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Virtualization Platforms

The theory behind virtualization has been around for years, but the hardware has just arrived with the power to put this theory into application and use. The when and why to use it will be discussed along with the many implementations. The major implementations will be compared and how to install and configure them will be covered. While this symposium will not make one an expert in the field, it will present material to expose, describe, and explain sufficiently the how, when, and why of virtualization.

About the Speaker

Mark Brecher is a computer expert, working with and fixing computers for over 30 years. He has worked on mainframes through PC's, fixing both hardware and systems and has worked a a wide range of environment form very small to very large. He is certified in networking and system administration and holds CCNA, Network+, and MCP certificates. Currently his interest is in virtualization, working both in Windows and Linux/Unix.