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                                        What Is?
                        The Virginia Coordinating Council
The Virginia Coordinating Council (VCC) is a unique entity 
created to provide a means of bring all the IEEE sections in 
Virginia into a single cohesive group.  The VCC consists of the 
Virginia Council, which is the four sections in Virginia in Region 
3, and the Northern Virginia Section which is in Region 2.  The 
representatives from the Central Virginia Section, the Hampton 
Roads Section, the Richmond Section, and the Virginia Mountain 
Ssection who serve on the Virginia Council are on the Virginia 
Coordinating Council as well.  Two members from the Northern 
Virginia Section serve as representatives to the VCC.  The VCC 
normally meets immediately following the Virginia Council 
meeting, and the Northern Virginia representatives sit in on the 
Virginia Council meeting.  There are no other geographic councils 
in IEEE which cross Regional boundaries.

The VCC was created to provide a single entity to consider state 
wide concerns of all IEEE members in Virginia whether in one of 
the four sections which are in Region 3 or the one section in 
Region 2.  There was no possibility of getting Northern Virginia 
into Region 3 because of its orientation toward Washington, DC.  
It is a member of the National Capital Area Council of Region 2 
in the same manner that the other four Virginia Sections are 
members of the Virginia Council.  The VCC represents many 
more IEEE members than the Virginia Council because Northern 
Virginia has more members than the other four combined.  This is 
helpful in some lobbying efforts in Richmond on behalf of all 
electrical engineers.

The VCC also provides a good vehicle for cooperation and 
coordination among all Virginia IEEE members.  Every now and 
then the Virginia Council will hold its meeting in the Northern 
Virginia area to help in this regard. The chairmanship of the VCC 
rotates between the Chair of the Virginia Council and a 
representative from Northern Virginia.

As you can see from my explanation the VMS participates in the 
VCC only through the Virginia Council.
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