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IEEE  Region  3,  Council  9,  Section  65                September 1995


[1] September Meeting
[2] Reservations
[3] May  Meeting Report - First Mini-Symposium Results
[4] Spring Election Results
[5] Electronic Newsletter
[6] Computer/Control/IES Chapter News
[7] Region - Job Information
[8] IEEE - New Web Pages
[9] nnouncing Educational and Career Planning Activities from the IEEE
[11] For Your Information

September Meeting

Richard O. Claus

Fiber & Electro-Optics Research Center
Virginia  Tech

 Optical Fiber Sensor Instrumentation for 
Smart Materials and Structures

Quality Inn - Salem
7:00 PM, Thursday
September 21, 1995

The Fiber & Electro-Optics Research Center (FEORC) in the 
Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering at Virginia 
Tech has been instrumental in developing optical fiber-based 
sensor devices and systems for "smart materials and 
structures."  Smart materials are materials that have their own 
internal capabilities to sense and respond to changes in their 
surrounding environment. Examples extend from 
photochromic sunglasses to adaptively camouflaged airplanes.  
In many cases, optical fiber technology may be used to 
implement part of the functionality of such materials, 
primarily by allowing distributed environmental sensing over 
long distances without electromagnetic interference.  Fibers 
are envisioned to be the "nerves" in some future "smart" 
material system designs.

Recent high-visibility programs in which FEORC has 
provided basic technology have included two ARPA TRP 
programs and one NIST ATP program. This talk summarizes 
FEORC's on-campus work in novel fiber materials, devices, 
instrumentation and communication systems, describes the 
use of optical fiber sensors in particular for the 
characterization of materials and structures, and outlines 
future research, product and application directions in these 

About the Author 
Rick Claus has worked as a member of the EE faculty at 
Virginia Tech since 1977.  Since 1986 he has served as the 
director of FEORC and currently holds the Willis G. 
Worcester professorship in the Bradley Department of 
Electrical Engineering.  With students, research staff , faculty 
and industry and government colleagues, he has authored or 
co-authored more than 600 journal and conference 
publications, and 12 US patents, six of which have been 
licensed. Within IEEE, he has served as an officer, including 
president, of the Virginia Mountain Section, and coordinated 
student activities on the Region 3 executive committee for 
several years. He is a senior member of IEEE and a fellow of 
the Optical Engineering Society.  In 1993 he received 
unofficial honors from the motor pool at Virginia Tech for 
driving the second largest number of miles of any university 
faculty member, mostly working with companies in Virginia. 

for the September Meeting

	Thursday, September 21
	Time:	6:30 PM	Social
		7:00 PM	Dinner
		8:00 PM	Program
	Place:	Quality Inn - Salem
		Route 419, east of I-81
		at Exit 141
	Cost:	Member or Guest	$ 12.00
		Student			$   4.50

For reservations, please contact one of the following 
representatives before 5 PM on Monday, September 18:

Roanoke:	    John Naber		563-3913
		    Hausila Singh		563-8639
Blacksburg:	    Lynn Abbott		231-4472
		    Wayne Scales		231-5622
Lexington:	    Dick Skutt		464-7236
Radford and Christiansburg:
		   Russell Churchill	731-0655

VMS Section Activities

Meeting Report

First Mini Symposium
The IEEE Virginia Mountain Section held its first Technical 
Mini-Symposium and Student Paper Contest at the May 
meeting. The five very interesting papers, four graduate and 
one undergraduate, created a problem for the judges in 
selecting "winners". Hausila Singh solved the dilemma with 
an ingenious plan to equitably distribute the prize money.

The winners and awards were as follows:

FIRST PLACE ($100 award)
V. Arya, "Microbending Effects in Singlemode Optical 
Fibers:  Investigation and Novel Applications".

SECOND PLACE ($50 award)
R. Skidmore, "The Development of the Virginia Tech Virtual 

THIRD PLACE (This was a three way tie with $25 awarded 
for each presentation. - Hausila's idea. )

R. Hudson and R. Bittner, "TCP/IP Traffic Multiplexing as a 
Low Cost Approach to Internet Connectivity". 

T. Kou, "Parameter Estimation of Exponential Signals in 
Colored Noise Environments".

B. Schilling, "Real-time Pre-processing of Holograph 

Again, congratulations.

Many people were pleasantly surprised at the excellent 
participation on the part of the students, particularly in view 
of the short notice and the fact that the academic year was 
over at the time of the meeting. The Section plans to have 
another session of this type as part of this year's activities. A 
firm date has not been set but it is likely to be in March or 
April. Now is not too early to begin preparing your talk. We 
will keep you informed as plans progress.


Election Results

The tally of your votes in the Spring election resulted in the 
following new slate of officers, Executive Committee 
members and Chapter Chairmen:

Officers for '95-'96
	Wayne Scales - Chairman
	Jim Griffiths - Vice Chairman
	Anbo Wang - Secretary/Treasurer
(That's the way the voting went,
but things changed, see below)
Executive Committee 
	David Geer 
	Dan Jackson
	Ira Jacobs
	John Naber
Chapter Chairmen
	Walter Hill - Industry Applications
	Hausila Singh - Microwave Theory &
		          Technique/Electron Device/ PE
	David Geer - Industrial Electronics/CS

However, early in the summer, Jim Griffiths moved to New 
England and of course had to resign. In accordance with the 
VMS by-laws, Anbo Wang moved into the Vice Chairman 
position and David Livingston, a Professor at Virginia 
Western Community College was appointed by the Executive 
Committee to assume the post of Secretary/Treasurer. So the 
new officers are:

	Wayne Scales - Chairman
	Anbo Wang - Vice Chairman
	David Livingston - Secretary/Treasurer


Electronic Newsletter

If you have not yet subscribed you are strongly encouraged to 
sign up. No, we will not remove your name from the regular 
mailing list if you do sign up.

To Subscribe, see instructions in the For Your Information 
section on the last page.

Computer/Control/IES Chapter

Fall Video

The first meeting of the new season will be held

September 12, 1995  
  5:30 PM
General Electric Co. Auditorium
1501 Roanoke Boulevard, Salem, VA

A video on 
GE Turbine Control Systems
will be moderated by
John Cunningham of GE

The meeting is open to all IEEE members and guests. There 
is no admission charge. Light refreshments will be available 
for a nominal charge. Please call Sandy Gurian, 703-387-
5905, or e-mail to gurian_s@salem.ge.com for reservations. 
Come to the main plant entrance, near the flagpole. Please be 
prompt so we can start on time.

IEEE VMS Video Library
Selected tapes from the Video Series can be borrowed for 
personal use. Contact Dave Geer, 703-387-7359 or e-mail to 

Region Activities
Job Information 

Region 3 Bulletin Board System
The Professional Activities Operation (PAO) - Employment 
Assistance Subcommittee made the Region 3 Bulletin Board 
System (BBS) operational during the winter of 1995. The 
intent of the R-3 BBS is to improve communications within 
our region by providing a central point to share information 
about the Institute. Region, Area/Council, Section, and most 
importantly the membership. A major reason for the existence 
of our BBS is to provide employment assistance to our 
members by listing job opportunities. The R-3 BBS was 
demonstrated at the R-3 Excom meeting January 28-29, l995 
in Birmingham, AL.

If you have a Personal Computer (PC) with a communications 
modem and software and are an IEEE member within Region 
3, all you to do is dial the following number via your 

1 -800-555-REG3 or 1-800-555-7343
(number for members outside the Atlanta area)

You will log on by providing your name as it appears on 
your membership card. This will become your user ID. Your 
password will be your IEEE member number. Then follow 
the menu. Job listings are found by keying to R-3 
Professional Activities |G| then Employment/Job Postings 
|E|. A major effort will be made by the PAO - Employment 
Assistance Subcommittee in 1995 to expand and enhance this 
employment assistance service by adding job listings from 
major newspapers, job agencies, and member companies 
within the southeast.

ETI Database
The Region 3 Electro-Technology Industries Database (ETI-
DB) became operational in November, 1994. The goal of the 
ETI-DB is to provide information on more than 40,000 
companies and organizations employing technical professional 
people such as our IEEE members within the southeast. The 
data base lists the name and address of the company, name of 
person to contact, number of technical employees, total 
number of employees, and the type of products with which 
the company is involved. The database can be queried in a 
variety of ways: by company name or a part of the name, by 
city, state, Standard Industrial Code (SIC), and by telephone 
area code.

Several enhancements are planned for 1995. A major effort 
will be made to expand the information contained and to add 
new companies.

Here's how to register:
The following demonstrates an example of a completely 
filled- out request  for  access  to the IEEE Region 3 Electro-
Technology  Industry Database.

NAMELINE: 41234567 Jones, John Q.
ADDRESS1: 9999 Main Street Apt. #123A
ADDRESS2: Birmingham, Al 99999-0000
STBRANCH: University of Anytown
HOMENMBR: 205-555-1234
WORKNMBR: 205-555-1235 x1711
EMPLOYER: Anytown Engineering Corporation
EMAILADR: user@eng.lab.workplace.com
All   requests   for  access  should  be e-mailed   to:

If any line does not apply, put in the title but leave the 
information slot blank.

After being granted access, send e-mail system search 
requests to:
Mail all comments or questions regarding system operation 
Questions and comments on general system operation should 
be addressed to:
	ETI Database Coordinator, David Green, UAB
	E & CE Department, Birmingham AL 35294-4461
	Tel: (205) 934-8440; FAX: (205) 975-3337
	e-mail: empadmin.r03@eng.uab.edu

IEEE Activities

New Web Pages!

Educational Activities
The IEEE Educational Activities Department has developed a 
page for the World Wide Web. Accessible with any text- or 
graphics-based Web browser, the Education Web Page is 
designed to provide information about continuing electrical 
engineering education to individuals working in the field. 
Featured on the page are:

  Professional Development Activities to help enhance your 
  Continuing Education Products, including books, 
videotapes and self-study courses, to help you remain 
technically vital;
  Accreditation Activities, for information on becoming a 
Program Evaluator;
  Educational Activities Board meeting minutes and rosters; 
  Education News, featuring announcements of recent or 
upcoming events related to electrical engineering 

Using any text- or graphics-based Web browser, go to 
for the IEEE Education Web Page. The main IEEE Web Page 
is located at
The Education Web Page will be updated every two weeks, 
so check back often for current electrical engineering 
education news.
For more information, contact:
	Gale Langseth, Outreach Coordinator
	Educational Activities
	IEEE, 445 Hoes Lane
	PO Box 1331
	Piscataway, New Jersey 08855-1331
	(908) 562-6526

IEEE Societies Information
Society Home Pages include information on Society 
membership, activities, publications, conferences, local 
Chapter activities and much more. To open any of these 
Home Pages, access the IEEE Society Home Pages at:
Twenty one societies are represented there.

IEEE Educational Programs Eligible for 
Continuing Education Units

IEEE Societies, Sections, and Chapters may now apply to 
offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for their short 
courses and conferences.

In an effort to promote and enhance the value of educational 
programs provided by the IEEE, the IEEE joined the 
International Association for Continuing Education and 
Training (IACET), an organization established to promote the 
legitimate use of the Continuing Education Unit. To offer 
CEUs for short courses, seminars, and conferences, IEEE 
educational entities must follow IACET guidelines.

The CEU can lend further credence to the quality of IEEE 
educational offerings. Given the current trend of state-
mandated continuing education for licensed professionals, the 
CEU, which equals 10 Professional Development Hours 
(PDH), provides a strong incentive for those wishing to 
document professional development activities.

To reduce the burden of record maintenance on Societies, 
Sections, and Chapters, Educational Activities will maintain a 
central registry. For a small fee, Educational Activities will 
maintain student records, issue transcripts, and provide 
certificates for completed courses.

For additional information on obtaining IACET guidelines 
and applying to offer CEUs, please contact Peter Wiesner, 
Ed.D., or Gale Langseth, IEEE Educational Activities, 445 
Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08855; (908)562-5500; (908) 
981-1686 (fax); p.wiesner@ieee.org or g.langseth@ieee.org.

Announcing Educational and Career 
Planning Activities from the IEEE

Would you like to know how to keep up to date technically? 
Do you want to plan your professional or technical career 
path? The Educational Activities Board (EAB) of the Institute 
of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has developed 
or is planning several projects that are responsive to your 
educational and professional needs.

The EAB is developing the Career Asset Manager (CAM) to 
help IEEE members appraise their assets, set career goals, 
and lay out a plan for reaching those goals. Engineers will be 
able to use CAM to assess their education and experience and 
determine what knowledge may be required to further their 
careers. CAM will provide guidelines for a continuing 
education curriculum, including technical and non-technical 
skills, and will keep track of career milestones. Eventually, 
CAM will offer members an electronic road map: where to 
start, where to go, and how to get there.

Educational Activities (EA) currently has several projects to 
help IEEE members participate in continuing education 
activities. EA sponsors an educational registry to track 
Continuing Education Units earned, and is reviewing study 
materials currently available for the Professional Engineering 

EA also publishes books and self-study courses to help 
engineers with lifelong learning. Self-study courses offer 
graduate-level applied technical education. Career opportunity 
guides are being planned to help students select a suitable 
career path. And the Engineers Guide to Business series 
offers inexpensive, easy-to-use information on non-technical 
subjects. This series, which is being expanded at the rate of 
four titles per year, includes Writing for Career Growth, 
Building Internal Team Partnerships, Presentations That 
Work, and Starting a High Tech Company. Future titles 
include Starting to Manage, Working in a Global 
Environment, Ethical Engineering, and Marketing  for 

For further information on any of the above projects, please 
contact Barbara Coburn, Educational Activities Department, 
IEEE, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08855; (908) 562-

Jerry Aukland, Chair
Continuing Education Committee
Dan Jackson, Chair
Professional Development Committee


IEEE-USA has negotiated an agreement with Résumé-Link 
Inc. establishing the Electrotechnology Résumé Referral 
Service.  IEEE members can place their résumés free of 
charge on this national database used by employers to fill job 
openings. Members may register for the service with or 
without a current résumé.  The appropriate information forms 
are available through the World Wide Web at


or by calling

 Résumé-Link at 614-529-0429.

Once the registrant has submitted the information, it will be 
posted on the database within 48 hours and will remain active 
for six months.  The participant may renew the listing by 
returning a reminder card and submitting updated 
information. 	The service matches résumés with employer 
inquiries, except for those which the participant has 
specifically denied access on the information form. Search 
criteria can include technical skills, job functions and 
geographical preferences.  When a match is made, Résumé-
Link forwards participant information to the employer, who 
then may contact the candidate directly.  

	The Electrotechnology Résumé Referral Service 
expands IEEE-USA's array of employment assistance 
services, which include a variety of free employment-
assistance information for unemployed members.  For more 
information on these programs, contact Bill Anderson at 202-
785-0017, ext. 330, or

For Your Information

Change of Address
Submit to:              IEEE Service Center
                445 Hoes Lane, PO Box 1331
                Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331
                Telephone:   800-678-IEEE
                e-mail: address.change@ieee.org
         (Changes are forwarded to the Newsletter)

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