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A joint Affinity Group of the Chicago and Rock River Valley IEEE Sections.

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NEXT REGULAR MEETING: 24 July 2017, 6:45 pm through 8:15 pm Link to meeting location map.

PRESENTATION: "Safety and Compliance Database inside the PSMA Website" by Jim Spangler

Spangler Prototype Inc. (SPI) often works with standards and regulations for power supplies and other products globally. SPI works with the Power Sources Manufacturers Association, (PSMA). PSMA is a non-profit organization composed of power supply manufactures, semiconductor companies, capacitor companies, universities and others. PSMA is one of the organizations that sponsor the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) and works with other engineering societies. With other PSMA members, SPI helped to create a database to assist PSMA members to obtain a list of government regulations and regulatory standards. The database benefits its members by finding the correct standard that may apply to the products being designed and manufactured. This is a matrix database covering many sections of the world and industry sections. The database provides summary information on standards listed including a brief description of the standard and what is covered. Other information is provided including listing other standards that may apply and should be considered. A live demonstration will be given of how the database functions so the attendees can ask questions and review the outline of the standards.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Jim Spangler ia a Life Member of the IEEE with over 40 years of power electronics design experience in the Chicago area. President of Spangler Prototype Inc. (SPI), a power electronics engineering consulting firm assisting companies to place products into production, While also assisting to pass government regulations and agency standards such as: UL, FCC, ANSI, IES, and the IEC.


Please meet us for an optional dinner before the meeting: 5:30 pm at Bakers Square on Northwest Highway, 2 blocks south of the library.

Do you know that networking is responsible for most professional jobs?  Do a friend a favor; invite him/her to a meeting.  There is no admission fee.  Don't forget to bring business cards for networking!  Attendees may earn 1 PDH.


Future regular scheduled meeting: for 2017: Sept. 25, Nov. 27, Jan. 22 and for 2018: Mar. 26, May 21


The board would like your input and suggestions for meeting discussion topics for our 2017 and 2018 meetings. We credit presenters on the WEB.


Information on past meetings. (Contact the presenter if you would like more information or an unlisted copy of the presentation.)

On 22 May 2017 Pete Kindinger, presented "A Case Study on WiFi Range Improvement--from Antennas to EMC to Embedded Software"

Pete Kindinger


On 27 March 2017 Rob Klein. presented "FPGA Development: A High Level Overview"

Bob Klein


On 23 Jan. 2017 Dr. Donald S. Zinger P.E. presented "Electromechanical Systems to Control Essential Tremor"

Donald Zinger


On 28 November 2016, Dr. Dan Sebald P.E presented "Automatic Brain Spike Sorting For Realtime Applications".

Dan Sebald


On 03 Oct. May 2016, Kevin Kloker presented Anatomy of an (Antique) Microprocessor.

Kevin Kloker


On 23 May 2016, Jerry Meyerhoff presented: The Magic of EMC Consulting.

Jerry Meyerhoff


On March 28, 2016. Gary Kaatz presented: A Brief History of Cellular. Through his gracious consideration you can download a copy of the presentation by clicking here.

Gary Kaatz

On January 25, 2016, Bakul Banerjee, PhD presented: An Overview of the New IEEE Software Quality Assurance Standard.

Bakul Banerjee

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For information on past presentations click here.


The objective of the Network is:
* To foster and promote the interests of its members with respect to the business of providing professional and technical consulting services.
* To maintain, publish and distribute a directory of the members and the consulting services offered by each.
* To arrange for and provide technical and management talks, tutorials, and special seminars and workshops on subjects of interest to members professional development.
* To provide a networking forum for personal interaction through meetings, social functions and other events.
* To publicize the contribution to society by its members.
* To collect and distribute charitable funds on a voluntary basis, consistent with these objectives.

The Directors at their 2015 board meeting.

left to right: Robert Abrant, Roy Leventhal, Benjamin Miller, Michael Sullivan and Paul Johnson. photo by Joseph Auer


Directors, Elected by Board and Appointed by Board Positions:

Roy Leventhal, Chair
Joseph Auer, Vice-Chair
Mke Sullivan, Secretary
Robert Abrant P.E., Director-at-Large
Donald Zinger, Treasurer
Paul Johnson P.E., Program Committee Chair and Membership Committee Chair
Ben Miller P.E., Director-at-Large
Wesley Martin P.E., Venue Committee Chair
Richard F. Gillette P.E., Director Emeritus and Web Committee Chair
Gary Blank P.E., Director Emeritus

Members of this network consider ethics as an obligation and subscribe to the IEEE code of ethics available by this hyperlink.
IEEE prohibits discrimination, harassment and bullying.  For more information view IEEE's policy via this hyperlink.
NEXT REGULAR MEETING: 22 May 2017 6:45 pm through 8:15 pm Link to meeting location map.

PRESENTATION: "A Case Study on WiFi Range Improvement--from Antennas to EMC to Embedded Software" by Pete Kindinger.