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IEEE Region 3, Council 09, Section 65                            
  October 1999
October Meeting                         1 
        Joint Meeting with Industry 
        Dr. Jason Lai
        Electric Vehicles and 
        Power Electronics
Abstract                                2
Reservations                            3
Sept.  Meeting Report                   4
New Members - Problems                  5
Chair’s Comment                         6
Attention Seniors/Fellows               7
New Edu. Satellite Series Avail.        8
IEEE – FIRST Alliance                   9
Membership Renewal via Web              10
1999-2000 VMS Schedule                  11
Your IEEE Benefits                      12
VMS Section                             13

*****************************************( 1 )

October 21

Joint Meeting with Industry 

Dr. Jason Lai
Virginia Tech

Electric Vehicles and 
Power Electronics

*****************************************( 2 )

Center for Power Electronics Center 
(CPES) is a recently formed National 
Science Foundation’s Engineering 
Research Center. Research activities can 
be found in all aspects of power 
electronics applications. The electric 
vehicle (EV) related research projects 
include soft-switching inverters for 
traction motor drives, bi-directional dc/dc 
chargers, traction motor-inverter 
integration, etc. The presentation will 
start with the background of recent EV 
development. Several questions regarding 
EV performance will then be discussed. 
What is the hybrid EV (HEV)? How fast 
can EV/HEV run? How efficient are 
EV/HEVs? How far can EV/HEV go? 
What is the latest development in the EV 
industry? Can fuel cell replace battery? 
How does academic power electronics 
research help EV industry?  

About the Speaker
Jih-Sheng (Jason) Lai received M. S. and 
Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering 
from the University of Tennessee, 
Knoxville, in 1985 and 1989 respectively.  

From 1980 to 1983, he was the Head of 
the Electrical Engineering Department of 
the Ming-Chi Institute of Technology, 
Taipei, Taiwan, where he initiated a 
power electronics program and received a 
grant from his college and a fellowship 
from the National Science Council to 
study abroad.  In 1986, he became a staff 
member at the University of Tennessee, 
where he taught control systems and 
energy conversion courses.  In 1989, he 
joined the Electric Power Research 
Institute (EPRI) Power Electronics 
Applications Center (PEAC), where he 
managed EPRI-sponsored power 
electronics research projects.  From 1993, 
he worked with the Oak Ridge National 
Laboratory as the Power Electronics Lead 
Scientist, where he initiated a high power 
electronics program and developed several 
novel high power converters including 
multilevel converters and auxiliary 
resonant snubber based soft-switching 
inverters.  His work brought him several 
distinctive awards including a Technical 
Achievement Award in Lockheed Martin 
Award Night, two IEEE IAS Conference 
Paper Awards from Industrial Power 
Converter Committee, one IEEE IECON 
Best Paper Award, and an Advanced 
Technology Award from Inventors Clubs 
of America.  Since August 1996, he has 
been with the Virginia Polytechnic 
Institute and State University as an 
Associate Professor. He is currently one of 
the core faculty members of the NSF 
Center for Power Electronics Systems 
(CPES) with main research areas in high 
power electronics converter topologies, 
motor drives, and utility power electronics 
interface and application issues.  He has 
published more than 75 technical papers 
and 2 books. He received 8 U.S. patents in 
the area of high power electronics and 
their applications.  

Dr. Lai is a senior member of IEEE and 
the Chairman of the IEEE Power 
Electronics Society Standards Committee.  
He is also a member of Phi Kappa Phi and 
Eta Kappa Nu honor societies.

*****************************************( 3 )
Date:   Thursday, October 21, 1999
Social:                 6:30 PM
Dinner:                 7:00 PM
Talk:                   8:00 PM
Cost:  Member or Guest  $12.00
Student                 $ 6.00

Place:  AEP Auditorium, 
Christiansburg Industrial Park.
From the east and south: I81 exit 118, Rt. 
11 south about 0.1 to 0.2 mile. Right into 
the Christiansburg Industrial Park 
(between the Exxon station and Pizza 
Hut), left onto Prospect to the end. AEP: 
brick green-roof building. 

By 5 PM: Monday. October 18
   Dan Jackson          (540) 774-0484
   Ira Jacobs   (540) 231-5620
   David Livingston     (540) 464-7545
Radford and Christiansburg:
   Russell Churchill    (540) 731-0655

*****************************************( 4 )
Meeting Report

IEEE Virginia Mountain Section
VMS 50th Anniversary 
September 16, 1999
Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke, Virginia

Fifty-two IEEE members, guests, and 
students gathered at the Hotel Roanoke for 
a gala celebration honoring the 1949 
founding of the Virginia Mountain 
Section.  Although Hurricane Floyd had 
threatened to join the festivities, this 
turned out to be an unfounded concern 
and did not dampen the spirits of the 
attendees.  The evening provided a very 
enjoyable opportunity to socialize with 
distinguished Section members including 
Fellows and Past Presidents as well as 
each other.  An excellent meal (oh, those 
desserts!) was tastefully offered by the 
Hotel Roanoke staff.

Dale C. Caston, Region 3 Director, 
congratulated the Section on its 
achievements over the years and the 
Section and Region leaders which have 
come forth.  He concluded his remarks by 
presenting Chairman Dan Jackson with a 
3' x 5' commemorative banner.  Dan 
promptly turned the banner over to Vice 
Chairman Dave Kingma for proper care 
and display at future events.

Paul Kostek, 1999 IEEE USA President, 
spoke on the IEEE-USA and Engineering 
in the 21st century.  Paul provided a very 
insightful and relevant perspective on 
contemporary engineering career success 
and corporate organizational trends.  He 
emphasized the need to manage your own 
career and develop your own resources 
rather than depending on your present 
firm for life-long employment.  IEEE-
USA is one such resource focused on 
members' careers, delivering new and 
improved services, and trying new 
approaches to make the profession better 
heard in Washington.  Paul also thanked 
all of the volunteers who contribute their 
time to make IEEE-USA successful 
including the members, spouses, 
employers and their employees.  Paul 
fielded questions following his talk and 
assured listeners Y2K would not be a 

The 1999 IEEE President, Kenneth R. 
Laker, was also scheduled to present his 
thoughts on the "21st Century IEEE-The 
Exemplary Global Engineering Society".  
Unfortunately, the weather prevented Dr. 
Laker from visiting with us.  However, he 
communicated his congratulations and 
assurances of a future visit in a message 
read by Dan Jackson.  After presenting 
Paul Kostek with a Certificate of 
Appreciation, Dan closed the meeting.  
Many attendees stayed after the meeting 
to enjoy further association with their 
colleagues and friends.

...Howard J. Moses

*****************************************( 5 )
New VMS Members
- Welcome –

Probable Goofs

There have been problems recently with 
monthly membership updates. As a result, 
identifying members new to the Section 
has been “iffy”. It is likely some “Old 
Timers” have received welcome letters 
and some newcomers slighted.

Our apologies in either case. 

The problem is being worked.


*****************************************( 6 )
by Dan Jackson

Our section's 50th anniversary is now 
behind us. A new millennium is 
before us. We need to make the next 
fifty years of the Virginia Mountain 
Section even better than the first 
fifty. Our programs for this coming 
year, as arranged by Dave Kingma, 
are a good start. But we need your 
participation (attendance) to make 
them successful programs.

All of you, except Student and 
Associate Members, should have 
received your IEEE election ballots. 
If you have not returned it, go find it 
NOW, make your selections, and put 
it in the mail TODAY. It must be 
signed in the appropriate place and 
received by 12 noon November 1 to be 
counted. Your vote does make a 
difference. Some IEEE elections have 
been determined by just a handful of 
votes. Two years ago the winning 
margin was 486 votes, 1.1 percent.

On October 8-11 Sections Congress 
'99 was held in Minneapolis, MN. 
This Congress, which takes place 
every three years, provides an 
opportunity for section leaders 
worldwide to exchange views on 
Section problems and their solutions. 
The primary delegates prioritize 
issues of concern to the IEEE 
members. These issues are forwarded 
to the Board of Directors for action 
over the next three years. I assure you 
that the Board does take action. Much 
of the electronic communication and 
publication in the IEEE today is the 
result of issues coming from SC'93 in 
San Juan and SC'96 in Denver. Dave 
Kingma was the primary Delegate 
from the Virginia Mountain Section 
and your chair attended as a speaker 
on Admissions and Advancement. 
Monica Mallini, a recent member of 
our section and a past chair of the 
Beaumont, TX Section, also attended 
as a speaker on Small Sections. I am 
sure that all of us will be glad to 
report on the results of the Congress 
in the future. Dave will be able to 
apply the new knowledge he acquired 
as our Vice Chair and future Section 

I look forward to seeing each of you 
at our next meeting.


*****************************************( 7 )

December 11 is Your Day

On December 11 the Admissions and 
Advancement Committee will 
convene an ad hoc working group in 
Roanoke to review applications for 
elevation and admission to Senior 
Member Grade. The ad hoc working 
group will consist of Senior Members 
and Fellows from the Virginia 
Mountain Section. Here is your 
opportunity to participate in the 
admission and advancement process.

As the chair of the A & A Committee 
I will need your help on Saturday, 
December 11. I will be sending each 
of you a letter requesting your 
participation and including specific 
details closer to the date.

Mark your calendar now!
December 11, 
A & A Panel 8:30am. 
Wyndham Hotel-Roanoke Airport 
(formerly the Marriott).

Dan Jackson
Chair Admissions & Advancement 

*****************************************( 8 )
Webcasting/Satellite Series On 
Project Management Now 
Available To IEEE Members

PISCATAWAY, NJ, 24 September 1999 
– The IEEE, together with the 
International Institute for Learning, Inc. 
(IIL), is offering to IEEE members a 10% 
discount on the webcasting/satellite 
training series Hot Topics, Tools and 
Techniques in Project Management. 
Beginning 21 October 1999, registered 
IEEE members can watch the six, three-
hour live broadcasts via satellite at 
locations throughout the U.S., or access 
the entire program via the Internet at any 
time during and after the live broadcasts. 
The series will be simultaneously 
translated into Spanish.

Designed to bring applicable project 
management methods to thousands of 
individuals around the world, the series 
will cover the following topics: 

- Project Management Overview 
21 October 1999  
- Meet or Exceed Customer 
Expectations While Minimizing 
Scope Creep 28 October 1999
- Schedule and Budget Your Projects 
Using WBS and CPM       
4 November 1999
- Control Your Projects Using EVA 
18 November 1999
- Project Management 
Entrepreneurship & Risk 
Management   2 December 1999
- Manage Multiple Projects and 
Replicate Success               
9 December 1999

For those watching the broadcasts live via 
satellite, each session will run from 
11:00am to 2:00pm, eastern standard 
time. The lead instructor for this series is 
Dr. Al. Zeitoun, and select topics will be 
taught by IIL’s accomplished instructors 
in project management. Participants are 
eligible to receive 1.8 CEUs and 18 PDUs. 
IEEE members receive a 10% discount off 
the list price of $500 per person or $6000 
per site license.

To register or receive information on 
satellite downlink locations, how to access 
the series via the internet, and site 
licenses, contact IIL via:
the internet (www.iil.com), 
phone (800.385.4350 or 417.236.0992), 
fax (417.236.0964), or 
e-mail (learning@iil.com). 

To speak with a representative from the 
IEEE about the program, contact 
Alan Trembly at

*****************************************( 9 )
IEEE Forms an Alliance with 

 (MANCHESTER, NH) 22 September 
1999 - The IEEE became a technical 
co-sponsor of FIRST (For Inspiration 
and Recognition of Science and 
Technology) today at a ceremony at 
the FIRST Place Science and 
Technology Facility in Manchester, 
NH. Dr. Arthur Winston, Vice 
President of the IEEE Educational 
Activities Board, was on hand to sign 
the agreement with Dean Kamen, 
Founder of FIRST. This alliance 
supports the IEEE's strategic goal to 
"enhance the quality of instruction 
and foster student interest in 
mathematics, engineering, and 

The IEEE has now joined other 
organizations such as ASME and 
NASA in helping to provide technical 
expertise and mentors for students 
who participate in FIRST programs. 
FIRST Founder Kamen said, "We 
look forward to collaborating with the 
IEEE to help expand our programs to 
provide young men and women with 
experiences that will prepare them for 
real world work in science and 
technology fields."

FIRST sponsors the nationally 
recognized FIRST Robotics 
Competition each year for high-
school students throughout the United 
States. Teams of students and 
engineers work together to 
brainstorm, design, construct, and 
test their "champion robots" to see if 
they meet the assigned challenges. 
The student teams then compete in a 
spirited, no-holds barred 
competitions, complete with referees, 
cheerleaders, and time clocks. The 
competition's National Championship 
takes place each spring at Epcot of 
Orlando, FL. Other programs include 
a new junior version of the 
Competition called FIRST LEGO 
League for middle and junior high 
school students, and a variety of 
hands-on, science-based summer 
camps and after school programs at 
FIRST Place for students ages 10-13.

 As a co-sponsor of FIRST, the IEEE 
will encourage its members to loan 
their technical expertise to students 
as they construct their projects for the 
robotics competition. There are many 
ways IEEE members can participate 
in the IEEE/FIRST collaboration. 
These include:
- Volunteering to be a technical 
consultant for a local FIRST 
- Asking their employer to become 
a corporate sponsor by providing 
financial assistance to a local 
FIRST team 
- Assisting FIRST competition 
coordinators with the planning 
and development of an event in 
their region. 
- Spreading the word about the 
FIRST Robotics Competition to 
local schools and IEEE student 
- Urging their own children to join 
a local FIRST team.

To speak with a representative from 
the IEEE about getting involved with 
FIRST activities, contact Christy 
Bouziotis at 


To find out more about FIRST, visit 
them on the Web at <www.usfirst.org.

FIRST is a non-profit organization 
started by Kamen in 1989 whose 
mission is to generate interest in 
science and engineering among 
today's youth. FIRST brings together 
an alliance of industry, education, 
and government organizations. 
Kamen, an entrepreneur and inventor 
with over 100 patents, is President of 
DEKA Research and Development 

*****************************************( 10 )

Want to save time, reduce paperwork and 
avoid mail delays? To help you attain 
those goals, IEEE is promoting 
membership renewal and new applications 
via an interactive web site.

Web Renewal will be offered for the 2000 
membership renewal starting 1 October 
1999. IEEE Members are invited to renew 
for 2000 by completing the convenient on-
line renewal form at


 To renew on-line, please have your 
member number and a credit card handy. 
You will also need to use your IEEE Web 
Account Username. If you don't remember 
your Web Account Username or want to 
change your password, go to

New members should go to 
 for information and access to application 
forms. For more information, contact 
IEEE Member Services.
USA & Canada: +1 800 678 4333 
(voice) Worldwide: +1 732 981 0060 
(voice) member-services@ieee.org


Your renewal application has the 
details but all you need do is point 
your browser to:


and follow directions provided. The 
path to create the required IEEE Web 
Account also starts there.

I just did all that - it’s the way to go. 
Give it a try this year.


*****************************************( 11 )


September 16
50th Anniversary
Hotel Roanoke
October 21
Joint Meeting with Industry 
Dr. Jason Lai, Virginia Tech
Topic: "Electric Vehicles and Power Electronics"

Appalachian Electric Power, 
November 18
Spouses Night
Nancy Vorona, Industry Director for Advanced
Materials & Electronics, Virginia Center for
Innovative Technology
"The Electronics Industry in Virginia
 - Plans for the Future"
Clarion Hotel, Roanoke

January 20
Joint Meeting: Microwave 
Theory and Techniques
Roger Marks, Distinguished Lecturer, NIST
"Standards for Broadband Wireless Access Systems”
Appalachian Electric Power,
February 17
Bart Cregger, Assistant Dean of Engineering, VCU
"Engineering Education for the 21st Century: 
The Model at VCU"
Appalachian Electric Power,
March 16
Joint Meeting: Industrial 
VMI, Lexington

April 20
Student Project Night
Virginia Tech
May 18
Plant Tour
Cloverdale Station

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