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                                  What Is?
                         IEEE Sections Congress
The Sections Congress provides a means for Sections 
representatives to netowrk among themselves and with IEEE 
leaders. It also serves as a forum for member ideas and 
recommendations about and for IEEE activities. The following  
description is taken from this year's brochure.

"Each Sections Congress, held every three years since 1984, has 
provided the IEEE Section leadership from each of IEEE's ten 
Regions a priceless opportunity to impact the future of the IEEE. 
Sections Congress is the ideal place to network and share 
knowledge, providing a means to increase leadership skills and a 
working knowledge of the IEEE. It is also a venue for expressing 
opinions and concerns through Recommended Actions, which 
will be used by the IEEE Boards to guide the Institute into the 
21st century.

"The goals of the l996 Congress reflect the theme of Ideas for 
the Future, and are three-fold: to provide a means for the 
attendees to become familiar with the resources available and the 
means to access them, maximizing their abilities as IEEE 
volunteer leaders; to create an environment conducive to the 
sharing of ideas, concerns, and solutions, both during the 
Congress and after; finally, and perhaps most importantly, to 
serve as a forum for Section representatives and other local 
leaders, enabling them to voice - on the behalf of the collective 
membership - the ideas, issues, and recommendations which will 
impact on the development and growth of the IEEE, reinforcing 
its vitality and relevance to those it serves.

"In addition to the individual growth and networking fostered by 
the Sections Congress, there are more far-reaching results. The 
caucuses will generate specific, practical Recommended Actions. 
On Monday morning, during the Closing Ceremony, the 
delegates will have the opportunity to assign a priority level to 
each of the Recommended Actions through the balloting process. 
The results will be announced as part of the ceremony, and will 
be delivered to the IEEE leadership for implementation in 
strategic planning for the future of the Institute of Electrical and 
Electronics Engineers, Inc."

Dan Jackson reports that past Congresses have been attended by 
representatives from about three-quarters of the Sections - 
world-wide, and that the recommendations are taken very 
seriously by the IEEE leadership.

David Livingston represented the Virginia Mountain Section at 
the congress in Denver on November 1-4 and will have a report 
in the next (January)  issue of the Newsletter.
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