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Software Quality Assurance

Bob Fowler and Oris Friesen will present an overview of software quality and software development processes and tools.  The session is intended to provide a forum for discussion on the experiences of Bob and Oris and people in the audience who have been engaged in software development and quality, and to review the techniques, processes, and tools that have been successful.  A presentation will also be made on the Software Quality courses, originally developed by IBM, that are offered by Mesa Community College.

About the Speaker

Bob Fowler has spent his career in the computer industry starting as a software engineer and moving into project management and management positions for the minicomputer and mainframe computer organizations of Honeywell and Groupe Bull.  He has been responsible for the successful development of new products on both proprietary architecture and industry standard computer systems.  He has been responsible for site quality management including the implementation of ISO 9001 for R&D.  In his customer support role, he has been responsible for significantly reducing outstanding customer problems and improving customer satisfaction.  He is currently an advocate for improving software quality assurance skills in Arizona.

Dr. Oris Friesen has been involved in Information Technology as an engineer, scientist and Fellow in industry for more than 30 years with General Electric, Honeywell and Groupe Bull. He performed groundbreaking work in the development of database management systems that led to several patents. He has collaborated with Arizona State University researchers to develop constructivist educational software modules, and has been involved in several eLearning endeavors. He is currently focusing on projects dealing with software engineering, telecommunications and digital visual literacy. He is Vice Chair for the Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council, a Co-Principal Investigator for a National Science Foundation grant and a coordinator representing Mesa Community College for a U.S. Department of Labor grant in software quality assurance and testing.


20090114SoftwareQualityPresentationIEEE.pdf (Presentation PDF)

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