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                                     What Is?
                                   Region 3 BBS
The Region 3 Bulletin Board  System makes information 
available to our members who have a computer and a modem, but 
not e-mail or internet access. It includes Institute and Region 
information. Awards manuals, newsletters, alerts, IEEE-
USA/USAB releases, etc.

The biggest draw is the employment section. In addition to 
downloading the USAB job postings, there are many other Region 
3 employment opportunity listings. In the fourth quarter of 1995, 
the Region mailed 2000 letters to employers of engineers in the 
Southeast, inviting them to post the job openings on the BBS free 
of charge.

Use your modem to call 1-800-555-REG3 (1-800-555-7343). At 
your first access you will be asked for material to verify 
membership then assigned a password and ID for future use. The 
system is menu driven and can get complicated but a (very 
lengthy and complete) instruction manual is available (on-line) 
and can be found with a little persistence and downloaded in 
whole or part. It runs to about 25 pages in a 10 point font.

I found the system to be rather unfriendly and difficult, but Vern 
Powers, project Sysop, indicated I may have had some local 
software problems. In any case, give it a try, there is a lot of stuff 
available there.
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