Minutes of IEEE Executive Meeting

November 29,2001

At Milwaukee School of Engineering


Larry Hause called the meeting to order at 5:08 PM.


Minutes of the May 23 and October 10 meetings were approved as published.


The following slate of officers was elected/appointed for 2002:


Section Officers                                   Name

** Chairperson                           Larry Hause

** Vice-Chairperson                           Paul Tindall

** Treasurer                                       James Blaha

** Secretary                                       Robert Molthen


** Director (expires 2005)              Glenn T. Wrate

** Director (expires 2005)              Peter J. McKenny


Director (expires 2004)              John Gassert

Director (expires 2004)              Val Werner

Director (expires 2003)              Bill Henning

Director (expires 2003)              Abd Arkadan

Director (expires 2003)              Rod Elger


Past Chairperson                           Timothy Ziolkowski

Nominating Comm. Chair             Timothy Ziolkowski

Awards Chair                                    Abd Arkadan

Education Chair                           Glenn T. Wrate

Gold Program Chair                           John D. Gassert

Historical Chair                           Bill Henning

Membership Dev. Chair                  John D. Gassert

Newsletter Advertising                 Brian Cunningham

Newsletter Editor                          Bill Henning

Pace Chairman                               Rod Elger

Program Chair                           Paul Tindall

Promotion Chair                           Brian Cunningham

Student Activities Chair               Keith Corzine

Web Master                                       Chuck Rohrer


Chapter Officers:      

Anten, & Prop/Electronic Dev            George Hanson

 /Inst & Measurement 

 /Microwave Th & Tech  

Communication & Signal Proc    Ivan Howitt

Computer Chair                           John Safar

Control Systems/

Systems Man and Cybernetiics            Hue Tran

Electromagnetic Comp                  James Blaha

Engr. in Medicine & Biology            Larry Hause

Industrial Electronics/

 Industry Applications               Keith Corzine

Magnetics Chair                           John R. Brauer

Power Chair                                      Chris Nelson


The Milwaukee Section received an $8132 rebate from the IEEE this year.  We also made money on the spring seminar.


The Christmas party will be held December 19 at the Domes.  The Board approved a motion that each IEEE member paying for the dinner may bring one guest free with the cost for the guest being covered by the Section.


Arrangements are being made for NASA to make a presentation for Engineer’s week.  Plans are to have a family day at the Milwaukee museum on Saturday morning.  Rod Elger volunteered to help with the arrangements.  Arrangements also will be made for the NASA representatives to speak to high school and college classes.


The Board approved a motion to continue the past practice of paying for a table for the Engineer’s Week dinner.


The meeting adjourned at 5:30 P.M.



Section Officers: Brian Cunningham, Larry Hause, Paul Tindall

Chapter Chairs:  Jim Blaha (EMC), Chris Nelson (PES), John Safer (Computer), Hue Tran (Control Systems)

Section Directors and Other Chairs: Rod Elger, Bill Henning, Robert Molthen, Peter McKenny, John Gassert, Glenn Wrate