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Video Email & Broadcasting

Offer an all-in-one web-based communications solution featuring fully-integrated streaming video. With available software it’s possible to create, publish, and store digital files of our everyday lives, be it music, photographs, videos, live or on-demand webcast, documents, or calendars. You can easily manage your emails and reply with graphic-rich video email. You can share your files on your blog page with pictures, text and post podcast series. The technology is currently available in 9 countries, including the United States.

John’s and Shaun’s presentation will cover the products that are available to the general public. There are turnkey business opportunities, but those will not be covered since they will be beyond the scope of a technical meeting. Tobijah Pettus will not be able to present at the meeting due to other commitments.

About the Speaker

John Lombardo background is in singing and composing music for Warner Bros. Records. Shaun Ditmar will assist with this presentation.