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Multiprocessing Mathematics

Complex mathematical problems often require extended periods of time to solve on contemporary computing platforms – sometimes days or even longer.  Six-core processors are available now and eight-core processors are on the horizon.  With all of this increased computer power, most software still does mathematics using only one processor.  This lecture will discuss resolving this situation by thinking parallel and using all of the processor cores to create more efficient programs that require less time to run.  The tools to do this are available today and will not divert your focus from the mathematics at hand.

About the Speaker

Brad Morantz, PhD, a senior member of the IEEE, is vice-chair of the Phoenix Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society and a member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.  Morantz researches methods to improve decision making processes.  His most recent work is in intelligent classification utilizing machine cognition.  He has given numerous presentations on advanced methodologies and is currently on the editorial board of the International Journal of Data Mining, Modeling and Management.


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