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Milwaukee Section

Minutes of Second IEEE Section Meeting Concerning Rescheduling

November 8, 2000 
at Miller Inn 

The meeting was called to order at 5:55 by Val Werner.

The minutes of two previous meetings of 10-10-200 and 10-18-2000 were reviewed and approved

Each member at the meeting introduced themselves:
Val Werner Section Chairperson
Tim Ziolkowski Section Vice Chairperson
William Henning Section Treasurer
Larry Hause Section Secretary - 2000
Paul Tindau Section Secretary - 2001
Glenn Wrate Section Education Chairperson
John Gassert Section Director and Membership Chairperson
Peter McKenny Section Director
Rod Elger Section Director and PACE Chairperson
John Blaha EMC Chairperson
John Safar Computer Chairperson
Keith Corzine IAS/IES Chairperson
Chris Nelson PES Chairperson
Robert Molthen EMBS Chairperson
John Bruer Magnetics Chairperson
Two representatives ‘Ansoft’ Corporation

V Werner identified the purpose of this meeting was to organize the first meeting of the new section/chapter format in 2001. This includes:
· Half-day meeting from noon till 4:00
· Each section may sponsor a seminar 
· need for a site, date and mailings

It was determined that the meeting should be on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday that would be
March 6, 7 or 8th. Four chapters offered to sponsor seminars:

1. EMC
2. Magnetics (on transformers)
3. Computer Society
4. Power (on reliability)

Each of these four chapters need to submit a budget.

P McKenny suggested a minimum of 5 people so that we are not embarrassed. It was recommended that the registration brochure include a note indicating minimum attendance.

Requirements for CEUs were discussed - these included submission forms , distinguished speaker and a brochure. 

V Werner identified the following delegation of duties:
1. Brochure - Bill Henning
2. Room & Lunch - Jim Blaha
3. CEUs - Glen Wrate
4. Speakers, their biographies and budgets - chapter chairs, respectively
5. Keynote speaker - Brian Cunningham
6. Seminar survey - Larry Hause

Important considerations:
1. Sites were discussed - Brookfield area was recommended
2. Theme for the seminar - no theme was recommended
3. Lunch with keynote speaker but limit the charge
4. $35 fee, pending - $25 for students and $45 for non members
5. Coupon for next meeting in November

After a break, 
J Blaha discussed mailing date - January 10th was the target date to mail the brochures.
He will work with W Henning to coordinate mailing brochure (bulk mail). A four track format with three folds was considered. A send-back registration panel was recommended.

Further considerations included:

· Make announcement at December 12th meeting. Need date, location and speakers in order to do this.
· Include an optional cash-bar reception for speakers after sessions.
· Need a nice handout for each session.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:22.

- as listed above

Respectfully submitted by L. Hause and P Tindau 


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Last modified: September 12, 2002