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Greetings from the Chair:

Welcome to the new IEEE Solid State Circuit Society in Dallas!! As the chair of the Dallas Chapter, I like to extend an invitation to everyone in the Dallas area with an interest in Solid State Circuits. We are preparing speeches and seminars to cover various interesting area in solid state circuit designs to the SSCS members and other engineers.

Our seminars are open to everyone. It is our hope to continue to provide quality seminars as well as networking opportunities for members in the greater Dallas area.

Your comments or suggestions for a better SSCS are greatly appreciated.

Gonggui Xu (

Latest Seminar:

Title: "State of Art Digital-to-Analog Converter Design in Nano-meter CMOS Process"


Digital to Analog converter (DAC) is an essential building block in applications ranging from audio to RF. Today’s popular devices such as smart phones and tablets require DACs integrated in Nano-meter digital CMOS process to able to interact with the real world. In audio signal chain, very tight requirements on linearity and noise performance are enforced. On the radio transmitter signal chain, speed and band width become the critical issue. DACs are also critical in Analog-to-Digital design that uses popular Sigma-Delta Conversion techniques. ADC’s performance is as good as the feedback DAC’s performance.


This talk will present the issues faced designing highly linear, high dynamic range and band-width DACs especially when using imperfect CMOS processes. It will cover the physical root causes of performance degradation. The key to any high quality and robust system lies in the ability to analyze and optimize at all levels of design. So we will show the state of art in dealing with these problems using smart signal processing, architecture design and circuit design.


Rahmi Hezar, Kilby Lab, Texas Instruments, Inc.


Dr. Rahmi Hezar received his B.Sc. degree in electrical and electronics engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey in 1993. He completed his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA in 1994 and 2000 respectively, with specialization in digital signal processing.

He joined Texas Instruments Wireless Business Unit in 2000, initially working to develop DSP cores for cellular phones. He later became part of the first CMOS analog mixed signal integration team in TI where he developed high speed ADC and DAC architectures for a variety of applications ranging from Radio to Audio. For the past 2 years he is part of the Kilby Labs in TI working on Digital Transmitters and Power Amplifiers. Dr. Hezar’s expertise is in continuous time sigma delta ADCs/DACs, Power Amplifiers, mixed signal processing, system design and modeling. He has 25 U.S. patents and 20 IEEE conference/journal publications.


Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013


11:00am, Social/Refreshments
11:30-1:00pm, Seminar


110 Junkins, SMU Campus

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