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                                 What Is?
Within the IEEE-USA's realm of technical and professional 
competence, the Medical Technology Policy Committee 
(MTPC) may address any government-level aspect of health 
and wellness activities.
Chaired by Michael D. McDonald, MTPC has been organized 
with 12 subcommittees to assist in formulating US medical 
technology legislation, regulation and policy by offering sound 
technological and professional counsel.

MTPC Maintains Liaisons With Diverse Organizations
MTPC works to provide balanced, technically sound health and 
wellness information to the IEEE's US members. In addition to 
maintaining liaisons with the Institute's major boards, the 
Committee communicates with other national organizations, 
such as the American Medical Association and the Health 
Industry Manufacturers Association.

Focus Is on Wide Range of Topics, Activities
MTPC is focusing on telemedicine, medical networks and the 
health effects of electromagnetic fields.

Committee activities include assessing the new R&D 
environment, cultivating relationships with other organizations, 
completing a telemedicine survey, publishing health-care 
technology information in IEEE Spectrum, creating and 
expanding an MTPC World Wide Web site, and participating 
in a National Library of Medicine conference.

Position Statements Are Priority
To help develop quality position statements, the Committee 
sponsors small seminars, topical forum discussions and 
tutorials on relevant issues. Members are researching 
positions on medical technology cost-effectiveness, virtual 
reality and telemedicine. Position papers in progress include 
open architecture for clinical systems, data security and 
privacy, health information community networks, universal 
access, and decision support.
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