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Technical Learning & Networking
Learn new technical concepts presented by speakers from chapters ranging from antennas, circuits, controls, EMC, computers, robotics, and more. Speakers include distinguished lecutures from technical societies, as well as professional activities presentations covering soft skills and careers.

Meet and network with engineers from around the area from all fields. Technical meetings include time for face-to-face discussions before and after the session.

About IEEE Sections
Every IEEE Member, including every student member, is a member of a Section.

Sections are geographical areas. They are the main organization for the local area. Our IEEE Section here called Southeastern Michigan (SEM) Section. Our Section covers a large area around the cities of Detroit, Windsor, Lansing, and Ann Arbor. Your Section puts on lots of local activities, and needs lots of help from local volunteers like you. Find out how to increase your return on investment in membership dues by volunteering.

Chapters are the local organizations for an IEEE Technical Society. IEEE has thirty-eight Technical Socieites. When you join an optional technical society, you also join the local technical society chapter. SEM has 17 Chapters, representing 23 Technical Societies.

Student Branches are the local IEEE organizations for the university. Student Branches, and the univeristy Student Members, are part of the local Section.


Calendar of Events

DateEvent TitleSpeaker(s)
18 September 2019 05:30PM CryptoCurrencies and the economy at large Nilesh D
19 September 2019 05:00PM EMC Society Oktoberfest Meeting & The ABC's of EMC Testing Solutions Seminar Jeremy Cline and
Jonathan Coke
20 September 2019 11:00AM SEM Ch09 AdCom meeting
25 September 2019 08:22AM Topic - TBA
27 September 2019 12:00AM Chapter 17 Technical Meeting - Deep Neural Networks
30 September 2019 06:00PM IEEE DAY 2019 Social Mixer
03 October 2019 05:30PM SEM Section ExCom Monthly Meeting (Face-Face) for October 2019
10 October 2019 11:00AM Ch8: AdCom Teleconference
10 October 2019 11:00AM SEM Ch09 AdCom meeting
11 October 2019 12:00PM Chapter 17 Officer Teleconference
19 October 2019 08:00AM Embedded Systems Workshop 2019 @Oakland University
06 November 2019 12:00PM SEM Section ExCom Monthly Meeting (Teleconference) for November 2019
08 November 2019 12:00PM Chapter 17 Officer Teleconference
14 November 2019 11:00AM Ch8: AdCom Teleconference
05 December 2019 12:00PM SEM Section ExCom Monthly Meeting (Teleconference) for December 2019
12 December 2019 11:00AM Ch8: AdCom Teleconference
13 December 2019 12:00PM Chapter 17 Officer Teleconference

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