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Clark's Solar Energy System:
A Report on a Real System

All computers newer than the Babbage Difference Engine have at least one common requirement — a power source. Come hear how Clark Jones has approached filling this need in an "environmentally friendly" fashion! The presentation will include:

About the Speaker

Clark earned a B.S. in Computing and Information Sciences from the University of New Mexico in 1980. He worked for 23 years as an engineer in the semiconductor industry, mostly designing and writing highly-specialized compilers. He has also worked as a factory electronics technician and a broadcast engineer. He "retired" in 2003, and now spends his time on managing his investments in the oil and gas industry, and on his position in Mensa (the "high-IQ society") of Regional Vice Chairman for the Far West Region (meaning he's on the national board of directors of American Mensa).

Clark holds both commercial and Amateur Extra Class licenses from the FCC. He serves on the Board of Directors for a 501(c)(3) organization that, amongst other things, assists other charities with "behind the scenes" work for their fundraising events, helping to raise over $2 million annually.


02062008Clarks_Solar_Power_CS.pdf (Presentation PDF)