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                                    What Is?
                       IEEE REGION 3 ELECTRO-TECHNOLOGY 
                                INDUSTRY DATABASE


Where to look for a job

The ETI is a help facility available to IEEE members seeking 
employment. This Region 3 Special Project was first funded in 
January, 1995 and initially covered industries within Region 3 only. It 
is currently being expanded and now includes about 50% of the 

If you want to know who hires IEEE members, you can get a list of 
companies that employ tehcnical professionals. Your list can be 
selective by any combinations of the search codes: SIC Code, 
Company Name, Area Code, ZIP Code, City, or State. You can also 
search with requests such as all comapnies with OIL in the name, 
located in Louisiana.  After browsing the returned list you can ask for 
more information on companies you select.  Details include:

	- Company ID:
	- Name: ---- Acronym:
	- Street Address, Box Number, etc.: 
	- Telephone:	- Fax:
	- SIC Codes, Services/description of business:
	- Total Employees:  ---- Scientist employees:  ---- Technical 
	- Last FY Revenue:
 	- Point of contact:  ---- Name, title, phone, fax, e-mail:

Members wishing to query the database must, currently, be a member 
of Region 3 and must first register by sending e-mail to

The message must be in the format shown below. All lines must be 
included, irrelevant ones are left blank.  Turn around time depends 
primarily on the ease with which your member status can be verified. 
Problems with the IEEE membership records may affect this. If 
authentication can be handled by the software, you should receive a 
reply in a reasonable time. If not, then manual interventiion is 
necessary and my experience was that that process is not smooth. At 
least you should receive an acknowledgement. A last ditch call for 
help can be sent to Jim Howard at:

The usual response will be a detailed list of instructions, services, and 
contacts. This reply is very well done.

The format for registration is:

NAMELINE: m1061803 Fennick,John H.
ADDRESS1: 2410 Woodland Hills Dr
ADDRESS2: Blacksburg, Va 24060
SECTNAME: Virginia Mountain
HOMENMBR: 703-552-0052

Once you are registered, request turn around time is excellent.
Student access to the data base should be viable by the time this goes 
to press.  Your Student Chapter should be receiving information. If 
your Chapter hasn't heard, contact Jim Howard at the address above.

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