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Southeastern Michigan Section (SEM)

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Section Calendar

DateEvent TitleSpeaker(s)
20 October 2017 04:00PM IEEE SEM Chapter IV - Radlab Seminar Jian-Ming Jin
20 October 2017 05:15PM NASA Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) Earth Venture Mission Chris Ruf
21 October 2017 08:00AM Embedded Systems Workshop 2017 - Oakland University
21 October 2017 09:00AM Leadership in Business & Technology Conference Series
22 October 2017 01:00PM WIE Informal Networking & Family Fun Event
23 October 2017 02:30PM Gaining Relevant Employment and Career Success Larry Crep
24 October 2017 06:00PM Recent Advances in Dense Computing Cooling Solutions Kevin Werely
24 October 2017 07:00PM Recent Advances in High Performance Computing (Supercomputing) Sharan
27 October 2017 06:00PM N&ACom: AdCom Meeting
28 October 2017 10:00AM WIE/SWE Professional Development Workshop: Soft skills Sharan
01 November 2017 12:00PM November ExCom Teleconference Meeting
02 November 2017 06:00PM IEEE SEM EMC-Society Chapter Officers - Thank You Dinner
09 November 2017 11:00AM Ch8: AdCom Teleconference
09 November 2017 04:30PM IEEE-SEM Fall 2017 Section Conference - Ethics in Engineering, Science and Technology John C. Havens
10 November 2017 12:00PM Ch17: AdCom Meeting
12 November 2017 08:00AM The Human Standard Workshop
12 November 2017 05:30PM Youth Forum - Ethics in Engineering
13 November 2017 08:00AM Spare Chapter 3 event
15 November 2017 05:30PM ESD Affiliate Council Mtg.
16 November 2017 05:30PM SEM Ch8 Monthly Meeting
16 November 2017 05:30PM “A Brief History of Military Communications” Jerry Begal (W9NPI)
19 November 2017 01:30PM Admin: WIE 'Virtual' Meeting
24 November 2017 06:00PM N&ACom: AdCom Meeting
07 December 2017 12:00PM December ExCom Teleconference Meeting
08 December 2017 12:00PM Ch17: AdCom Meeting
14 December 2017 11:00AM Ch8: AdCom Teleconference
17 December 2017 01:30PM Admin: WIE 'Virtual' Meeting
20 December 2017 05:30PM ESD Affiliate Council Mtg.
07 January 2018 12:00AM Test Event Record: Snowball Fight
18 January 2018 05:30PM Hacking a $10 ISM Band Radio into a Viable Satellite Transceiver: $50SAT and the RFM22B Michael Kirkhart
20 January 2018 09:30AM WIE CY2018 Kick-Off Event

About The Calendar

This calendar automatically displays all of the Section meetings. It is a direct feed from the IEEE vTools Meetings project. Every meeting in the vTools Meeting system appears here. Section and Chapter officers can login on the meetings 'view' page and enter meetings by following the tutorials on the vTools Meetings page. After the meeting, officers can file their IEEE L31 meeting report using the vTools meetings.

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