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Building Your Own Computer

Have you ever considered building your own computer? Is it a good idea? Is it easy? Can you save money? Is it better? What kind of tools will I need? Where do I get the parts? Is it a worthwhile endeavor? Is it something that I can do? Why should I do it? Or should I just go and buy a machine? In some ways it is easier than one would expect, and in other ways more difficult. This presentation will discuss advantages and disadvantages of building your own machine, design considerations, methodology, and actual construction results. Bring paper and pen to take notes.

About the Speaker

Dr. Brad Morantz has been working with computers since the mid 1960's, starting first on a Univac 1107. No, he did not build that. He now has a machine at his desk that is leaps and bounds over that room-filling machine. Dr. Morantz has a BS in CIS-EE, an MS in Decision Sciences, and a PhD in Decision Sciences with a minor in Computer Science. He has done post-doctoral studies in Statistical Design Methodology, Design Analysis Simulations, and Computational BioScience. He is currently a senior research scientist for Bluemont Technology & Research. Dr. Morantz has worked in defense, intelligence, automotive, and bio-medical engineering. He builds his own computers so that they are reliable and capable of fulfilling his needs. Putting cognitive function into the machine environment is his area of research.


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