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Future schedule for the IEEE EMC Symposiums:

EMC 2015

August 16-22

Dresden, Germany

H. Krauthäuser, +49 (0)351.463.33357


EMC 2016

July 25-29

Ottawa, Canada

Qiubo Ye, 613.998.2769

Officer Related Links:

·        The Online Officer Report Form needs to completed at the beginning of every year -

·        The Officer Roster needs to be filled out every year -

·        The EMC Society Chapter and Chapter Chair contact list is at -

·        The Chair needs to contact the section to inform them of the new officer slate with contact info -

·        The IEEE listserv forms are at -

·        Contacts for the Chapter Chatter mailing list - or Janet.O'

·        Chapter Resource Page from EMCS is available at -

·        A list of Distinguished Lecturers is at -

·        A list of Respected Speakers is at -

·        The EMCS newsletter is at -

·        The current roster for the Board of Directors is at -

·        University of Portland security can be reached at (503) 943-7161.

·        University of Portland IT support can be reached at (503) 943-7000.