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More Than an Overview of Data Mining or How Did They Know All That About Me

Data from observations contain correlations between the variables. Things do not just happen at random. There is an order to the universe. If we can learn what the data is trying to tell us, then we have allowed the data to tell us the story. In this time of plentiful and cheap memory, data is voluminous.

This presentation begins with some definitions and covers the basic types and classifications of datamining, as well as some typical applications and uses. Methodology and mathematics explaining the process will be described. A few brief examples will be used to demonstrate the process. The subject could easily (and often does) require a two to three semester course, so this presentation will introduce the subject and point out areas to investigate further.

About the Speaker

Dr Morantz has a BS in CIS and EE, a MS and PhD in Decision Science, a mixture of mathematical science, psychology, and computer science. He has post graduate studies in Computational BioScience, Computer Science, Statistical Design Methodology, and Design Analysis Simulation Experiments (DASE).

Dr Morantz has published and presented on neural networks, multiprocessing mathematics, biologically inspired computing architecture, and data-mining. His current research is in autonomous intelligent systems, also called machine-cognition.

He is currently tech fellow for Prime Solutions Group of Phoenix AZ. He is also on the editorial board of the International Journal of Data Mining, Modeling, and Management. In the IEEE, Dr Morantz is a senior member, the Vice-Chair of the Phoenix Computer Society, and Conference Chair.