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Personal Electronic Devices; iPODS, PDAs and Cell Phones a Forensics Discussion

iPods, PDAs, and cell phones continue to merge in form, fit, and functionality and now include data acquisition (cameras, keyboards, usb ports, etc), data aggregation, and storage (some up to 80 gigabytes), and communications capabilities (IR, Bluetooth, wireless internet access, and cellular telephone). This presentation provides insights into the features and capabilities of such systems, their possible uses in unethical and possibly unlawful activities, and as discussion of the concepts of forensic analyses and approaches useful in combating such uses.

About the Speakers

George J. Proeller, D. CS. of the Colorado Technical University is an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Lecturer with thirty-plus years of highly technical/increasingly responsible operations and management experience in Information Technology Systems (ITS) focusing on Information Assurance/Computer Network Security with Program Management, and Process Improvement/Quality.

Dr. Proeller's experience encompasses all aspects of information systems life cycle from requirements definition through development and deployment to follow-on test and evaluation to decommissioning.

He holds multiple security certifications including the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential, the Certified Information Security Manager, and the GIAC Security Leadership Certification and is a pioneer in the transition of information security to academia. His Department of Defense (DoD) experience includes a Certified Acquisition Professional certification in Operational Test and Evaluation and extensive experience in the DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process.

He also serves on the adjunct faculty of the Computer Science Department of one local university and departmental advisory boards two others.


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