This presentation introduces the Freescale smart wireless converged platform connecting Smart Grid, Smart Home, Smart Buildings for m2M (machines-to-machines, machines-to-Mankind) using Zigbee-based 802.15.4 wireless sensor network (WSN). The last-mile of smart Grid integrating smart meters, smart home/building’s Home Area Network (HAN) using 8308nSG for home energy management and Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) using multi-core P1025 Data Concentrator for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) are described. This Internet of Things (IOT) can also be extended to various market segments such as building/factoring automation, safety/security, transportation and medical/health monitoring connecting the Zigbee wireless sensor network with the smart gateway and smart mobile devices for remote monitoring and control. The future is Cloud connectivity by Smart Network Gateways for Internet of Things (IOT). Gateways, empowered by Open source software platforms, will seamlessly integrate multiple wireless connectivity protocols, such as mobile broadband, WiFi, and Zigbee wireless sensor networks, (WSN) to connect multiple smart devices, such as handsets, utility meters, and appliances. This resilient mesh network allows for on demand remote access to all devices through the Cloud. Smart software can further provide real-time location and context aware decision making. For example allowing more autonomous smoke alarms, and more energy conscious appliances. These Gateways will ultimately create safer, greener, and smarter cities.