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Very few members of the Virginia Mountain Section are aware of the existence of the Virginia Council. The IEEE Virginia Council is Area 1 of Region 3 of the IEEE. Region 3 has nine areas covering the nine states east of the Mississippi River including Kentucky, Virginia, and all states south plus Jamaica.

Purpose: Stimulate member participation in the Institute. Improve communications among and for its member sections. Coordinate activities of its member sections. Promote statewide meetings and activities for the benefit of its members. Enhance status of membership in the IEEE. Provide strong, united representation of its member sections in the Regional and National activities of the Institute.

Member Sections: Those sections in Virginia which are in Region 3. Central Virginia Section. Hampton Roads Section. Richmond Section. Virginia Mountain Section.

Officers: Four: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.

One officer from each section. Each office rotates among the sections. 1997: Chair, Richmond; Vice-Chair, Hampton Roads; Secretary, Virginia Mountain; Treasurer, Central Virginia. Term of office: two years.

Executive Committee: The four officers, the Junior Past Chair, and the Chair of each of the four member sections. The chairs of the member sections serve only during their term as a Section Chair.

The Virginia Council is a partner with the IEEE Northern Virginia Section, part of Region 2, in the Virginia Coordinating Council. This body provides a cooperating vehicle through which all IEEE members in Virginia can work together in activities of benefit to all. One of the primary activities of this latter group is communication with the state government particularly in cooperation with other Virginia engineering organization on matters of concern to engineers of all disciplines.

The IEEE Virginia Council has been a member of the Virginia Engineering Awards Committee, (includes ASME, ASCE, VSPE and Consulting Engineers Council). This group awards the Crozet Award, to recognize outstanding engineers in non-federal government service, and the Pletta Award for outstanding engineering educators.

The Virginia Council has an infrequent newsletter which goes to the leaders of the sections for information about the council and the other sections in Virginia.

Meetings of the Virginia Council executive committee are held quarterly, usually in Richmond, the most central location. In the past the meetings have been moved around the state. The Virginia Council has sponsored two statewide technical conferences, VACon '82 in Hampton, and VACon '84 in Blacksburg at Virginia Tech.

As an entity of the IEEE, the Virginia Council has bylaws which guide its operation. If any readers wish a copy let me know at <>. I will send you the six pages by US mail.

...Daniel W. Jackson

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