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CornCon IV
and Children of The CornCon
A Midwest Security Conference
September 7-8, 2018

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2018 Officers

Chair: John Johnson

Past-Chair: B. Serre

Vice-Chair: Jim White

Treasurer: Shadrack Roberts

Secretary: Judah Richardson

Member-at-Large 1: Richard Vedvik

Power Engineering Society, Chair: Brian Alman

Computer Society, Chair:
Shadrack Roberts


Past Meetings (starting in 2009)

2008 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings
2007 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings
2006 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings

2005 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings
2004 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings
2003 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings
2002 Iowa-Illinois Section Meetings


IEEE USA Overview Presentation

2012 PES Workshop: NETA (slides)
2012 PES Workshop: Time-Current Curves (slides)
2012 PES Workshop: Maintenance Pictures (slides)

Students & Sections & Societies

St. Ambrose University Student Branch

IEEE Cedar Rapids Section

IEEE Milwaukee Section

Quad City Engineering and Science Council (QCESC)

Presentation Slides

(2007) Emerging Technologies in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Dr. Chris Mi

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