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No, these are not the answers to a 
Jeopardy questions. A YP (Young 
Professional) is an engineer with 0-10 
years of experience regardless of 
chronological age. A G.O.L.D. member 
is a Graduate Of the Last Decade with 
no regard to age. The YP program was 
established in 1995 to increase 
participation in the annual PACE 
Conference among IEEE members who 
graduated in the past ten years. The 
GOLD program is an IEEE wide 
program to bring Graduates Of the Last 
Decade into greater participation in all 
aspects of IEEE. If YOU are a 
G.O.L.D., you are automatically part of 
both of these groups. In many Sections 
the GOLD members have formed 
chapters which have their own programs 
of particular interest and concern to the 
more recent graduates. These programs 
include social functions, networking 
meetings, career presentations, etc. The 
GOLD members also participate in the 
regular activities of the Section.

We, the present leaders of the Virginia 
Mountain Section, need your help in 
planning activities and programs which 
will be of interest to you, the Young 
Professional, as well as to the more 
mature professional. We are looking for 
a YP who would be interested in 
attending the 1998 Annual Professional 
Activities Conference in Phoenix, AZ 
Sept. 4-7, 1998, Labor Day Week-end. 
This conference covers all those career 
related topics which are extremely 
important to all engineers but which 
often are overlooked until one is facing a 
lay-off or other career change. Most, if 
not all, the cost will be covered by 
PACE or the Section, or possibly your 
employer as this is a continuing 
education opportunity. If any one is 
interested, please contact Dan Jackson 

We also need some GOLD members 
who would be interested in getting some 
leadership and management experience 
at low risk. The Section needs 
volunteers for various Section and 
Chapter officer and committee positions. 
There is also the opportunity to form a 
GOLD chapter within the Section if 
enough interest is expressed by you as 
GOLD members. If you are interested in 
any of these opportunities contact Dan 
Jackson  or any 
one of the officers listed elsewhere in 
this Newsletter.

Without your input we will not know 
what kind of programs you want. 
Without YOU as active participants the 
IEEE cannot continue as the world's 
largest technical professional society 
with 320,000 of the world's best 
...Dan Jackson - PACE Chair
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