IEEE CTS SSC/CAS sponsors a networking event during ACISC 2010, Oct 29 5pm at the Commons Center in J.J. Pickle Center. Participants of this event will also have access to "Embedded Panel: High-Tech Life in the Era of Globalization". The registration fee for the networking event and the embedded panel is:

$35: non IEEE member $15: IEEE member

Program details:

4:00PM-5:00PM Embedded Panel: High-Tech Life in the Era of Globalization Organizer: Michael Orshansky Tony Ambler, Dean of Engineering, USC David Borland, Smooth-Stone Anirudh Devgan, VP Magma DA Matt Genovese, Door64 5:00PM-7:00PM Reception and Networking Event Sponsored by IEEE Texas Chapter

5th Annual Austin Conference on Integrated Systems & Circuits

October 29, 2010 The Commons Center J.J. Pickle Center, Austin, Texas Sponsored by IEEE Solid-State Circuits / Circuits and Systems Society of Central Texas

The annual Austin Conference on Integrated Systems and Circuits is now in its 5th year. This year's conference packs a rich program into a single day of events and offers a keynote address, high-quality invited talks in several special sessions, and an evening panel on the topic of technical offshoring and its impact on the Austin high-tech community. The talks cover a broad range of topics of interest to the semiconductor industry community.

The conference opens with a keynote address from Dr. Peter Hofstee of IBM Research on Integrated Systems for A Smarter Planet. In this talk, Dr. Hofstee will share a vision for an instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent planet and link several of the smarter planet focus areas such as healthcare, transportation, energy, water management to perhaps surprising uses of semiconductor technology. The intent of the talk is to encourage out-of-the-box thinking on what can be achieved when novel approaches to sensing and information gathering are combined with large scale IT systems.

The technical core of the conference will be centered around an embedded panel and two special sessions of invited talks. The embedded panel on Processors for Large Systems will feature debaters from IBM, Freescale, AMD, ARM and Intel. We are currently witnessing a shift towards the consolidation of computing into a cloud of large data centers and high performance systems. While regular desktop processors have been used traditionally, as such systems grow in size and importance, their unique constraints have made special processors tuned for such environments an interesting alternative. This panel will discuss the question of what the right processor architecture for large systems should be and what the associated design challenges are.

The first special session will focus on the recent advances in IC design for wireless systems. The session will feature invited talks on baseband considerations in modern radio Receivers and on power-aware multi-band multi-standard wireless receivers. The second special session will focus on Application Processors and SoCs. Traditional distinctions between application-specific and embedded computing are blurring and modern embedded platforms provide a heterogeneous mix of programmable and custom processors in the quest to balance flexibility with ultra low power and high performance requirements. This session will present two examples of how these complexity and heterogeneity challenges have been successfully navigated in state-of-the-art multi-processor SoC designs from Intel and Texas Instruments.

An early evening panel will focus on the difficult challenges that American and, specifically, Austin high-tech industries face with the increasing globalization. A group of panelists will debate the question of what the trends in the semiconductor industry, such as globalization and off-shoring, mean for individuals, the profession, and the Austin high-tech community. The panel will explore such questions as "Which jobs are staying in the US, and which are migrating?", "Should my children be engineers?", and "What is the outlook for Austin?".

The conference will conclude with a reception for the attendees.