remaining VMS Meeting Schedule for the 1997-1998 Year
 5- Executive Committee Meetings
 6- HELP
 7- VMS Activities
             September Meeting
 8- Executive Committee Meeting
10- PACE Report
11- Support of Science, Mathematics and Technology 
       Education in the Virginia Area
          1990 ?
13- VMS Home Page
14- Chapter Chairmen
15- FYI

***************************************************** (1)
                            October Meeting

(Joint with the Power Engineering Chapter)

Deregulation of the
Electrical Power industry *

Teddy Aaron
American Electric Power (AEP)

The electric power industry, the nation's last monopoly, will 
soon see dramatic change in the way business is conducted. 
With many players, the federal government, state 
governments, and utility customers, the transition will not be 

The price of power will be determined by a competitive 
market and the "local wires business" will be allowed a rate 
of return based on performance or reliability. The electric 
exchange would allow purchases of power in one-half hour 
increments 24 hours in advance.

The economic issues associated with deregulation seem 
enormous, but actually may become secondary to the 
physical challenge of generating, transmitting, and 
distributing electric power with existing facilities.  AEP is 
currently involved in a joint project with EPRI and 
Westinghouse Corporation in the development of new 
technology to direct power flow through the transmission 
system. The Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) is the 
first of its kind in the world. Using UPFC devices utilities 
will soon be able to steer the flow of electricity throughout 
the transmission network.

AEP and many other electric utilities are looking for ways to 
increase reliable electric service to the customer and to do so 
at the lowest possible cost. 

About the Speaker
Ted Aaron, PE, is District Manager in the Christiansburg 
District of American Electric Power. He received an EE 
degree from Tennessee Technologica in 1980. He has held 
the positions of Energy Services Engineer, Electrical 
Engineer, Senior Electrical Engineer, Area Line 
Superintendent, Area Superintendent and his current position 
as District Manager. Aaron has attended the AEP/Ohio State 
University Management Development Program and is a 
registered professional engineer.

Aaron is a member of the Montgomery County Electrical 
Review Board, and has served as Director for the United 
Way and YMCA.

* This is a change from the previously announcement 

***************************************************** (2)
Reservations for the October Meeting
Date:	Thursday, October 16, 1997
Social: 	6:30 PM
Dinner: 	7:00 PM
Talk:	8:00 - 9:00 PM
Place:	AEP Auditorium, Christiansburg Industrial Park
From the east and south: I81 exit 118, north on Rt. 11 about 1/2 
mile. Right into the Christiansburg Industrial Park (between the 
Exxon station and Pizza Hut), left onto Prospect to the end. AEP, 
brick green-roof building. For further information, call Mr. Aaron 
or his secretary at (540) 381-2521.
Cost:	Member or Guest	$12.00
	Student		$ 4.50
Please make reservations by Monday, October 13, 5:00 P.M.
Roanoke:	David Livingston	(540) 857-6261
Blacksburg:	Ira Jacobs	(540) 231-5620
Lexington:	Ed Wheeler 	(540) 464-7548
Radford and 
Christiansburg: 	Usha Varshney	(540) 731-0655
Progress But:

          See HELP,  Below

***************************************************** (3)
             Take Advantage of Your Member Benefits

Ask*IEEE Document Delivery Service
	e-mail: askieee@ieee.org 

  Employment Services
  Job Listings
  Entry Level Resources
  Resum_ Listing Service
  Job Fairs
  Job Search Tools and Advice

  Electronic Communications Services
  Directory Service (Aliases)
  Electronic Mail Services
  Mailing-Lists and Discussion Groups
  Majordomo Tutorial for ListOwners
  Usenet Newsgroups - ieee.* hierarchy
  Public Information Retrieval

  Anonymous-FTP Server
  File-Retrieval via E-Mail
  Traveling the Information Highway with Bob Alden
  IEEE Internet Project
  Info on IEEE RABFacts System 

  Receive your own personal subscription to SPECTRUM.
  Become an active part of your local professional community.
  Enhance your career by networking with technical experts. 
  Save with low member prices on IEEE products. 
  Attend top technical conferences at low member rates.
  Increase your professional prestige.
  Join a technical society.
  The IEEE Financial Advantage Program
	Program Highlights: 
		IEEE Gold MasterCard and VISA Gold
		IEEE Mutual Funds
		IEEE Group Insurance
		IEEE Conference Management and Travel
	Program Benefits and Services:
		Business Services 
		Education Services 
		Financing, Planning & Investing
		Home Services
		Insurance Plans/ Supplements
		Travel & Conference Registration

For access information and details on any of these, take your browser
	      Directly to the IEEE at:	http://www.ieee.org/member.html
	Or to the VMS Home Page at:	http://fiddle.ee.vt.edu/ieeevms/
		and select:	IEEE Quick Links, then Member Services (No.11)

***************************************************** (4)
    Remaining VMS Meeting Schedule for the 1997-1998 Year

November 20, 1997         (Spouses'  Night)
Bev Fitzpatrick
Technology Impact on New Century Region

Hotel Roanoke

January 15, 1998
Charles Alexander
Donaldson Brown Hotel 

February 19, 1998
Student Papers Competition 
Various Topics
Donaldson Brown Hotel 

March 19, 1998

Richard O. Claus
Fiber Optics and Electro-optics at Virginia Tech
Donaldson Brown Hotel

April 16, 1998
IEEE Distinguished Lecturer: 
Ronald W. Waynant
Applications of Lasers in Medicine: Current/Future Status

Donaldson Brown Hotel

May 21, 1998
Industrial Field Trip
Roanoke or Salem

***************************************************** (5)
Executive Committee Meetings:  5:30 p.m. on: October 16, 1997; January 16, 1998; March 16, 1998; and April 21, 1998

***************************************************** (6)

In the last issue we announced the appearance, at the first of the 
VMS year, of a full year schedule for meetings, activities and 
(nearly) complete list of speakers. We proclaimed the event to be 
a welcome change that we hope continues. 

This month more good things happened, thanks to the efforts of 
our new Chairman, Dave Livingston. He has also started the year 
off with a bang. Take a look at the revised Mountain Section 
structure on the last page. Seven committees have been 
established and, with one exception, are already chaired.

OK, so who needs more committees? The VMS does if it is to 
serve the membership in a more complete manner than it has. 

Alphabetically, from the top of the committee list:

#  We start with a vacancy in the Awards committee (HELP). 
There is a number of awards provided by IEEE to recognize 
member achievement. Believe it or not, some of our 
members become eligible from time to time. They have not 
been recognized because the Section has fallen down in its 
job of finding these people. We need HELP here.

Happily, the rest of the list is in better shape.

#   Russell Churchill, has already been active in getting a 
number of members upgraded to Senior Member status and 
is continuing in this effort. (See MEMBERS, Part 12, below)
#   Anbo Wang, Lynn Abbott, and Wayne Scales have pledged 
to make a real effort to find nominees (for Section offices) 
who want to, and will, work to make the Section better.
#   Dan Jackson has been doing the work of PACE chairman 
for years, energetically and well (take a look at PACE 
Reports on our Web Page), but on a rather informal basis. 
We think he should feel a little better about the whole thing 
being in place officially.
#   Usha Varshney has already demonstrated her expertise in 
getting programs together. Her assistance on a broader scale 
and, hopefully for more than this year, will be a great help 
in generating and keeping interest in our meetings.
#   I hope that John is able to do something about publicity for 
the Section. The local area should be more aware of IEEE. 
Some non-engineers might be interested in what we do 
and/or some of our speakers' talks.
#   Ira Jacobs has a real interest, and likes to get involved with 
the students. Now he can do it officially. I suspect that the 
students can only benefit by having a closer contact with the 
Section through someone knowledgeable in IEEE doings.

Don't get complacent now, just because a few committees have 
been established and chaired. This is only the beginning of a 
long road road to a better Section. No committee should have 
more than a small number of members, but one, as is mostly the 
case here, can always use help. Demonstrate your willingness to 
give at least a little assistance in service to the community, the 
profession and yourself. Contact any of the Officers,  ExCom 
members, or a specific committee chairman and offer some.
... editor

***************************************************** (7)
VMS Activities

September Meeting

The kick-off meeting for the VMS 1997-98 year was attended by 
some 34 professionals and students. The speaker was Dr. 
Leonard A. Ferrari, Professor and Head of the Bradley 
Department of Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech. Dr. 
Ferrari opened his presentation by saying that his Department 
would soon be called Electrical and Computer Engineering in 
recognition of the fact that Computer Engineering programs had 
become such a significant portion of the departmental activity. 

Dr. Ferrari listed funding sources for the department particularly 
a $10M budget for research. He also explained the addition of 
ten new faculty members during the current academic year. After 
commenting on the areas of strength of the department, Dr. 
Ferrari introduced several innovative curricular developments in 
Electrical Engineering. The first of these was the concept of a 
Virtual Corporation consisting of students and faculty from his 
department and from the College of Business and the College of 
Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech. The Virtual Corporation 
concept would pull together the many facets of a corporate 
enterprise such as design, development, marketing, sales and 
human resources. Two such Virtual Corporations are being 
formed at the present time: the Distributed Information System 
Corporation (DISC) and the Personal Electric Rapid Transit 
System Corporation (PERTS). The DISC project will develop a 
medical information system that would include multimedia data 
such as real-time images for on-site hospital use and remote 
access; the PERTS team is designing a prototype rapid transit 
system to run between downtown Blacksburg and a nearby 
shopping complex. 

Dr. Ferrari made us aware of MVEC which is a cooperative 
effort between a consortium of four large industrial companies 
and six universities and colleges in Virginia: Virginia Tech, 
UVA, William and Mary, VCU, George Mason and Old 
Dominion, and the industries are IBM, Motorola, Siemens and 
Toshiba. The effort has already resulted in pledges of funding for 
major facilities in Richmond and Northern Virginia and the 
acquisition of faculty in several of the universities.

Dr. Ferrari also discussed a new program in Wireless 
Communications and indicated that distance learning would be a 
major emphasis of the new program, in sharp contrast to some 
existing programs that emphasize real estate and hardware. He 
also commented that multimedia would be strongly featured in 
the program.

Dr. Ferrari received a warm response from an appreciative 
audience and was thanked by VMS Vice-Chairman, Dr. Usha 
Varshney, who presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. 
Ferrari on behalf of Virginia Mountain Section.

The program was closed by Chairman, Dr. David L. Livingston, 
who urged the members to participate in the upcoming VMS 
monthly meetings.

... Usha Varshney, Vice-Chairman

***************************************************** (8)
Executive Committee Meeting
The Executive Committee will meet before the regular meeting, 
at the AEP building auditorium, at 5:30 PM, on the 16th.

***************************************************** (9)


The Virginia Council is in the process of drafting a letter to the 
Virginia Legislature which will indicate the interests of Virginia 
IEEE members in legislative actions which are relevant to 
electrical and computer engineering and the associated 
educational processes. The purpose of this letter is to both 
remind the legislature that we are interested in how legislative 
actions affect electrical engineering and to offer our expertise in 
these matters.

The national IEEE has devoted some effort to developing 
policies and topics which can be and have been included in 
letters to government. However, the Virginia Council felt that 
input from the grass-roots level of membership should also be 
represented. They have therefore charged that each section in 
Virginia submit a list of the top ten issues that should be 
addressed in this letter. Examples of issues include professional 
registration, the re-certification process, academic support, etc.

I am going to attempt to respond to the charge of the Council 
with your assistance. Please send me a prioritized list of the 
issues which are important to you by October 31, 1997.  E-mail 
is the preferred medium: 
but you can also send them by regular mail:

David L. Livingston,
Engineering and Industrial Technologies Division,
Virginia Western Community College 
PO Box 14007 Roanoke, VA 24038.

Thanks in advance for your participation.
... Dave Livingston

***************************************************** (10)
PACE Report


The IEEE-USA Professional Activities Conference was held over 
Labor Day Weekend in St. Petersburg, FL., approximately 280 
IEEE volunteers gave up their holiday to become better educated 
about issues of concern to the members. A broad range of 
subjects was covered in six concurrent tracks and six plenary 
sessions. The plenarys covered such topics as precollege 
education; "Professional Vitality: The Making of the Complete 
Engineer," "The Stake of Industry, Government, Academia and 
the IEEE in Fostering Federal Support for Research & 
Development," and "US Engineering Labor Markets: Deja Vu 
All Over Again."

One of the topical tracks was "Service, Image, Outreach." This 
had six sessions with twelve presentations from Total Quality 
Management to Science for All Children. A second track on 
"Government and Industry Relations" had six sessions with six 
presentations covering such issues as a Technology Perspective 
on the Role of Government in Restructuring the Electric Power 
Industry to A Guide to Effective Meetings With Legislators. A 
third track of six sessions on "Professional Vitality" covered 
topics from Software Engineering and Licensure to US 
Competitiveness and the Workforce. The fourth track was PACE 
Leadership Training in five sessions covering Planning Your 
PACE Program to an actual Mini M-PAC(Member Professional 
Awareness Conference).

Tracks 5 and 6 were designed with the Young Professional in 
mind. (Young in this case does not apply to chronological age, 
but to length of time as a professional.) These are also know as 
Graduates of the Last Decade(GOLD). "Surviving and Thriving 
in the Corporate Jungle," and "Career Strategies" covered twelve 
topics such as financial planning, leadership training, job market 
tips and trends, and steering your career toward personal goals.

All sessions, including the student paper competition and the 
section poster competition, were open to all attendees from 
GOLD to life members regardless of the track. The goal of the 
Professional Activities Conference is for the attendees to take 
information back to the sections and share it for the benefit of all 
members. You can help by letting your PACE chair know what 
you are concerned about. Ask him about the conference. The 
conference proceedings are available from the IEEE Service 
Center, 1-800-678-IEEE, IEEE Catalog No. UH 2972-0-0-1-0. 
For further information about the conference, or professional 
activities contact: Daniel W. Jackson, (540) 774-0484; e-mail 
... Dan Jackson, PACE Chair

***************************************************** (11)
        Support of Science, Mathematics and Technology 
                Education in the Virginia Area

(Adapted from the National Capital Area Council SCANNER)

Numerous recent surveys and studies have indicated that the 
most urgent problem facing the public is the need for improving 
the quality of precollege education with emphasis on science, 
mathematics and technology subjects. There is now an increased 
awareness by the public that business and industry require a 
technologically literate workforce.

The IEEE, with over 230,000 U.S. members, provides major 
support to precollege science, mathematics and technology 

In Virginia, the Second Virginia Technology Summit was held 
in Richmond on May 21. It was attended by 425 leaders from 
Virginia-based businesses, educational institutions, state and 
local governments, professional societies and trade associations

The Summit identified the development of a highly-skilled 
technologically literate workforce as one of the four policy issues 
critical to the success of technology-based economic growth in 

The Virginia Coordinating Council* (VCC) is currently 
developing plans for forming regional and local alliances for 
science, mathematics and technology education composed of 
representatives from engineering and scientific societies, 
educational organizations, business, industry technology councils 
and government organizations. These alliances would provide 
support to over 150 school districts in the Commonwealth of 
Virginia. The VCC is also participating in the programs of the 
Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition, which is an 
alliance of leaders of the education, corporate, and public policy 
sectors, working together to revitalize mathematics and science 
education in pre-kindergarten through graduate school. The 
Coalition is using education standards developed by national 
organizations as guides to improve mathematics and science 
education in Virginia. It has also developed and implemented in-
service training courses for teachers and influenced various 
public policies affecting the teaching profession and standards of 
learning in mathematics and science education.

 * The VMS has an input. See last month's issue of the 
... editor

***************************************************** (12)
1990 ?

Senior membership is available to engineers, scientists, 
educators, technical executives and originators in IEEE-
designated fields who have been in professional practice for at 
least 10 years and have shown significant performance for at 
least five of those years. A BS counts for three years, an MS one 
more and a PhD one more, for a total of five years. Therefore, 
you should start looking at applying for senior member grade 
only seven years after completing your BS, not ten years.

Significant performance is defined as publication of 
engineering/scientific materials, technical direction/management 
of important engineering or scientific work (with evidence of 
accomplishment), recognized contributions to the profession, 
development or furtherance of important scientific or 
engineering courses in a "recognized educational program" or 
similar contributions in technical editing, or patent prosecution 
or law.

Qualified members are encouraged to apply for senior 
membership. For more information or to obtain a senior member 
application package contact our new membership committee 
Russell Churchill,
e-mail:   arcova@swva.net 	tel:    (540)-731-0655
or, Dan Jackson:
e-mail:   d.jackson@ieee.org 	tel:    (540)-774-0484
...Dan Jackson 

***************************************************** (13)
                           VMS Home Page

The Virginia Mountain Section Web Home Page 
(http://fiddle.ee.vt.edu/ieeevms/) has recently been modified 
and expanded to make it easier to use and include more 
information about the Section, the Region, and National, and 
items of interest to engineers.

You will find quick access to schedules, details about the 
Section, numerous publications and articles normally not 
distributed to the general membership (in complete format). 
Links to professional, federal, and private organizations and 
groups active in national issues affecting our profession. There 
are also more than a dozen direct links to particular IEEE 
services such as Educational, Employment Assistance, 
PE-Licensure. Standards and Publications, Address and 
Membership Info Changes, and more.

Check it out and use the autofeedback to the editor (available on 
the main page) to let us know what you would like to see there to 
make it even better.
... editor

***************************************************** (14)
                       Chapter Chairmen

Places have been reserved in the Home Page for any and all 
kinds of information about your Chapter: History, function, 
requirements, activities, schedules, flash announcements, 
meetings, speakers ... . Send your material to the editor or 
submit it with the auto-mail feature on the Web Page.
... editor

***************************************************** (15)
IEEE  Virginia  Mountain  Section

Chairman: 		David Livingston
	d.livingston@ieee.org		(540) 857-6261
Vice Chairman: 	Usha Varshney
	varshney@usit.net		(540) 731-0655
Sec./Treasurer: 	Ed Wheeler
	wheeler@vmi.edu 		(540) 464-7548

Lynn Abbott		
	e-mail: abbott@vt.edu		(540) 231-4472
Russell Churchill
	arcova@swva.net			(540) 731-0655
		Ira Jacobs
	ijacobs@vt.edu			(540) 231-5620
		Andy Stevenson
	ac@salem.ge.com		(540) 387-8471
Junior Past Chairman:
		Anbo Wang
	awang@vt.edu			(540) 231-4355

Representative:		vacant

Industry Applications
		Walter Hill
	hill-wa@salem.ge.com		(540) 387-8619
Microwave Theory & Techniques/Electron Devices
		Hausila Singh
	hsingh@gtc.itt.com		(540) 563-8639

Industrial Electronics/Computer/Control Systems
		David Geer
	d.geer@ieee.org			(540) 387-7359
Power Engineering
		Subhas Sarkar
	vtc@roanoke.infi.net		(540)  345-9892  x-152

Awards :
Membership Development:
		Russell Churchill
	arcova@swva.net 		(540)-731-0655
		Anbo Wang
	awang@vt.edu 			(540) 231-4355
		Lynn Abbott
	abbott@vt.edu 			(540)-231-4472
		Wayne Scales
	wayne@starchild.ee.vt.edu 	(540)-231-5622
PACE :	Dan Jackson
	d.jackson@ieee.org 		(540)-774-0484
Program :	Usha Varshney
	varshney@usit.net 		(540)-731-0655
Publicity :	John Fennick
	j.fennick@ieee.org		(540) 552-0052
Student Activities:
		Ira Jacobs
	ijacobs@vt.edu 			(540)-231-5620

Editor: 	John Fennick
	j.fennick@ieee.org 		(540) 552-0052

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