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IEEE Region 3, Council 09, Section 65 
September 1999
September Meeting       ....    ....    1
        VMS 50th
Distingushed Speakers:
   Kenneth R. Laker
        1999 IEEE President.... ....    2
   Paul Kostek
        1999 IEEE-USA President....     3
Reservations            ....    ....    4
May Meeting Report      ....    ....    5
New VMS Members         ....    ....    6
Chair’s Comment         ....    ....    7
New Senior Members      ....    ....    8
Arun Phadke: Award Recipient.   ....    9
Computer/Control/IES meeting.   ....    10
Pre-College Engineering ....    ....    11
PE Exam Video           ....    ....    12
Sloan Career Resources Kit..    ....    13
NEW: Membership Information..   ....    14
1998-99 VMS Schedule    ....    ....    15
Your IEEE Benefits      ....    ....    16
VMS Section             ....    ....    17

***********************************************( 1 )

September Meeting
VMS 50th Anniversary 

Hotel Roanoke

Thursday, September 16, 1999

Social Hour     6:00-7:00pm
Dinner  7:00-8:00pm
Program         8:00
   Members       $20.00
   Students     10.00
   Guests       20.00

***********************************************( 2 )
Kenneth R. Laker
1999 IEEE President

21st Century IEEE - The Exemplary 
Global Engineering Society

The IEEE indeed enjoys a rich historical 
heritage has provided a robust foundation 
for its growth and evolution during the 
20th century. Through the dedication and 
hard work of thousands of IEEE 
volunteers worldwide, the IEEE is well 
positioned to embrace the 21st century. 
From this perspective, I speak for the 
entire IEEE in congratulating the IEEE 
Virginia Mountain Section on achieving 
its 50th Anniversary.

The 21st century IEEE embraces change 
as its trusted companion, shapes it to its 
purpose, and rides its crest capably. In 
doing so it is a role model for its members 
and the profession. My purpose is to 
provide an IEEE President's vision of the 
21st century IEEE.

Dr. Laker received the B.E. degree in 
Electrical Engineering from Manhattan 
College, and the MS and Ph.D. degrees 
from New York University. From 1973-
77, he served as a USAF officer at the Air 
Force Cambridge Research Labs. He then 
joined AT&T Bell Labs, where he 
conducted and managed R&D. He was 
appointed to the University of 
Pennsylvania faculty in 1984, as Professor 
and Chair of the Electrical Engineering 
Department. He served as Department 
Chair until the end of the 1992 academic 
year. In 1990 he was appointed the Alfred 
Fitler Moore Professor of Electrical 

***********************************************( 3 )
Paul Kostek
1999 IEEE-USA President

IEEE-USA and Engineering in the 
21st Century

The evolution of engineering has lead to 
the evolution of IEEE-USA. We have 
moved from an environment where 
careers were relatively straight forward 
and long term to today where careers take 
many twists and turns. A highflying 
company today can be gone tomorrow. We 
need to anticipate these changes and 
respond. Members need a resource on how 
to manage their careers along with finding 
out about the latest trends. By developing 
partnerships with industry, IEEE-USA is 
lending greater visibility to employment 
opportunities. At the same time IEEE-
USA is needed to speak out on the issues 
affecting members' careers. Activism is 
necessary not just for public policy, but 
also for our careers. The new IEEE-USA 
is focused on members careers, delivering 
new and improved services, and trying 
new approaches to make the profession 
better heard in Washington. 

Paul Kostek is a systems engineer with 
TekSci, a software consulting firm in 
Seattle, working with high tech firms in 
the application of systems engineering 
and in software development. He earned 
his BS degree from the University of 
Massachusetts in 1979. He is the 1999 
IEEE-USA President and a Member of the 
IEEE Board of Directors. Paul also serves 
as the Executive Vice President and as a 
Member of the IEEE Aerospace & 
Electronics Systems Society Board of 

***********************************************( 4 )
By 12 noon: Monday Sept 13

   Dan Jackson          (540) 774-0484
   Ira Jacobs   (540) 231-5620
   David Livingston     (540) 857-6261
Radford and Christiansburg:
   Russell Churchill    (540) 731-0655

***********************************************( 5 )
May Meeting Report
VMS Plant Tour
Litton Poly-Scientific

Dave Kingma welcomed the group to 
Litton Poly-Scientific with a slide and 
video presentation.  The division is 
headquartered in Blacksburg and has 
1130 employees in four locations.  
Products designed and manufactured in 
Blacksburg include slip rings, fiber optics, 
torque motors, cube motors, resolvers, 
motor controls, twist capsules and security 
products.  The company was founded in 
1953 by James Pandapas and became part 
of Litton Industries in 1963.  Design 
capability for the broad product line 
includes competencies in tribology, 
electrical and mechanical engineering, 
materials engineering, motion control, 
electro-optical design and analytical 
support.  Laboratory and shop facilities 
are comprehensive including a materials 
lab, model shop, assembly areas, machine 
shop, electroplating, welding and a clean 

Following Dave's introduction an 
informative tour of the facility with stops 
at various product display sites was 
enjoyed by the group.  Michael Nelson 
showed slip rings for space applications, 
and Tom Layne explained motor and 
resolver products.  Barry Witherspoon 
reviewed the R&D Lab instrumentation, 
and Steve Cole showed special products 
for military helicopter rotors and tank 
turrets.  Dave demonstrated the fiber optic 
security systems. 

Thanks to Dave and his knowledgeable 
associates for an especially interesting 

...Howard J. Moses

***********************************************( 6 )
New VMS Members
- Welcome -

According to our latest updates, 30 IEEE 
members have recently joined the roster of 
the Virginia Mountain Section. All have 
received welcome letters from Dan 
Jackson describing VMS activities. We 
hope to see and meet all of you at future 
meetings and join Dan in extending a 
warm welcome to:

Jaime Barreto, Wytheville
Kirk Carter, Blacksburg
John Conley, Salem
Bruno Corniere, Blacksburg
John Critchfield, Blacksburg
Bradley Davis, Blacksburg
Michael Duffy, Elliston
Carl Fossa, Christiansburg
Matthew Grey, Blacksburg
Glenn Hammond, Roanoke
Matthias Imhof, Blacksburg
Kevin Layman, Blacksburg
Ted Leonard, Roanoke
M. Lyon, Roanoke
Monica Mallini, Blacksburg
Gabriel Mateescu, Blacksburg
Paul Mathew, Roanoke
Paromita Mazumber, Blacksburg
C. W. McDowell, Roanoke
Jae Park, Blacksburg
Christopher Jac Rose, Falls Mills
Harold Simpson Jr., Salem
D. Smith, Lexington
William Spillman, Blacksburg
F. Stephenson, Blacksburg
James Van Ornum, Danville
Paul Washbum, Blacksburg
Layne Watson, Blacksburg
Chris White, Salem
Xunwei Zhou, Blacksburg


***********************************************( 7 )
Chair’s Comment
by Dan Jackson

Important announcement from EAB:

IEEE Education Activities Board 
Seeks Evaluators

The IEEE Educational Activities 
Board seeks engineering professionals 
from industrial, government, and 
academic sectors to serve as program 
evaluators for accrediting engineering 
and engineering technology programs 
at U.S. universities. Nominations will 
be accepted through 1 Nov. 1999. 
You may nominate yourself.

The IEEE members selected will attend a 
one day training seminar on the 
IEEE/ABET accreditation process, one of 
which will take place at the June 2000 
ASEE Annual Conference in Saint Louis. 
The IEEE and ABET, through their pool 
of trained program evaluators, will be able 
to visit engineering and engineering 
technology departments across the 
country. Evaluation sessions take place 
each fall and generally run for two to 
three days.

“Participation in the accreditation process 
for IEEE/ABET engineering programs is 
a major responsibility”. said Rae Toscano, 
manager of IEEE EAB Administration. 
Service as a program evaluator provides 
IEEE members with the opportunity to 
contribute to the achievement of high 
quality educational standards in 
engineering programs.

Nomination packages are available from: 
Accreditation Administrator, IEEE 
Educational Activities, 445 Hoes Lane, 
Piscataway, NJ. 08855-1331.

...Dan Jackson

***********************************************( 8 )

Four of our members were elected to 
Senior Member grade in June. 
Congratulations to:
? Lenwood S. Heath
? David L. Livingston
? Yilu Liu, and 
? Charles E. Nunnally
Senior Member is the highest grade 
ofmembership in the IEEE for which 
an individual can apply. 


***********************************************( 9 )

Arun G. Phadke, IEEE Fellow and 
Professor of Electrical Engineering at 
Virginia Tech, was approved by the IEEE 
Board of Directors as recipient of the 2000 
IEEE Herman Halperin Electric 
Transmission and Distribution Award. 

Phadke was honored "for leadership in the 
field of computer relaying and for the 
conception of the synchronized phasor 
measurement technique using GPS 
satellite signals."

Congratulations, Arun. 


***********************************************( 10 )
Computer / Control / 
Industrial Electronics 

May 1999 Meeting Report

Sunrayce 99 - Building a Solar 
Powered Car
Last May the Chapter met at Virginia 
Western Community College to see and 
hear the student racing team and their 
advisors discuss their entry in Sunrayce 
'99.  Sunrayce is a biennial event, 
sponsored by General Motors, the U.S. 
Dept. of Energy, and Electronic Data 
Systems Corp. The race lasts ten days.  
This year's route is from Washington DC 
to EPCOT Center in Orlando, Florida.  
About 40 college teams from the US and 
Canada entered.  VWCC was one of only 
three two-year schools to enter. 

Sunrayce cars are full-sized, human-
driven and solar powered.  VWCC's entry 
weighs 1050 pounds fully loaded, 
including the smallest driver on the team.  
It is powered by a 7.8 HP DC motor, 16 
lead-acid batteries and a .65 kW solar 

The project provided students with an 
opportunity for cross-disciplinary 
experience.  The tubular frame design was 
completed by a mechanical design class.  
The switching power supply and electrical 
circuitry were designed by electrical team 
This is a first-generation car;  that is it is 
the school's first entry in Sunrayce.  It 
sports a full independent suspension with 
rack and pinion steering, rear wheel drive, 
and twin solar arrays, front and rear.

In late April the car was driven, with 
police escort, from the school on Colonial 
Avenue to the Hotel Roanoke, for 
demonstration.  It also appeared in several 
parades around the valley.

Funding for the project comprised 
a$2000.00 grant from the college 
president and other cash donations for a 
total of about $8000. The solar panels 
were donated by Virginia Tech, and the 
motor and controller by Kollmorgen Corp.

Sadly, the car failed to qualify for the race 
in June.  Although it passed all the safety 
and design checks, it just didn't have 
enough power to make the grade.  Team 
members still enjoyed the many 
challenges of fund-raising, organization, 
scheduling, design, and construction.  
They had the chance to apply a systems 
approach to a real hands-on project, while  
the school received valuable publicity, and 
a source of inspiration for future student 

The team is already starting on a new car 
for SunRayce 2001. All donations would 
be appreciated, Valley View Mall has 
committed to  donating EPS material to 
build a mold for the next body.

For more information about Sunrayce, see 
the web site at www.sunrayce.com, or 
contact David Webb at 

Speakers and Topics – Any 

What would you like to hear about at 
Chapter meetings?   Here is your chance 
to express your views on computers, 
control systems, or any phase of industrial 

The audience consists of engineers, 
engineering students and professors, 
usually about a dozen or two.  The talks 
are brief, one hour or less, with a half-
hour for discussion afterwards.  If you are 
developing a presentation for a larger 
audience, here is an opportunity to try it 
out.  The format is informal.  

Chapter meetings are held on the second 
Tuesday of each month, from 5:00 to 7:00 
PM at the GE Main Plant, 1501 Roanoke 
Boulevard, Salem, VA. All IEEE 
Members and guests are welcome.  You 
do not have to be a member of the 

Please contact me with your ideas at (540) 
387-7359 or  d.geer@ieee.org 

....Dave Geer

***********************************************( 11 )
IEEE Invites Members To 
Review Pre-College Engineers 
Training Program

PISCATAWAY, NJ, 3 August 1999 - 
IEEE seeks volunteers to review its 
new Pre-college Engineers Training 
(PET) resource web site. This site, 
once completed, will be a main 
component of IEEE PET, a program 
that will train engineers to work with 
K-12 teachers in an effort to increase 
the technological literacy of students 

        The PET resource web site is 
designed to sensitize engineers to 
educational issues such as curriculum 
development, classroom dynamics, 
available learning materials, and 
local implementation of educational 
standards. After completing the web-
delivered training program, 
participating engineers will be 
accessible to the pre-college 
education community. "By nature of 
their professions, engineers and 
teachers really know very little about 
each other," explains Arthur Winston, 
vice president of IEEE Educational 
Activities. "In order to be effective 
resources to pre-college teachers, 
engineers must first be trained on 
various educational issues and skills."

Members who volunteer to review the 
site will be given the secured web 
address and asked to share their 
comments/suggestions for 
improvement of the PET project. The 
IEEE will then revise the site as 
necessary. Following the revision, 
PET will be pilot tested by members 
in the Worcester, MA & North Jersey 
sections. A presentation about PET 
and a report on the test progress will 
be delivered at IEEE Sections 
Congress 1999. In early 2000, PET 
will be deployed throughout all IEEE 
Sections, and members will be 
encouraged to use it as a resource to 
help them serve the education 
Those interested in testing the PET 
training site should contact 
ChristyBouziotis at
or call 1.732.562.6526.
The Institute of Electrical and 
Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) is 
the world's largest technical 
professional society, serving the 
interests of more than 330,000 
members in the information and 
electrotechnology communities in 
approximately 150 countries. In 
keeping with its "Networking the 
World" slogan, the IEEE helps to 
foster technological innovation, 
enable members' careers, and promote 
worldwide professional community. 


***********************************************( 12 )
New IEEE Video Prepares 
Engineers for PE Exam

PISCATAWAY, NJ, 27 July 1999 - 
The IEEE has released PE Review: 
Electronics, a video tutorial that will 
prepare engineers to take the 
Electronics portion of the 
Professional Engineering (PE) 
Licensing Examination in October, 
1999 or April, 2000.

PE Review: Electronics focuses on the 
essential concepts required to analyze 
and design complex circuits and 
provides valuable hints on 
maximizing test scores. State 
licensing boards use examinations 
prepared by the National Council of 
Examiners for Engineering and 
Surveying (NCEES). Expanding on 
the sample problems put forth in the 
NCEES's Principles and Practice of 
Engineering (PE), this video tutorial 
covers the following topics:

Bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) 
Field effect transistors (FETs) 
Switching power supplies Operational 
amplifiers (Op-Amps) Frequency 
Response, and much more

Presenters Dr. Martin S. Roden and 
Dr. Sidney Soclof have utilized their 
combined 65 years of experience, 
including courses presented through 
instructional television networks, to 
anticipate the types of questions 
viewers will have. Both Roden and 
Soclof are professional engineers and 
university professors.

Run Time: 2 Hrs./15 Min.
IEEE Order #: HV7044-QVE
List Price: $199.00
IEEE Member Price: $125.00

Order from:
IEEE Customer Service
445 Hoes Lane
PO Box 1331
Piscataway, NJ 08855-1331
e-mail: customer-service@ieee.org
phone: 1.800.678.4333
Web: http://www.ieee.org/eab

For more information on this video 
tutorial, contact 
Patty Mickus
IEEE Media Producer 
at p.mickus@ieee.org. 

To learn more about PE licensure, 
visit the NCEES Web site at 


***********************************************( 13 )

PISCATAWAY, NJ, 14 May 1999 Many 
students are so immersed with technical 
subject matter that they often overlook 
what is needed for success in the "real 
world." To provide students with the 
necessary information to plan for their 
careers, the IEEE has produced the 
following multimedia resources that take 
an in-depth look at careers for electrical 
engineers and computer scientists:

? The IEEE Student Career Web site at 
? The CD-ROM, Careers for Electrical 
Engineers and Computer Scientists
? And two videos, What's Out There 
and Getting Ready

"Although aimed at the college student, 
these materials are also helpful to high 
school students who are contemplating 
technical careers," said Peter Wiesner, 
director of continuing education for IEEE 
Educational Activities. "We want to 
encourage students to think about careers 
early, and provide them with the 
appropriate resources to do so."

The IEEE was one of eleven professional 
associations to receive funding from The 
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to create 
products that explore the various career 
opportunities open to scientists, engineers, 
and mathematicians. To obtain 
information about the other participating 
associations, visit the Sloan Web site at 

The CD-ROM and videos are available for 
purchase from:

 IEEE Customer Service Department
445 Hoes Lane
PO Box 1331
Piscataway, NJ, 08855-1331
e-mail: customer-service@ieee.org
Phone - 1.732.981.0060

To order the CD-ROM--$29.95 list 
and $19.95 for IEEE members:
use code EC100-QVE

To order the What's Out There video-
-$24.95 list and $19.95 for IEEE 
use code EV5526-QVE.

To order the Getting Ready video--
$24.95 list and 19.95 for IEEE 
use code EV5522-QVE.

For more information on any of these 
products, visit IEEE Web address 


***********************************************( 14 )
Membership Information

To help volunteers, members and 
prospective members answer questions 
about IEEE membership easily and 
quickly, the IEEE Membership 
department has compiled a listing of key 
Web pages for membership information 
These pages contain answers to questions 
about such topics as the benefits of 
membership, IEEE dues, what 
publications are included in which Society 
memberships, and how a membership 
grade can be changed.  For more 
information, contact Maria D'Alessio, 
IEEE Regional Activities.


***********************************************( 15 )
September 16
50th Anniversary
Hotel Roanoke

November 18
Spouses Night
Nancy Vorona, Industry Director for Advanced
Materials & Electronics, Virginia Center forInnovative Technology
"The Electronics Industry in Virginia - Plans for the Future"
Clarion Hotel, Roanoke

January 20
Joint Meeting: Microwave Theory and Techniques
Roger Marks, Distinguished Lecturer, NIST
"Standards for Broadband Wireless Access Systems”
Appalachian Electric Power,

February 17
Bart Cregger, Assistant Dean of Engineering, VCU
"Engineering Education for the 21st Century: The Model at VCU"
Appalachian Electric Power,

March 16
Joint Meeting: Industrial 
Electronics/Computer/Control Systems
VMI, Lexington

April 20
Student Project Night
Virginia Tech

May 18
Plant Tour
Cloverdale Station

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