Start-up 2013 – It’s a Brave New World Out There The software start-up environment of 2013 is vastly different than that of 1999 or even 2009. Virtually everything has changed: potential areas of development, types and availability of audiences, funding sources, tools for developers, software delivery methods, marketing practices and collaboration options. On the upside, these changes have increased opportunity exponentially. But they’ve also introduced more competition and a sense of urgency. The role of engineers in the mix has changed as well. Expectations have increased, along with the expectations for what an early stage start-up must deliver. Ideas and prototypes have decreased power to sway in a world where tangible business results are quickly needed. Software / app markets are about increased speed driven by instant collaboration, better tooling, social media and first-mover advantage. Engineers must address issues for new platforms, greater web-wide integrations and changing delivery methods. In short, engineers must work more closely with team members representing all parts of the start-up as an evolving entity to ensure its success. In this presentation we will look at the state of the start-up, then and now, and lay out the key differences and how those should be considered by engineers and entrepreneurs thinking about “the next big thing.” We’ll focus in on the role of engineers specifically and how they can adapt to this new environment to get the most out of being part of, or leading a start-up culture.